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Apr 2, 2013

Official 8.5 english tank descriptions

The official leaked english descriptions of the 8.5 vehicles. I think that considering the 8.5 patch notes leak and the fact this blog is now officially banned on the EU forums, it hardly matters anymore. Also, as for the DW2 description - as far as I know, that tank was not tested, so I have no idea what is it doing there.

At the end of 1942, the Churchill tank's armament was deemed insufficient. New tanks, the A31, A32, and A33 were developed as new infantry tanks. The A33 was developed by the English Electric Company. The LMS Company participated in the development of suspension for a new tank. Two vehicles, which differed greatly from each other, were manufactured. The A33 was set to go into production, but in 1943 the decision to cancel mass production of the Churchill was reversed, and the order for the A33 was not placed.

Sexton I
In 1943 the Montreal Locomotive Works started mass production of the Sexton SPG, developed on the basis of RAM II. A total of 2150 vehicles were produced by 1945, of which 125 were designated the Sexton I.

Aufklärungspanzer Panther
Planned heavy reconnaissance vehicle. The plans called for using the Panther hull in order to facilitate rapid mass production. The vehicle was to feature the Leopard turret with a gun not longer than the tank's hull, which was to ensure maneuverability in forested terrain. No prototypes were built.

Durchbruchswagen 2
Prototype heavy tank. Developed by the Henschel und Sohn Company as part of a heavy tank program. A prototype was built in 1938. However, in September 1939 the VK 30.01 project was preferred, and the DW program was officially canceled. Nevertheless, the DW I and DW II prototypes were used extensively for testing purposes until 1941.

The project was developed as a medium tank for the Indian Army. The work on the project was carried out by Porsche, Daimler-Benz, and Zahnradfabrik AG of Friedrichshafen. However, the vehicle was deemed to be too complicated for production in India, and the project was canceled.

Leopard 1
Main battle tank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Development was started in 1956. The first prototypes were built in 1965 at the Krauss-Maffei factory. The Leopard 1 was in service in more than 10 countries.

Leopard prototyp A
Prototype developed from 1961 through 1962 as a medium tank for the Bundeswehr, with a total of 26 prototypes manufactured. The prototypes were tested up to 1963. The vehicle was the predecessor of the Leopard medium tank.

VK 20.01 (D)
Prototype of a medium tank developed by Daimler-Benz from 1939 through 1941. The new vehicle was to become a new standard medium tank of the Wehrmacht. The prototype was deployed on the Eastern front. Combat testing revealed a number of serious faults. In 1941 the tank was deemed obsolete, and the project was canceled.

VK 30.01 (D)
In the winter of 1941–1942 the WaPrüf 6 issued technical requirements for a new 30-ton tank. The orders for development were placed with MAN and Daimler-Benz. The prototypes were to be ready by May 1942. However, on May 13th, 1942 only comparative characteristics of the projects were submitted. The MAN's project was preferred, and the Daimler-Benz's project was canceled.

VK 72.01 (K)
A superheavy tank with rear placement of the turret. Developed by the Krupp company. A new vehicle was to have stronger armament and enhanced armor compared to the VK 70.01. Existed only in blueprints.

The M60 was a deep modernization of the M48 tank. Development of the prototype was started in 1957, and in 1959 the order for production of the first tank was placed with Chrysler.

Object 907
The decision to start the development of medium tanks of a new generation was made on December 13th, 1953. Development was carried out by Research Institute No. 100. The project was submitted in March 1953, and at the beginning of 1955 the hull of a new vehicle was tested for shell resistance. However, later the project was canceled.

Developed in August 1941 at the Construction Bureau of Plant No. 37 under the supervision of N. A. Astrov. The vehicle came into service in September 1941, and was mass-produced until February 1943, with a total of 5920 vehicles manufactured. The T-60 tank was in service until the end of the war.

Developed in October and November 1941 at the Construction Bureau of the Gorky Automobile Plant under the supervision of N. A. Astrov. The vehicle came into service in January 1942, and it was mass-produced until October 1943, with a total of 8231 vehicles manufactured. Some vehicles were used until the end of the war.

Developed in the summer and fall of 1941 at the Construction Bureau of the Gorky Automobile Plant under the supervision of N. A. Astrov. The vehicle came into service in December 1942. A total of 85 vehicles were mass-produced.


  1. Loving the pretty much lack of any numerical information on the VK 72.01 (K)...

    1. That's because it's made up. No blueprints ever existed of such a monstrosity.

    2. It's easy to find them: take panzer tracts 6-3 and pick random numbers from Maus development that suits your taste :)

    3. Existed only in blueprints.

      "Didnt even exist in blueprints" would be more appropriate.

      how about massive spamming this on Testserver Bug Report section? :)

    4. Dear Frank,

      I thank you for your great work.
      The madness regarding the VK 72.01 (K) has prompted me to own searches.

      I was lucky enough to find this book.

      Here reference is made to developments of 120 t and 130 t vehicles with 15-cm-KwK.

      To what extent actual blueprints are available... ;)

    5. I see it in battel

  2. That mean , both failowe and failpanther are passed the supertest ?

    1. Don't use name 'failpanther', or I will have to kill you. :]
      It will be ultimate anti-scout machine guys.

    2. We'll know this only after 8.5 is released.
      Supertesters said it's good VS scouts provided it rammed them first (although things may have changed since then), the problem is that medium tanks will give it serious pain as it cannot circle them or run away.

      My axe against it is that it's a sign of lazy modelling as they had to unhistorically stretch its gun selection, add a turret not planned for the tank and there were plainly better choices as high tier light.

    3. About unhistorical guns/turret:
      Would you like to play it with the leopard turret and a tiny gun? I doubt it. There are tanks in this game wich are unplayable without some unhistorical buffs. No one would like to play the T95 with the 105mm gun or the Tortoise with the 94mm gun or the T110E3/E4 with the M58 etc.

      About the other light tanks:
      Personally I think the reason for not releasing the RU251 is that it won't be researchable from the A.Panther cause it has nothing in common with it. It's small, lesser armored etc. I think it will be a part of a new light tank line, and WG will release it with some other modern light tanks like the Spähpanzer SP I.C.


    4. I'm not against the unhistorical gun/turret on itself, rather because much better alternatives were available.

      I will soon post an article on my zxhistory blog detailing some interesting missing alternatives, but they involved more modeling work so they most likely got discarded.

    5. "rather because much better alternatives were available."

      true, but WG said at one point they have enough tanks for 8 more years. thats plenty of time to introduce alot more german light tanks than just the aufklärungspanther.

      nobody said "aufklärungspanther + RU251 and no other light tank ever".

  3. Two things... first: didnt you stop posting leaks from supertesters to get along with eu forums and get somehow unbanned there, and yet they dont care ?
    Second: Could you please not fall for that stupid wg propaganda/not get lazy and keep that 0 in front of patch number ? (0.8.5 not 8.5) I personally find it important to keep reminding ppl that we are not even on v 1.0.0 yet... Especially when every second day something is failing, getting messed up, and things like CW are still in beta after almost 2 years of release.

    1. Well, I think any redemption is off the table anyway. And as for the patch... yes well, okay, if it's THAT important...

    2. When was it that they dropped the 0 from the version numbers publicly?
      I have translation files from 7.1 and already back then these didn't have the 0 any more.

  4. So clan wars tanks are gona come for sure!?

    1. i still don't believe they will be cw content. not for cw as it is right now.

    2. Well they can't do much else for them TBH. Slapping them as alternative ends to already existing lines would be rather stupid, and we know they aren't going to be premiums.

      But if for some silly reason the M60 does branch off of M46 I will be rather pissed since I already settled for the M48 :C

  5. I'm surprised the "leak" took so long. The translators got the texts on Sunday already.

    1. I recieved it yesterday. I was still wondering whether to publish this, but then I was like "fuck this shit".

    2. Thats how I often feel too when changing our baby's diapers, instead of being on the battlefields...

  6. Excelsior - a British high-tier premium, perhaps?

  7. It's nice to have all the armour values from WoT tank viewer. :)

    1. If someone could put his hands on supertest client, patch it up regularly and view stuff in Tank Viewer...

    2. I did. It was quite surprising to see some things, so I guess it's the fault of early iterations.

    3. Interesting. If you want to share, I am all ears :)

    4. If WG dicks EU community a bit more, I'll gladly do. But as long as they stay (somewhat) loyal, so will I. Rest assured, I have an "insurance package", in case EU community team plays some tricks.

  8. Great blog, but your level of angst over the failowe borders on neurotic. Let it go man, let it go.

  9. AFAIK DW I and DW II were completed without turrets(DW I - 1937, DW II - 1938)and actually used for various tests which became the basis of VK30.01(H).

  10. Failöwe even had "blueprints"? Or existed as a set of requirements?



  11. You say those did not exist, Pasholok says they did.
    1st to go to Bundesarchives and finds them wins a cookie, until then both sides are gilty of BS.
    "Absence of proof is not proof ob absence"


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