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Feb 15, 2013


- it's not yet clear how much XP will the CGC cost- according to Storm, the FV215b 183mm gun is not overpowered: "Full damage is difficult to deal. The HESH shells don't use normalisation and they explode on tracks, gun, mantlet and spaced armor. And the vehicle itself is paper-armored. In regular random battles it will be very difficult to survive while dealing full gun damage.
- Storm admits FV215b (183) might be overpowered in very skilled hands, but states the vehicle requires a lot of skill- the re-worked Steppes are fine game-wise according to Storm (SS: players complained it has been too much "hillified", like Prokhorovka and El-Halluf, despite Storm writing earlier they wouldnt do such a thing)
- Sexton will be British when implemented, but will be tested as American (Storm claims he's not in a hurry to change it)
- British turret TD branch confirmed, unclear as to what vehicles will be implemented in it (SS: Storm is home sick apparently, he doesn't have the concept with him)
- devs will most likely implement a feature where post-battle statistics will show damage dealt instead of XP earned, no ETA
- it's not possible to add the 75mm L/70 to VK2801, it doesn't fit
- the WoT bug with 310 series of Nvidia drivers is not Wargaming's fault, other games have issues too
- Storm says, that when the battle loads during the loading screen and when it reaches the end, nothing happens - it's the fault of installed mods in 99 percent of cases
- Arizona and Savannah maps were completely scrapped
- the current developer plan is to introduce one branch per 1,5 months
- Nvidia SLI system increases the FPS by 20-30 percent


  1. a branch every 1,5 months :/ seems like WG has a real tide release plan. This year will be the "year of the branches" :D

    1. The Leopard 1 will be just around the corner! Can't wait!


    what is about this?

    1. I am pretty sure it's a bug, but no official info yet

    2. Well, I'm afraid it's official now:

      The reasoning is plain BS if you ask me.

    3. Ooops, I'm so clever, that I copy-pasted the same link. Sorry. When I saw the link I assumed that is only a link to the topic not to Ectar's post.

  3. "the WoT bug with 310 series of Nvidia drivers is not Wargaming's fault, other games have issues too"

    Then there are multiple problems under foot. I've had the same issues since the 309 series (multiple in game crashes/freezes) and no problems with any other games. The bad news here for me is that whatever WG and Nvidia are working on in terms of a solution won't fix my problem - the problem that the others in the forums in the same boat as me have complained about. They are barking up the wrong tree...

  4. "And the vehicle itself is paper-armored"
    Oh really??

    Hull armor: 256/76/76
    Turret armor: 256/51/51

    This tank is the most OP in the game right now. Even you dont penetrate for 1750 HP you still make damage of ca.700 with splash.

    1. There referring to the less armoured parts on the front of the Tank Destroyer. The numbers we are given (as you have them here) are less usefull due to the fact that it may only be a small portion of that facing of the tank that number applies to.

    2. Yes, maybe youre right. Even though this tank is so OP, just look what it does in test server.

    3. It dies fiery deaths. I've played enough matches on the test server to know that. They are easy pickings, and that's all there is to it.

  5. Dafq steppes needed a bloody rework? I hope they dont screwd up one of my favourite map :(
    Yet still no rework for swamp, malinovka, el halluf, serene coast, komarin and port. Whoose really needed it.

  6. lol the fv215b(183) has bad armor is this a joke?even on the testserver i can earn steel walls with it


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