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Apr 5, 2013

Poll results (plus small changes)

Hello everyone,

thank you for participating in yet another poll. This time we have not uncovered anything too surprising, looks like the average FTR reader is cca 20-something year old rocker :)

The results were:

younger than 15
  16 (1%)
  113 (9%)
  232 (19%)
  278 (23%)
  233 (19%)
  115 (9%)
  90 (7%)
older than 40
  100 (8%)
Votes so far: 1177 

New poll is related to new articles and navigation. I am a bit worried that by adding three authors, the amount of blog posts might become difficult to navigate. That's why I added "days" into the right-side navigation, so you can see what came out that respective day and not lose track. Personally, I think it's sufficient for me, but is it for you? Please fill the poll and if you have any idea how to make this blog more comfortable to read, share it with us in the comments. I am currently considering adding a newsletter option. But....


  1. It is OK, but could you somehow categorize posts, for example: leaks, analysis, historical and so on...

    1. agree, tags navigation would be handy.

      Something like Q&A, Historical, Germany, American, etc..

      You can add tag list under right menu for navigation.

    2. Tags sound great.

      On another note:
      Plottwist, SS is actually a highly intelligent dog,
      that doesn't know what he's doing. xD

    3. I agree with Alexander Cross. Few categories would be just fine.

    4. definitely tags. sorting posts by days is a good idea, but if i would like to find a specific post (n i cant remember the day it was posted on) i'd have to click on every link in the right menu to find it. it's so many clicks n when user has to do so many clicks to find what he needs, he loses the will to do it.. n this r facts: less clicks - better it is.

    5. Tags, seconded. Though given that the blog already has nearly three hundred posts that sounds like a fair bit of tedious :effort:...

    6. Tags, thirded. Links for different author articles would be great as well.

      Sixense, EU

  2. I think if you added 2 tabs, one for articles and discussion not pertaining to serBs trolling, and one for serBs trolling, and had the main page be the 'news' or latest additions would help

  3. Can you make a search function on the page please? Az it's growing there will be more and more posts, which is not bad, but if I would like read a 2 month old topic, it would be easier, to use a search box instead of opening each day in the archive section.

  4. I'm the 1%!
    I feel like an unique snowflake, despite the fact im not! YAY!

    1. Oh, i've misread it, in fact, i'm a 9% chance.

  5. 1. Tags :)
    2. In main navigation put two types of articles: the ones related to wot (devs answers, leaks, info about patches,...) and ones related to tanks (historical info about tanks,...)
    3. On home page articles should be much much shorter with "read more" link. I check this blog couples of times per day, when you have 3+ new posts I have to scroll a lot :)

    Otherwise, great job!

    Best regards,

  6. In all honesty, cut the snide comments in articles.

    The posts filled with 'oh WG did something stupid again' get old and completely discredit the actual wealth of information and knowledge you are trying to convey.

    Its your blog and all, but I've been about since Beta and its hard enough bearing the constant changes WG do to the game, but the constant whining and snide comments from the community are too much on top.

    It's the reason I'm ignoring the forums and looking here. The information here puts the paid EU community team to shame.

    Apart from that, im on this site x2/x3 a day. Its awesome.

  7. grzech_p : honestly I din not noticed any difference in navigation :) I simply go to fron page and read what's new :)

  8. First look at the results and almost gaussian spread. Nice! :-)))

  9. Hi,

    first thing : congratulations for your great work!

    about navigation : i agree with those who suggested tags.

    As an example, on my personal blog (a google one) each post is duplicated : french and english.
    To make navigation easier, I add a tag (fr or en) to each post depending on its language, and I created in the blog menu one page for each language, filtering with the appropriate tag.
    It works quite fine, navigation becomes easier.

    1. Well, it has one major problem... I have absolutely no idea how to do that.

    2. I'll try to write a small tutorial and mail it to you (as soon as I manage to find some time, cuz I'm at work ^^)

    3. It's okay, already figured it out, thank you

  10. 1) tags (q&a, historical, ingame, general stuff)
    2) short articles on home page with "read more" link

  11. Silent take look, hope it helps.

    I believe someone posted an instruction of how to add labels/tabs/categories to your blog a few articles ago.

    1. Oki I'll have a look, thank you. Yes, someone did, and I lost track where it was, too many comments... :(

  12. Dont add to much clinky stuff to yout blog please. I like the simple design of your blog. Days to navigate are a good thing :)

    Tivann, EU

  13. Ouch ... I feel damn old :-D. Or almost like unicum ;-). But I realized that at the time I got my first computer (386 SX 33 Mhz, 1MB RAM, 80MB HDD and floppy drive) some of you weren't even born. And said computer was a gift after I passed an preliminary exam to the High School. Yes I'm that old.

    So SS how old are you? I hope you are able to drink a beer cause I live like 30 km from Ceski Tesin (it is Cieszyn in polish I'm not sure your language spelling) so we could do some LAN party someday.

    Thanks and good day to all.


    1. I'm 30. And I remember playing space invaders on some 286 something "laptop" by Toshiba in 1992 or something.... :) I feel like a dinosaur most of the time.

    2. Bah, kidz ;-)

      I guess you werent born when some of us played PONG on home consoles or Space Invaders on the Atari home console in middle/end of the 70:ies.


    3. No, was born in 1982, just in time for the best Nintendo era... well, unless you are born in a shithole socialist "paradise", where a "computer" is an imperialist devil's tool.

  14. It seems that any posts older than 2013 have vanished. :/

    1. There were never any posts older than 2013, this blog was started in january.

  15. I agree with most of the guys above: we need categories, but not too many of them. Personally I was thinking of just two: WOT and IRL, the former being Q&A and all the game related stuff, the latter being articles on (non)historical matters. And for the sake of "legacy support" I'd make the WOT category the default one, i. e. the one showing up first when you enter the page (Home). Anyway you shoose, keep up the great work :)

  16. SilentStalker, have you ever though about making some kind of knowledge database based on intel you get from russian answers (and other inside info)?

    The ultimate version of it would be your own wiki page; however, it is not needed to be so precise. I imagine it as simple static page (or just one blog post) hardlinked to the top of the page (for example somewhere around poll) divided into some structure (like game mechanics and its changes, tank changes, possible new tanks and so on) that you will keep up to date as new q&as come. It could even be just copy&paste from q&a, like (just one entry from suggested database for example):

    Section: Possible new tanks

    4/4/2013 rumors on WG will add M1A1 Abrams in 9.0 AND 10/4/2013 SerB states that they consider to add some MBTs in mid future.

    Just an idea, dont judge me :)

    1. Actually, there was such a thing. On EU forums I kept a post on frequently asked stuff up to date. It "disappeared" when I got banned (it would be horribly outdated by now anyway), but I'll think about it.

  17. I would HUGELY recommend using "Page Breaks", or whatever they are called in your blog's interface. Basically, every one would write a short "teaser" for their article, insert the page break, then the rest of the article. That way only the teaser shows up on the home page feed, and someone who has absolutely no interest in tank history (gasp! are there any?) don't have to scroll through several pages worth just to see what they are looking for. It would also be great for the rest of us so we don't have to scroll through several pages just to see how much reading we have for the day ;)



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