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Mar 27, 2013

WG coming-out!


So, basically what Overlord hinted at a week or two ago on his blog came to pass: Clanwars will get their special tank rewards. Thanks god, the lines leading to those tanks would be... problematic. At least we don't need to speculate anymore about that.

Overlord on Clanwars rewards:

Sounds interesting, doesn't it!

Well, I think it's a retarded idea to link these vehicles to Clanwars. For following reason:

I firmly believe that personal skill should be rewarded. Clanwars are not about personal skill as players, Clanwars are about the fact you get another 100 people to do what you want so you have a shot at conquering a map territory. I really don't see a point in rewarding the fact you can create a mob of (potentially) muppets who win by numbers. I played 3 battles in clanwars - all with a Czech clan that was notoriously undermanned, half of the people didn't show up and at that moment had no real raidleader, who'd talk and prepare strategies. All 3 battles I played were roughly in the "okay, well, Maus and E-100 in the city, the rest do what you can" - and these guys actually captured a territory some time later? *sigh*

I mean - why not give out such rewards to exceptional players? I mean - 70 percent overall winrate from randoms, that's special. Getting 100 monkeys to click at the same time? Not so much. No offense to CW players of course, the amount of dedication you display when playing the same map with the same setup over and over and over... impressive!

Another beef I have is the German "contribution" to this. So, the Russians get a main battle tank. So do the Americans. And the Germans? That's right, no MBT for you, evil nazis, here, have a dinosaur. Enjoy.

Anyway, at least the special rewards for game play come thru. Let's hope this somehow continues to random battles.

PS: special shout-out to Supercharge and her smug comments on "conspiracy theorists", right back atcha :)
PPS: sorry if I offended any clanwars players - tbh, I don't care for clanwars much, but I do admit it takes some dedication and skill, just like World of Warcraft raiding


  1. I really hope those tanks are unlocked after getting engineer badge and not for CW, c'mon CW aren't the core of the game and they require too many people to be played. like u said SS getting those tank after some good achievement would be awesome!

    1. That, would actually be cool.
      Well, kinda cool...

      Or maybe after getting 1000 steel walls you get the FAI Löwe.

      Plus a pm from SerB:
      "I like your style comrade, so you like to be shot, eh?
      I shall grant you the Third Reichs "super" weapon for being shot"

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You are full of BS!

      The current badges (be it Mastery or Engineer) we have have atm are totally useless - no connection to skill. Rewarding noobs for beeing able to click that "Battle" button often enough or spending free XP to research as many vehicles as possible ... retarded.


      You joined the wrong clan obviously.

    4. Yeah sure those badge aren't related to skill, but what's on wot? we don't have a skill based MM and the only way to show our skill is the WR. And I don't think WG i ever going to implement a skillbased gift, that will cut out to many players. And i prefer a gift for engineer badge than a gift for some CW achievement. Because if the do that suddenly hordes of monkeys will invade the CW showing you that no skill is required for that.

    5. Sorry Folterknecht, I forgot that most people around here are from europe.

      Should have used [SARCASM][/SARCASM]...
      I always forget that people here need to be hit into the face by sarcasm in order to understand it.

    6. @Peo01:

      My comment was aimed at the anon above you

  2. Do you know it's for CW or is it just a guess ?
    They didn't say in their post if it's for CW, maybe they have something else in mind. (Hopefully, I don't play CW and I wouldn't like to start with it...)

  3. is their April joke?.................................

  4. oh no, I wanted to own an Obj. 907. :(

  5. Sorry, SS, like your blog and aprreciate your work, but this time you somehow missed the point: I've read the post you linked and the german version in the, surprise, german section and there is no hint that these tanks are related to clan-wars.

    Sure, you are free to make an educated guess, but come on, you know whats gonna happen:-) 3k forum posts like "SS CONFIRMED these tanks are only for clanwars FUUUUUU WG, Serb plz die etc etc"

    Have a nice day :-)

    Stranger40 - EU Server

    1. Well I assume people have enough brain to recognize I am not a developer and that everything I write is based on my knowledge or speculations. Check Overlord's blog, he hints in one of the comments that there will be tank rewards for clanwars.

    2. Added the quote to the first post

    3. Ah, Ok, thanks for adding. I don't check Overlords blog frequently.

      The thing that makes me kind of unsafe is the part "end-game-content that we are currently working on".

      Sure, CW is kind of work-in-porgress (means buggy and always down :-D), but that sounds like something new to me.
      But, lets wait, thats all we can do.

      And concerning the point "people think you are a kind of WOT-Jesus"^^;-)
      I've seen everything from massive shitstorm because people think they played the VKDB for no good reason to your made-up Lowe-Techtree just TODAY on the forum:-)
      But on the other hand: this is a proof of how good your work here is, plz never stop btw :-)

      Stranger40 - EU Server

    4. Thanks for the praise, mate. As for the endgame: you are right - could be something else. From Overlord's article we actually KNOW they are working on something else too, but judging from the fact both Russian and EU/US players got recently asked what they'd like the endgame to be like in contrast with the fact the "reward" tanks are already supertested, I personally believe (!) that these tanks will go to the only endgame that is already there for now, eg. CW - and that we won't see any other endgame anytime soon.

    5. Ry0ken here:

      Hehe yeah also some praise and kuddling from me to SS.
      It's nice to have a place to get some more information and beeing able to tell what kind of anti-German racist duchebags the WG devs are!


  6. It would be cool if they would let you pick a free tier 3 premium tank after you complete 1000 battles. Like a little pop up congratulating you on completing 1k battles than gives the option which tank would you like? T-127, T-15, M22 Locust, or FCM36 Pak40.


  7. Internal design of the tank and crew comfort are not modeled and may be an important to model in game. Some tanks were more comfortable and had more internal room. This adds no discernible benefit other than making it a bigger target in game. Crews get tired over the course of a battle, especially over a longer battle time.

    This could easily be modeled by giving each crew member a stamina bar and would add an interesting dimension.

    Another note is that the rates of fire appear to be the ROF if the weapon is in test conditions. Meaning outside the tank on a open field piece with optimal crew conditions. See this link at 30 second point for what I mean.(

    These may be worthwhile research topics.

    1. At this point, tank rate of fire is not a case of history, but balance. WG likes where they're at with tank DPM in general (makes for very fast paced games, especially when you're an autoloader :3) and i don't think they would change that parameter in the slightest.

    2. And crew comfort is already modelled, compare the chinese T10 medium to the M48.

  8. I hope they won't make it like that, only for CW.. why couldn't the rest of players, which is not interested in CW get that tank too.. that ain't fun.

    Guess that will be one more way for them to make CWs a bit more popular

  9. I like you SS, but what you are writing about CW is just pure BS, sure you can have a nap with a few strong clans and only fight scrubs to farm gold, but if the reward is a limited number of tier 10 tanks you can bet all the top clans will be fighting each other for them, and if you think this will be about getting 100 muppets again I suggest you think again

    1. I definitely don't think that! That would be an insult and I totally apologize! I absolutely don't think that in order to participate and capture land in Clanwars, only 100 muppets are enough and I am sorry if it sounded like that. What you really need is 100 muppets... with tier 10 vehicles :D

      Nah sorry bro, just trolling.... relax :)

    2. Ry0ken here:
      Hey SS want to spend some days with the ca. 300 muppets of the OM-Community? :) Maybe you will rethink your words - and think even less of us Clanwar n00bs!? ;p

  10. I think you are full of shit SS. If you haven't taken part in any high level clanwars then you should just stfu.

    1. "Oh noo.. he insult me clanwar... me family... infidel must die!!"

      Someone needs a life.

  11. Replies
    1. Random gamez take skillz and CW is just for noobs. You have to be 1337 to play randomz, not easy mode gold spamming an farming CW.

  12. I'm sorry Frank, but you are absolutely wrong to judge clan wars in general based on 3 battles in retarded clan.

    Being in a clan on a map is not an achievement.
    Playing in such requires a bit of skill but not too much.

    However, building and maintaining a community or creating and implementing succesful tactic is much bigger achievement then playing tier 8 or tier 6 comapnies and bumping your winrate up to 70%.

    ATM if you want to success with muppets you need to organize 10 clans of muppets. And it's enough.
    Clan Wars are repetitive, boring and in the long run number triumphs skill, and winner is the one who is bored last.
    WG did a lot to make clan wars unattractive, time did even more to it.

    But new content unlockable only in the clan wars makes sense.
    or tanks unlockable in tournaments only.
    End content in WoT is not really attractive atm, so something special is needed.

    Out of the all possible ways of unlocking special content Clan Wars and tournaments are best.
    Personal skill is hard to judge, contests and competitions are either luck based or often unattractive to many.

    Personally I would prefer those tanks to be reward for winning tournaments then for Clan Wars.

    1. Clan wars are not repetitive. Maybe they are on the lower skill levels (Africa), but on the higher levels, it's a different battle every time.

      If you're a skilled clan and you do the same strategy constantly against another skilled clan, they will figure you out and crush you. Strategies end up shifting all the time, and in turn gameplay too.

      Can 10 clans of muppets beat a single clan of the best players around? No. An attempt at this has happened before (PVP clan in NA server has about 10 different 100-man clans at their disposal. Only the main PVP has managed to conquer land, and even then it's only ever been in low value territories in africa).

      A single, high skilled clan has a much better shot at big gold quantities, because every single one of their 100 members is capable to defeat enemies encroaching. Couple that with good diplomacy, and you'll get one or two clans making two lowes worth of gold a day.

      So, while achieving 70% win rate in random battles only (WG has stated they will separate company and random battle stats) is a great feat, putting together a clan with 100 players who can all win 70% of their pub games is a much bigger achievement.

      I for one would be glad to have tank rewards for doing clan wars, but i'm not in it for any reward. I'm in it for the fights.

    2. after a year or two fighting against mostly the same clans - even if there are 20 of them - they are repetitive, trust me.

      and you may be the best clan in game, if you will get attacked by few mediocre clans, you will fail sooner or later - and before that you will be fighting off again and again on same maps the same clans rushing you over and over.

      Clan Wars are great. For some time. As everything.

      And I am talking about top available CW level :D

      NA server has lower competition, so best clans there are able to hold huge amount of gold cause middle class is busy somewhere else and they fight mostly against weak clans, like on EU in prime time 18.

      On EU server all good areas are covered by good clans/alliances who fight each other and middle class atacking constantly day by day can break every alliance sooner or later.
      Well, not brake. Bore to resignation.

      But we stray from the point.
      Clan Wars are better way of rewarding players with tier 10 tanks ten any ranking based on personal skill of single player.
      WoT is a team game.

  13. I'd just like to say that I don't know if your idea of rewarding players for skill in randoms would really work either...

    Say they give players with over x thousand amount of battles and 70% or whatever win rate a gift tank, then players who would really want a tank like that would just start a new account, and constantly play the most OP tanks that are out there (like the derp T18), just troll low tiers until they hit the mark and receive the gift tank...

    Of course, this would also promote more spending of real money (to make the tanks you are playing as good as possible), which is good for WG, but the criteria for getting a gift tank would have to be altered, which would just make it more complicated, less fair for all players, and thus not worth implementation because it's too complicated...

    Just my 2 cents :)

  14. Your opinion on CW has been noted and discarded as absolute garbage.

  15. Leave him alone about the clan war stuff. It's useless arguing about that here and now, opinions differ.
    I think the main thing he meant to say is more like that it shouldn't be a thing, prize that you can only get through clan wars. There are many players in this game with different lifestyles, playstyles and way of thinking. Some love clan wars, some like the e-sports stuff, some may like that stuff but just don't have sufficient time for that, others while not being worse players at all (may be actually more skilled) have greater fun playing alone or in platoon and do not wish to relay on bunch of other people.
    I too play in clanwars, and to seriously fight in those it may take great effort but I don't think such stuff should be CW exclusive.

    1. Nah that's okay, everyone's entitled to their opinions. I used to be a hardcore gamer a long time ago, specifically Warcraft raiding, so I know what it takes to manage a lot of people in one group. It's tough. Still, doesn't guarantee the people you run with are skilled. I still think individual skill should be rewarded, not numbers.

    2. "I still think individual skill should be rewarded, not numbers."

      Kind of what I meant. You should have a chance to achieve it yourself, that even more would mean that you deserve it. (I am bad at expressing my opinion, so it may have been hard to understand me, usually I say too much or too little)
      Thou not sure how to implement it, not sure if you should base them on randoms or win ratio, doesn't seem right. One on one tournaments? Too much problems with balancing tanks, as they are not balanced for one on one. Someone else got any ideas?

      About what I said about not disusing SilentStalkers CW opinions, I just felt that you didn't quite mean to rise up arguments about that but make discussion about giving rewards for individual achievement not elusively CW. (Sorry, not trying to speak out in your name, I just feel that this is going HARD OFF TOPIC)

    3. no matter how high your stats are, you will not earn my respect as a player if you can't have any successes in CW or tournaments.
      Random battles are not for skill, they are sandbox for farming tanks :D

      you may be great player theoretically, but you can't prove yourself in random battles, it's like saying "I can beat bots better then you are" :D

      I agree of course that being even in the succesful clan on map is not a proof especially that CW are not exactly skill oriented.
      Still CW are better (and tournaments even better) then let's say "players in top 1000 in general rating in hall of fame"

      We'll see what WG will invent there :D
      maybe mix of both.

    4. And you didn't get it...
      Don't know I guess SS is just bored and has spare time, thats why he did put down CW players like this and made Failove article today

      And about you not getting it. It seems you Gorzki are still centered on protesting against Silentstalker view on CW. While that is off topic and not even what I wrote.
      Firstly, my view on CW differs From Silentstalkers (but that is not the point)
      Secondly, if you would just maybe reread what was written and not think about that anti CW stuff maybe you would see that that is not the talk here. Its about that that there are many players that can't or don't wish to participate in CW and thus this prize would be absolutely not possible for them. The point was about people that do have great individual skills still having a chance of gaining something such, while not having to play with a bunch of other people. And I do realize randoms differ from CW or 7/42.
      Thirdly, if you think that I may not know a thing about CW or dislike it or anything, I may provide you with my real ingame nick so that you may check that I am in an active CW clan (and no, it is not a "yay, we landed in Africa clan")

  16. Tanks as clanwars rewards and calling it endgame content is just a bad idea. At this stage, 95% of all WoT players would be excluded from this kind of content, because they either don't do clan wars, or don't have a chance at clanwars. I mean it's ok to reward CW players, but come on, that's not endgame material.

  17. So Vk7021 M60 and obj 902 will be for high level content ONLY. Question is "for what"? Tournaments? CWs?

  18. Germans could have the KpZ-70 if WG would just get their heads out of their rears.

  19. m60 only as CW reward..... BS

  20. Another beef I have is the German "contribution" to this. So, the Russians get a main battle tank. So do the Americans. And the Germans? That's right, no MBT for you, evil nazis, here, have a dinosaur. Enjoy.
    TBH i didn't expect anything more from them...they are bunch of retards filled with vodka 0-24h..

    Also check this out:

    WoT ripoff on Facebook :D

  21. Hey guys,

    why should such a content only be a part for clanwar players. Guys just observe the european clan war map for some months. Its so damn boring in europe because everything is based on diplomacy and its hard to detect a big change there after some weeks. So everything is based on diplomacy and if a topclan dont want to be part of the diplomacy shit - they will be kicked from the map within a few days. Clanwars need a big change or only +1600efficiency players will be able to unlock those tanks.

  22. I have a feeling that the failowe might be kinda fast......
    Also as long as its not stupidly hard to get these reward tanks, such as get first in tournaments I'm OK with the idea. Otherwise the best clans will get them, and wreck with them if they are any good.

  23. I think it ironic that in the discussion for a thread on ideas for WoT end game content OTHER than CW, the only new somewhat concrete idea is another bonus to CW.

    Some of us hate CW and all the diplomatic BS that comes with it.

  24. While this doesn't temper my enthusiasm for SS's work here, I have to say I'm pretty surprised that he's so far off the mark on CW.

    Yes, linking rewards like a tier 10 tank to CW is probably a bad idea.

    However the comparison between, say, WoW raiding and WoT CW is a very poor one. In WoW, all you need to raid is a competent leader(s) and a bunch of appropriately geared players can can follow instructions and show up. That's it. And anyone can get the gear that the rank and file needs through sheer grinding - the familiar problem of failing to the top.

    Now take CW; You also need a good leader. A good leader with an average team may well defeat a disorganized team full of great players - I've seen it happen from the losing end. The thing is... the good leaders pretty much have their pick of good players. You have to earn the right to join and fight with them -- and you have to do it by proving yourself in a venue that is a lot tougher than just following directions in some PvE fantasy MMO click-fest.

    With the right leader, a hundred muppets could get on the map - provided they had the discipline to show up and listen to instructions. But nobody like that is going to take the time to lead a hundred muppets into battle even if you can find a hundred muppets who can show up, shut up, and follow directions.

    I'm not sure anyone who would seriously compare PvE raiding with team-based PvP will ever quite get it.


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