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Jan 4, 2013

"Bezdechod" Soviet universal tank :)

Author: Yuri Pasholok
Original source:
Translated by: Silentstalker

On 13. September of 1941, a letter arrived to the hands of the People's Commisar of Defense, J.V.Stalin from one V.N.Emelyanov, doctor of medicine from the city of Syzran. In the letter, there was an explanation and the schematics of the invention called "Universal tank Bezdechod". I won't write a detailed description, as it is clear from the slides. But for myself I can only add that the introduction of such a remarkable invention has to radically change the idea of what a scout tank is.

"Over ravines and mountains" :)

SS: yes, this comes from the Soviet archive and was meant seriously


  1. 200 km/h...
    Wonder how fast it goes without rails. 20km/h?
    And I love the font layout.

  2. From the first picture, i thought it is for railroad only. But that second image, that tank would bend itself? : D Road wheels look epic too.

  3. Pics don't seem to work...

    - Zarax

  4. As they've added the TOG II* they might as well add this one. ;-)

    1. TOG II* is a very conventional tank with an existing complete example now displayed at the Bovington Tank Museum. This is a completely different and unusual beast.

  5. Does it blend ?

  6. It's called "Vezdechod", not "Bezdechod".


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