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Mar 28, 2013


- suspension damage has no influence on "passability thru terrain" hiden parameter
- there will be no alternative German heavy "Lowe"branch
- SerB states that the rumors about secret tank mobility nerfs are just rumors
- entire crew might be killed by a single penetrating (!) HE hit, HE shells that don't penetrate are subjected to the "no more than half a crew killed by one shot" rule
- shells fired in 3rd person view do not fly closer to the aim circle center than in sniper mode (A: "Go play tetris")
- no actual info about the Expert medal (SS: a guy complained that his team, while hunting for the medal, abandoned defensive positions and started chasing the poor target 113 around and lost, SerB answers: "Stop with the 'mommy, why are we such retards' questions, we aren't the ones you should ask")
- the ability of one tank to push another is a complicated parameter, consisting of engine power, suspension quality, weight of the tank and terrain slope - these forces combine and get compared to the motion vector, it's not simply explained
- dynamic parameters in garage don't have high priority
- the bug where very thin fences slow down the tank a lot will be fixed
- subcaliber rounds do have normalisation (the same as AP rounds), normalisation is calculated after it is decided by the engine whether the shell ricochets or not (so it cannot influence stuff like the "auto-ricochet" rule)


  1. - there will be no alternative German heavy "Lowe"branch

    Damnit, I was hoping for one.

    1. Yes, it's a pity. Ah well, you'll get more made-up fake German tanks instead

    2. Yeah, if just WG could add Waffentragers finally - that'd be great.

    3. So there's currently nothing to be after the 3002DB? Or did I miss something?

    4. Yea, Woras is right. We want the Waffentragers, but first comes the DB line. :D

    5. Dude i really really hope they dont mess Waffenträger series up.

      Acutally we already have one "Waffentrager" in the Brit Tree (Church. "Gun Carrier" = Eng for Waffenträger)

      Now do me the favour and take the strengths of this tank and the weaknesses.

      Let me make a prediction for WT series:
      - slow and no turningspeed!
      - HUGE!
      - Driving Artyoneshots with no chance of finding cover

      + One hell of a DPM and pen

      somparing to the Church Gun carrier, you may say it certainly has a good gun, but ive never seen one performing well, bc if a group targets him hes dead in a matter of seconds.

      That is what i predict for german WT series, too.

    6. Well, the german WT line (for now) contains the "Sturer Emil" (20km/h, huge, -15° gun depression, 12,8cm PaK[less pen then the one on the JT]) and the Pz IV Sfl. (simply a Pz IV with a 88 Flak on top). Thease the two I want.

      The real "Waffentrager" in the line will be fast (around 30km/h) and !turreted!. So a bit different then the Churche GC. (I hope they are going to be good too.) ;)

    7. Basically they are rear mounted firing compartment - including Marder 3, Nashorn and Sturer Emil (Hummel goes into that family too), and WT series which we have no fucking idea what will it be - probably turreted but how much armor or speed they have - unknown.

  2. seen this one SS?

    1. Nope, I usually don't follow the SEA portal... nice tho

    2. The "Neubaufahrzeug" Will become a premium tank. It's in the tech tree as "NbFz".

    3. Christ! The Grammar in that article is atrocious! It's like somebody just ran something through Google Translate!

  3. jesus...still no clarification about VK3002DB case??...imho the light-line to indie-panzer make no sence...why are there other high tier light then? VKDB must lead to some tier 8, no way that will stay in current status...

    1. DBs gonna lead to the Indien Panzer. Serb was just being a stupid troll.

      Hell Im sure WG has not been 100% clear on that just to piss people off.

    2. Nope, no definitive answer. But yes, I believe the 3002DB will lead to it too. Anything else would cause another epic shitstorm.

    3. How about not caring about people and doing something which will make people spend gold on retraining and dropping skills?

      US tree anyone, Chinese?

      Why should they care about Germans, did they ever?

      They will just mash those light in between mediums and the other way around just to teach people a lesson not to grind tanks before official open test.

  4. "suspension damage has no influence on "passability thru terrain" hiden parameter"

    I would swear it had!

    1. ofc it had!

    2. And I'll be a 3rd anon who says it has an influence, just checked it on my WZ-131 - yellow tracks make it turn worse and bleed speed, I didn't check the acceleration alone.

    3. And I'll be the 1st non-anon to say it doesn't do anything to me. From lights to mediums to heavies to tds to arty, I have not gotten slower or anything different from having the track get damaged.

  5. suspension damage influence the acceleration of the tank

  6. That's kind-of a shame about the no Krupp line of heavy tanks ... Kankou figured that was a possibility a few days ago with all the different Löwe variations out there. Even if that "Fail-Lowe" was a fake, that chassis should allow them to release the Leichter Lowe as either a tier 7 premie or part of a new branch.

  7. Hi. I hate SS because he is too arogant, but I still decide to share something from 8.5

    And some changes..

    List of changes in 0.8.5 Supertest version in comparison with version 0.8.4:

    - added new German research tree branch, Medium and Light tanks:

    VK 2001 DB (tier 4 MT)
    VK 3002 DB v1 (tier 6 MT)
    Indien Panzer (tier 8 MT)
    Prototype der Arbeitsgruppe A (tier 9 MT)
    Leopard 1 (tier 10 MT)
    Aufklarerpanzer Panther (tier 7 LT)

    - Added new Soviet Light tank branch:
    T-60 (tier 2 LT)
    T-70 (tier 3 LT)
    T-80 (tier 4 LT)
    - American Premium tier 3 SPG Sexton moved to the British tree and becomes available for sale in the Store.
    - Premium tanks added to Supertesters' accounts for testing:
    British tier 5 heavy tank A33 Excelsior
    Soviet tier 10 tank "Object 907"
    US tier 10 medium tank M60
    German tier 10 heavy tank VK7201
    - Visual models fixed for: IS-3, Valentine AT, Pz V Panther, Pz IV/V, Object 263, VK 3001H, Conqueror, IS-4M.
    - IS-7 maximum speed increased from 50 to 59.6 km/h
    - Shell speed for 17сm PaK K72 gun increased from 850 to 925 m/s

    - Added new Asian map: "Pearl River"
    - Maps reworked for improved rendering: "Ziegfried Line", "Southern Coast", "Malinovka".
    - Visual and gameplay updates for maps: "Redshire", "El-Hallouf", "Karelia".
    - Changes made in Assault mode for maps: "Malinovka", "Karelia", "Sand River".
    - New color correction filters added for testing in improved rendering mode; maps: "Steppes", "Himmelsdorf", "Live Oaks".

    - Premium consumables (medi kits, repair kits) are now available for credits (price set according to gold-to-credits normal conversion rate)
    - Platoons for 3 are now available for standard (non-Premium) account users <-- HOT!
    - Tank company can be now created by non-Premium account users
    - Reduced prices for temporary (credit) camouflages, inscriptions and logos
    - Post-battle screen changed and updated
    - Notification messages now sent after automatic conversion replaces modules, shells or tanks in new version release process.
    - Added new inscriptions for 5 nations.
    - Inscriptions resolution increased twice.
    - Fixed super-large vehicles getting stuck under ledges and jutting elements (bridges, etc..).
    - Fixed rare error with small damage shells getting vanished after hitting a gun with large HP number
    - Fixed HE rounds not dealing full damage to external modules after penetrating it.
    - Fixed HE shells hit and explode on crew modules of a destroyed open-turret tank.
    - Fixed error visualizing shells explosion in the air.
    - Fixed rare fuel tank destruction indicator not showing in some situations.
    - Destroyed tanks do not consume HE shells damage not. HE shells not always explode on the surface of such tanks.
    - Fixed smaller and lighter tank not getting damaged when being on top of the heavier and larger one.
    - Fixed inscriptions and logos vanishing after using alt-TAB or changing graphics settings.
    - Fixed low memory warning mechanism
    - Fixed errors with creating new private chat room: creator did not appear in the list of participants, and closing attempt made that chat window freeze.
    - Fixed several Premium tanks modules missing in the Store.
    - Fixed description of "Raider" achievement.
    - Fixed minor errors in several tanks and modules descriptions.
    - Fixed "The Lion of Sinai" achievement description
    - Fixed minor errors in battle training.
    - Fixed Camo net and Binocular telescope effects fading after an attempt to start to move having broken track
    - Fixed "Sixth sense" indicator not showing after instant repeating detection
    - Moving effects (dirt and dust from the tracks) performance optimized.
    - Reduced surface resistance when moving over some destroyed objects.

    and btw.. that VK7201 is great tank. Its not faillowe in any way. Its absolute different way of playing german tanks.. just wait for it :)

    1. Well, what can I say... you got that right, I am a dick :) Thanks though, whoever you are - much appreciated.

    2. fixed links for images

    3. 2nd image shows techtree DB->Indien-Pz link. But 85K seems a bit low.
      Good stuff though.

    4. Have ~65k saved up on VK2801... hope to god I don't need more.

  8. no lowe line?you lost me forever,cya


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