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Feb 5, 2013

Fog of War in 8.5? A fake

Just a quick update, there seems to be a rumor spreading around the US server that the patch 8.5 will bring the Fog of War in randoms. It originates in this thread:

The thread claims that there was an answer by Storm regarding this, it even quotes the answer, but later claims it was deleted. I've been checking the RU Q&A thread mentioned whole day (with 2-3 hour breaks though) and there was no such answer there. Furthermore, the quoted text is weird, the order of the words isn't right.

Therefore, unless some confirmation is offered, I assume it's a complete FAKE and urge dear readers not to believe it.


  1. i do hope it isn't fake, even if it turned out to be bad and got removed, fog of war in randoms sounds fun

  2. I hope, that it is a fake and that it never gets implemented in random battles!

    Because it would only cause more camping and that would be really bad!

  3. I remember reading something about it here and found this:
    "-the devs are thinking about adding the Fog of War in random battles"

    I think I also read that they decided not to do it but didn't find that question set.

    1. Ah, found it:
      "-looks like the Fog of War won't be in randoms after all"

  4. But this could prevent something like "oh, bad MM i quit" or "30% win possibility? I drive into the water"

  5. There was, but later Serb stated that "random is random and its hard enought" so there will be no fog of war in random battles.

  6. I know that this reply comes in very late, however... I follow the Devs threads on the Russian forum on a daily basis. I remember Storm as well as SerB answering this query at the end of Jan this year.

    SerB's answer was along the lines: "We're thinking about but not this year. That's for sure."

    Storm's answer was less generic:
    "We thought about it. The problem with implementing this feature is not a technical one but rather a moral one for the players. It all comes down to the fact that the majority of players do not fully understand the role of each tank. E.g. LT's camping out in bushes instead of 'gathering intelligence'. Final decission has not been made yet."

    Both answers have not been kept in the devs thread for obscure reasons.


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