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May 7, 2013

New tank stats service is available

Hello, everyone!

The biggest Russian WoT news site ( started a new and pretty interesting service, called "Advanced tank information". It contains not only the usual stuff (like tank statistics), but also some hidden stats and I think it's generally pretty well done. So, if you want to, go check it out :)


  1. Thanks! Gonna give it a try!


  2. /Homer Simpson
    /Homer Simpson

  3. Have a look at the list of Russian tanks and find 'Spectator'.

  4. Great find,thnx for heads up,Silent.

    I saw Spectator "tank" ,it is used as a tool during livestream events.
    W. Christie help us if that "tool" gets in hands of wrong ppl


  5. I'm still wondering how to use this data to improve my gameplay...
    These are just paper stats... dunno how useful these are.

    Sure, now you know that your ammo rack has 50HP, but this won't help you when someone shoots you in the ammo rack for 500 damage.

    1. Read more, you are misssing the point. No gun ingame has 500 HP of module damage.

    2. Dude, it was an example -_-
      I mean, so what if you know how much hp your ammo rack has, you can still get it damaged. You're not safe or anything.

      Knowing how much HP an enemy has on it's ammo rack might be useful . (Something like displaying another HP bar on enemy tanks but with Ammo Rack hit points)
      This could be usefull but only if the info is displayed at all times.

      By example the ammo rack on IS3 has 200HP. One ally shoots him for 199 ammo rack damage. Now in WoT you can't know that.
      If there would be a mod or something that displays the fact that the IS3 has only 1 ammo rack HP you would know that shooting his frontal sides means instant-kill.

      Anyway. At the moment the fact that i know that IS3 has 200Ammo rack HP is useless. I cannot use this info in any way

    3. Yup, if you will read carefully you will understand why many Russian tanks fuel tanks may caught on fire after first shot while German tanks would need at least 2 shots in fuel tanks to lit them up (Example taken if fuel tanks are shot with a gun of 120mm caliber). If you compare for example Tiger(H) and IS you will see the difference (or other tanks like KT and IS3).

      Although I actually cant find the fuel tank hp on this site. In my oppinion is a bit better, but this new service from is a not bad free alternative (Not that gamemodels3d ask much money, its a small one time payment).

    4. Plus don't forget to pay attention to the hp value of modules when repaired (by crew). This shows if you can destroy a damaged (yellow, meaning crew repaired) module with the corresponding shots from that and that gun.

      Of course always the shot will not damage the modules, that part depends on chance to damage module
      and don't forget that your shot may not even sometimes reach module as shell travels if i remember correctly ten times its caliber inside of tank.

    5. @Daedalus.
      Exactly, the fact that you know how much HP your ammo rack has, or the enemy ammo rack has won't help you.

      If you hit it, you hit it. If you miss it you miss it.

      It's just like you would play WoT without HP bars. You know that an KT has 1600 HP, but if you can't see that info on your screen it's useless.

    6. "It's just like you would play WoT without HP bars. You know that an KT has 1600 HP, but if you can't see that info on your screen it's useless."

      No, your example is just stupid.

      So did you for example read my first comment? Do you realize that those are hidden stats that are part of balancing? You see that one tank may seem worse than the other one without these? Did you read that an IS can with one shot in side with its top gun light up on fire another another IS while on the other hand it in no way can instantly with one shot destroy the fuel tanks of Tiger(H) tank?

    7. Where is the HP for the fuel tanks? Right, it's not there. So how could you know the HP for the fuel tanks?

      I really can't see that info anywhere.

    8. Seriously! Did you even fucking read what I wrote in my first fucking comment god dammit!?!?

      Let me quote myself:
      "Although I actually cant find the fuel tank hp on this site. In my opinion is a bit better, but this new service from is a not bad free alternative (Not that gamemodels3d ask much money, its a small one time payment)."

      So if you read, then I wrote that this info is not available on service provided at . That and for other reasons I suggest
      as a better alternative.

      And its not just fuel tanks, you don't notice these things until one of your modules get crits all the time or gets destroyed all the time.

    9. EXACTLY!!!!!!!
      But it's NOT on the new site :|

      And knowing the HP of some modules may explain some stuff in-game but it won't help you at all.

      When you're in 1v1 with someone you're shooting for weakspots, you don't count how much Hp he might have on some modules.

  6. Nothing really new. I've known all of these for a while. Still, there are some still hidden.. armor homogenity, the extra mobility stats that make the KV13 be more maneuvrable than the VK3002db even though they have about exactly the same stats, even in ground ressistence. A lot is still hidden and only availible server-side.

    1. xCaptainObviousxMay 8, 2013, 10:21:00 AM

      One large factor when calculating agillity is the difference between the stock and currently equipped engine.

      Look at the Luchs, it's stock engine have 140 hp while the top engine have 360 hp, this is an increase of over 200% (257% to be precise). It have 33 deg/sec hull traverse on paper which is the value with the STOCK ENGINE.
      Now let's look at the M18 hellcat,it have slightly less hull traverse at 30 deg/sec so it should turn at about the same speed, right?

      Well, anyone can see that that's not true so let's look at the difference between the engines. The stock engine have 350 hp while the top one have 460, this is only a 131% increase, about half that of the Luchs.

      What happens if we multiply the on paper traverse with the engine power increase?
      Luchs: 33 x 2.57 = 84.8
      M18: 30 x 1.31 = 39.3

      As far as I have experienced this number is the EFFECTIVE traverse than you experience when playing, try timing a spinning luchs (91% crew, becomes 100% with the commanders bonus), I'll bet 2500 gold that it will take around 5 sec to turn 360 degrees on asphalt while it takes around 10 sec for the M18 to do the same.

      Take this knowledge and compare the KV-13 and the VK30.02D:
      KV-13: 42 deg/sec traverse, 500 hp stock engine and 600 hp elite. 120% increase
      VK30.02D: 42 deg/sec traverse, 650 hp stock engine and 720 elite. 110.7% increase

      This means that the real traverse of the KV-13 is 50.4 deg/sec while the VK's is only 46.5 deg/sec

      This is nothing about a hidden value, it's about an un-published mechanic.

      I think you should publish an article on this, it's really important and you can't really read about it in any "official" place.

  7. I agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.



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