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Feb 5, 2013


- no exact ETA on the test, Storm states that "In development" portal section will get updated once the test begins (SS: logically that means it's not accurate now and that the february/march ETA for 8.4 is speculative)
- Leopard 1 won't be implemented earlier than summer 2013 (SS: this does NOT mean it will be implemented in summer, only that it will definitely not come till summer)
- Havok won't be implemented earlier than summer 2013 (SS: ditto)
- The graphical things that are going to be gradually improved (SS: not in any particular order): general graphics optimalisation, colour grading, quality and amount of dynamic lighting, tree and grass render, water render, special effects (SS: the video itself was linked by Storm, but he states it doesnt have to look like this actually, the colours can look differently, it's planned for the "medium" future - which means probably around a year)
- it's technically possible to introduce gradual increase in hull rotation in first split second, but it won't be implemented since the players got used to the current system already (SS: what this means is that especially some TDs, that have narrow gun arcs, but great hull turn rate sort of "jerk" whenever the hull moves, even a little, a player suggested that the initial 0,25-0,5s of steering should be smoother)
- massive tank rebalance won't happen in one of the near patches
- IS-7 side armor effective thickness:

- no further crit info on the post-battle debriefing screen planned
- 90-point companies won't return
- there are new medals planned
- Storm's game goal is to level up the British heavies to tier 10
- SerB thinks that the "Archipelago Gulag" book by A.Solzhenitsyn is a "badly written and historically unreliable book"
- it's possible better representation of shell hits (rather than current impact decals) will be introduced "if the videocards allow it"


  1. Well, then I look forward till the summer :D

  2. "Archipelago Gulag" - interesting. The author of this book was there... seems SerB was there too... I wander in what role ;)

  3. Of course since anyone except Great Stalin Himself is a subhuman and/or a nazi killer who killed his family and thereby not to be trusted in any capacity... /sarcasm
    He is probably mad that his family failed at kissing Germans asses

  4. quote: "it's possible better representation of shell hits (rather than current impact decals) will be introduced "if the videocards allow it"

    did anyone here played T-72 Balkans on Fire?
    noticed how the shell impact trajectories were drawn when the tank was destroyed? I very much like that in WoT

  5. LOL what? This great turning idea won't be introduced cause people got "used to" current retarded system?
    WG, they treat all players like a bunch of idiots who can't learn a thing.
    In reality bad players won't see a difference, good players will benefit, but who cares about good players, right?

  6. "if the videocards allow it"


    "if our crappy engine is somehow able to do this"

  7. Can't see picture.
    Anyone else?

  8. SerB thinks that the "Archipelago Gulag" book by A.Solzhenitsyn is a "badly written and historically unreliable book"

    W!T!F! I just think, he didn´t even read it...
    There is a saying...from Lenin, I guess...There are 2 ways to keep the people dumb - political and religious ideology...and SerB maybe still rests in the times before 89-91...

  9. SerB is arogant idiot, who says every 2 weeks another answers. Serene Coast is statisticaly good and after 2 weeks, 1 base 58 % and the second 42 % of wins. He know nothing and talks shits or he lies.

    1. yep if WG was a real company instead of bullshit russian (corrupt) one, he would have been fired as soon as he started writing bullshit and insulting other players. NTM his KGB obsession and willingness to lick Great Stalins balls

  10. Considering Alexander Soltzenitzyn was actually there and experience first hand the conditions in Siberia I think completely ignoring anything that might suggest Stalin wasn't a cuddly kitten lover casts SerB in a very poor light. Next we'll hear that all those Kulaks just died off on their own.
    I get tired of hearing all this BS from the former USSR. Satlin was a huge shit, on a par with Hitler. Tha fact that we in the west allied with him does not make him any less of a shit. Ask anyone in the former Soviet dominated Eastern Europe about their opinions of him. The continual ignoring of player questions and fobbing people off with the same non-sequeters is exteremly tiresome and shows an utter lack of respect from the developers.

    1. apologies for the spelling errors. I was angry-typing.

    2. Stalin was much, much worse than Hitler.


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