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Feb 26, 2013

"The mods strike back" - Storm writes on the mods topic

The mods strike back
(by Storm)

As a followup to the previous post:

After reading some of the comments under the article, it became clear to me, that when using some sort of weird logic (brain process), it's possible to somehow draw a conclusion from my post that we want to "ban all mods!". I'd like to make this matter clear.

The amount of mods is increasing. The amount of players using them is increasing too. Mods are appearing - both useful and quite harmful to the game. We want to put some order in all of it. Our goal is not to "ban everything". We will analyze the available mods, their popularity and so on. Noone will "fire from the hip" and ban everything just so, or just because "SerB and Storm feel like it." We will investigate them carefully. Some mods (often used and not harmful to the game) we will even implement in the client - which ones we will officially decide, for some things (mostly the interface) we will make my own mod-API, we will also re-work the EULA (so there's no schizophrenia) and we will ban some harmful mods.

Short version:
No need to get hysterical. We'll try to talk straight with the modders and to make this right.

From the discussion:

- it's not decided that all modifications of *.ryc files will be banned (as previously deduced). It's just an idea, currently under evaluation, the previous "ban announcement" was trolling
- the devs are thinking about official mod builds, but there is a problem with support of those during new patches
- dynamic tank properties in garage: when it's done it's done (SS:unrelated to the discussion)
- Storm himself plays without mods
- currently, the most likely first mod to be implemented according to Storm is the reload timer
- Storm describes how to fight laser pointer mod: "It's for example possible to check the gun length in the runtime, if it's longer than for example 30 meters, it doesn't get rendered"


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  2. banning all .pyc mods would be imo stupid bcs i myself using the mod that prevents the scroll to go into sniper mode(you need to actually press Shift every time if you want to go into sniper mode or go back to 3rd person view and i'm pretty used to it now and it doesn't give you any advantage in game...

    1. he, didnt knew that mod existed, sounds handy, where can i find it?

    2. I found it have several mods there connected with zooming etc. You can DL the one you want :)

    3. Using the same mood too
      I got so used not switching from sniper mode to 3rd person when using the scroll, I couldn't play without it. WG better not take it away
      Always wondered why there is no official option in settings to prevent exiting/entering with the mouse scroll. If I want to change view I'll make sure to press shift

  3. I think it is good that Wargaming take a stand and start acting on some of the crap that is in the game. I also think it is good that they allow mods that doesn't harm the game. Hopefully they start adding UI upgrades soon like other crosshairs, reload timer, flight time for arty shells, improved statistics etc.

  4. Personally I use J1mbo's crosshair mod with distance, reload and shell air time indicators and XVM mod. It would be great if WG can implement it to the game body.

  5. I'm kinda afraid wg will fail horribly at this. Some of the mods are so good simply because wg has nothing to do with them. When otm for example was put into wot it got worse. Luckily there is xvm and xvm lite that still work. I'm sure if wg decides to put reload timer into wot they will manage to break or fail at it some how. They always do the dumbest things.

    I think having some clearer rules about mods is a good idea but I seriously hope we do get something better than just some russian rulebook where we have to translate the rules from russian to know what is allowed and what is not. Wg track record with communication is pathetic though so hope for the best, fear for the worst...

    Sad thing is that there are so many good mods out there that make wot so much better:
    - xvm and xvm lite
    - visible artillery gun traverse limits
    - custom sights
    - minimap mods
    - damage panels and hitlogs
    - zoom out
    - custom contour icons
    - custom 6th sense icons with sound
    And so forth...

    1. "that make wot so much better:
      - custom 6th sense icons with sound"

      lol, yeah... surely nobody can live without that. Holy crap, how could i survive so long ignoring this master piece of ultimate survival... ;)

    2. It's not about one single mod being unreplaceable but all of them making wot massively better together. Anyways, thanks for the intelligent and thoughtful insight.

  6. what about the arty shell travel time? that mod is wt helped me learn how to arty properly

  7. sometimes its better to be quiet.
    they should do their normal work. at the moment there is enuff to do.

    matchmaking/waitingtime still exists.
    i cant stand serb!

  8. The stat portion of XVM should be the very first mod banned.

  9. The stat portion of XVM should be the very first mod banned.


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