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Jan 20, 2013

Storm on the topic of maps - part 2

Storm on the topic of maps


- Dragon's Ridge and Serene Coast will be removed from the map pool for re-work in 8.4
- some maps' terrain will be revolved (to be less "bumpy"), namely Prokhorovka, Abbey, El-Halluf and Ruinberg (specifically the holes in the streets are the issue)
- Redshire and El-Halluf will have their gameplay changed
- Swamp and Komarin will return, after they are re-worked visually

From the discussion (not much there really)

- apparently, there two different teams in the map department: one does the maps purely visually (artists), one cares for the gameplay. In the past there have been interviews with the first team, that does only the art part, leading to player rage that "WG doesn't care how well the map is played as long as it looks good"

AND offtopic: TXAA antialiasing is not yet developed

PS: If you speak (or - write) Russian, you can leave your opinion there.


  1. So many strange info.

    1. They are not satisfied with almost all recently reworked maps. Trying to be polite I would only say that it is quite funny.

    2. "Swamp and Komarin will return, after they are re-worked visually"

    Visually? I think that those maps had different problem (specially Komarin, which was most hated map by me).

    3. Dragon Ridge removed for second time. Mega face palm. One removal wasn't enough? What the hell they do during supertests?

    WG became pathetic recently. I was always pro-WG, defending many times their decisions. But "Chinese" tanks tree (plus announcements that there can be more "Chinese" tanks like Carro Veloce, Ha-Go or Pz I added) and those chaos with maps are too much for me.

    They introduced totally stupid tree, make unneeded visual changes on maps, but there is still no historical battles, we are waiting years for many historical tanks and nations are not introduced. I run out of patience.

    1. I think by that it is meant "for the new render", not only "optically". But yes, the one thing that has become very annoying is not that WG tries to implement Chinese tree (as I wrote elsewhere, it HAD to come, to ignore China would be an economical suicide and the developers aren't complete gods of WG, they always have to take shareholders into consideration), the issue I have is that WG tries to spin the Chinese tree as something totally amazing. I mean... yes, I like the tanks, I don't mind, but for fuck's sake, don't feed me the bullshit about China being so awesome, like the video yesterday.

      As for the maps... well, Dragon's Ridge is extremely unpopular on the RU server, it would be strange if WG didn't react on so many people.

    2. Just compare the Chinese history video with the British one,

      Quite a different tone right? I acknowledge that British tank development wasn't exactly at it's zenith during this period but still compared to China...

    3. Just for the record, I'm pretty ambivilent to the Chinese tree. However I am in agreement with Dead Skin Mask with their tanks looking out of place in the game...


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