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Feb 18, 2013


- the 7,92mm EW141 penetration comes from the fact it did not use regular 7,92mm ammo, rather than long Panzerb├╝chse 38 cartridges (7,92x94 Patrone 318)
- the gold camo price for VK2801 won't be returned - when it reaches tier 6, you actually get free T6 camo for the price of T5
- all WG projects will have at one point a single player account
- according to SerB there is no need to implement an autoloader tank for every game nation tree
- ingame Centurions won't be modified to recieve less crits
- British arty branch will be "historical", when it comes to compatibility of modules with current British tanks/TDs (SS: however, from what I understand, currently the British arty is in "general balancing" stage, eg. the models are already made)
- Japanese tree doesn't have LTs all the way to tier 8
- the way the Soviet arty branch will look after tier 10 arty is introduced is "still secret"
- Q: "Will there be some drastically new modes introduced?" A (SerB): "Sure, tanks will grow gardens, collect harvest and visit each other in their homes" (SS: the real answer is no)
- no ETA on 1x1 maps (Q: Can we expect them this year? A: Well, you can always expect...)
- camo mechanics reworked? "As always, I'll tell when the time is right"
- regarding hightier Soviet and British LTs: "Soviet LTs were just on paper - there is little data on them. The British have nothing comparable to - say - AMX-13/90" and "FV300 LT can make tier 6, Scorpion tier 5 max, Sheridan is unlikely to make tier 8", Soviet LTs will be revealed "later, wait for announcements". The T7 and T8 US vehicles might be the Walker Bulldog and the T92.
- the FV4005 Stage 2 183mm introduction confirmed by SerB in British arty branch (SS: god knows why, the 183mm was not a howitzer)
- British arty branch: it will not be like the French one, it's possible it will fire HESH shells, it will have some autoloaders (which most likely will not be displayed), it will come with or after the introduction of tier 10 arties, they will have from +-35 to +-45 degrees gun arc
- RU server started its 6th cluster in test mode, it's in Moscow (no server in Ukraine planned due to bad infrastructure)
- there will be no XP compensation for XP spent on current T5 LTs
- not ALL the current blind t5 LT branches will end with T8 and not all will be merged back with other branches (some will stay blind)
- Storm says that the White Tiger in the movie was driven by a demon
- there will eventually be new camos introduced, but not in any of the near patches
- there are no special torque differences in game (SS: eg. a diesel tank doesn't overtake a gasoline tank just because diesel engines have higher torque)
- server lags are "being studied" (SS: Storm acknowledges the issue)
- developers can't use "cheat codes" to add gold/anything for themselves

On censoring comments here

Hello everyone,

a little technical clarification. Last night, I recieved a following commentary from some moron (judging from how he writes of himself, he's Czech). It made me think. I'll leave it at the end of the post for your consideration.

Very few people come to realize what freedom of expression really means. It means that for what you write (unless it's something defined by law as criminal behavior, for example celebrating nazis), you won't be prosecuted by state, but there WILL always be consequences. By consequences I don't mean "punishment", I mean the fact that people will react. With that in mind I'd like to make one thing clear:

This is MY blog. There is no "absolute freedom of speech" here, it's up to me what comments I leave and what I delete. Last few days there has been an increased number of insults, flamewars, people calling each other names. Knock it off. I won't censure it, the only stuff I will delete is blatant trolling, spamming or insults such as the belowmentioned crap, but please be so kind and try to behave, I really don't want to start actively deleting stuff and I don't want this site to turn into 4chan.

Thank you

Here's the unabridged commentary (surely from a smart person) itself. You can find the original under the "Filth of EU community" article.

Hello, you self-righteous fuck.

I'm going to clarify a few things for you, since you are obviously lacking the brain capacity needed to understand basic facts of life.

1. Poles are a bunch of inbred, nationalistic, self-centered pigs, living in the medieval ages, thinking they're the center of the world. They still haven't abandoned digrams (you know, like we did, some 500 years ago), 90 % of them are devout Christians ("hurr durr I believe in an imaginary guy thought up by some sand niggers in the bronze age"), and they're completely pointless - have you heard about the last great thing coming out of Poland? Yeah, me neither. All the anti-Polish sentiment is completely justified by them being absolutely irrelevant.

2. They fucking hate you. They hate the Czech Republic, they hate Germany, they hate Russia (but honestly, who doesn't), they hate Slovakia (same as Russia, though), they hate everybody. Why? Because their small nationalistic brains are telling them that, even though their country sucks big hairy balls, they're the best. The only time I hear Poles say something nice about the Czech Republic is when they come here to occupy our concerts and festivals (because, obviously, no bands ever come to Poland, since it's just a waste of time), waving their fucking flags, and getting drunk as fuck, like the under-developed monkeys they really are. Other than that, all I ever hear is how much this place sucks and how "Polska" is better in all aspects. So stop defending them, they wouldn't do the same for you.

3. Do you have any sense of hyperbole at all? Can you wrap your head around the concept of dark humour, sarcasm, and similar things? Apparently not, seen as you are a butthurt little kid, crying about "jokes in bad taste". Fuck you. Fuck political correctness. I can say whatever the fuck I damn well please, and all you can do is shut the fuck up and get over it. Stop caring about what somebody else says, it's none of your goddamn business. Unless they actually go to Poland and wipe them out (I wish), there is nothing wrong with them talking about whatever they want to talk about, in whatever manner they like. PEOPLE CAN SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT. IT'S CALLED "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" YOU CUNTFACE. You and people like you are the reason freedom of speech is being limited to politically correct bullshit like "the n-word" instead of NIGGER, and "special" instead of RETARDED. You are contributing to the demise of free speech as we know it, congratulations, you special guy.

4. Nobody gives a flying fuck about the Polish Independence holiday bullshit and the event. Why can't people voice their opinion on that? It's fucking ridiculous. Why should a country like this get their own event, while other countries don't? Just because their nationalistic cunts would rot if they didn't have it? Fuck them.

5. You're exactly the reason why Poles and Slovaks keep spewing hate towards us. It's not that people hate them here, so they hate us back. No. It's people like you, who gladly ignore them hating us, you just like being assfucked by other nations (that's a Czech specialty), so you let them do whatever they want, but the moment a Czech person voices their discontent with them, you spring into action and start your butthurt rants. This is exactly the reason why they keep coming here to study and work (because their countries fucking suck and it's better here), but they still keep complaining and insulting us - people like you are letting them.

6. Anyway, your self-entitled, kiddish brain is probably too retarded to comprehend any of this, so you'll just respond with some stupid shit about how I'm exactly what you're talking about and how we are the problem. To that I say, congratulations in advance on not being able to understand written language, dickwad.

Oh, and you're deleting disagreeing comments, I see. Go ahead, delete this one too, enough people have read it already, prove me right so they can see what a fucking communist you are, censoring what you don't like to hear.