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Apr 29, 2013

The_Chieftain on 8.6

First, a quote from The_Chieftain on 8.6 (27th April, 12:05):
Well, I've seen the 8.6 notes, and they are far more significant than I had been led to believe. Arty is, as the devs on the Russian forum reported, getting a major re-work, some things I think are good, some not so good. We'll see how it pans out. Arty isn't the only thing getting significantly changed either. The 'nuclear' comment is somewhat justified.

Now I am curious :) Truth to be told, I expect some change of gold-ammo-for-creds type: useful for some but controversial for others. Sexton I and Excelsior are also scheduled to appear.


- 0.8.6 confirmed to come out in June 2013 (on RU server anyway)

- there is no difference between early (pre-war), wartime and post-war armor quality in game
- there will be some upcoming changes in mods (SS: related to the new artillery hack mod), "follow the news" (SS: one proposed solution was a "mod certification", without which the mod won't be accepted)
- the fact that when your game client crashes and your tank gets destroyed by leaving the battle even if the victory is certain (for example, last enemy tank just died) resulting in a loss/draw is fine according to devs
- US "Hunter" tank destroyer won't be implemented
- SerB regarding the players actually being able to make money while using exclusively tier 5 gold derp shells: "Good players have the right not to lose credits while shooting gold shells. And the bad players must either train harder or not use gold shells at all."
- if you dismissed some crews until now, you won't get them back even if the option to buy back the dismissed crews is introduced, because data about them are not being stored
- Q: "We want better quality models" A: "Want realism? Join the army."
- the next global update (SS: as big as for example the patch that introduced physics) will be 0.9.0
- no plans to introduce 100 percent crew training for credits
- if you experience lag when switching from arcade to sniper mode and vice versa, apparently your computer is at fault, there is no such bug in WoT
- it's possible that there will be some special company-level archivements ("awards") implemented in time
- devs do track the amount of various tanks sitting in player garages
- tier 10 Chinese vehicles are doing fine statistically
- Historical battles will come eventually. Hardcore mode: "Want hardcore? Join the army."
- maps bigger than 1x1 introduction is limited by the existence low-end player computers
- German M10 Panther will recieve the US Star as its emblem instead of the cross, it's planned