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Apr 8, 2013

Needs moar Panzers...

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Thor_Hammerschlag from EU forums will be joining the FTR crew. Next to Zarax, he's another Panzer fan, but also likes to theorycraft, so we can expect some very interesting articles!

You might have noticed that the "Digging deeper" article from Thor disappeared for now. I was informed by Thor that it is simply not yet finished, it will be improved and some concerns raised in the comments will be explained in more details.

So, welcome Thor! :)



  1. Nice, welcome !

  2. He's a legit guy. Good news indeed.

  3. Where's the french taank specialist ?

  4. o7

    Always a good, constructive poster


  5. Good to hear this.
    Will Kankou be our next beloved writer of this site?

  6. Please no more bullshit like the "truth revelation" about shell normalization. It was plain nonsense. I was just writing a critical message when the post here was deleted...


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