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Jan 5, 2013


- E100 won't have its turret or armor moved
- SerB states (half-jokingly) that the devs make a "council" only on the most difficult problems- there is no official public time schedule for 2013, as the devs want to avoid the "when" whine, they will share their plans via this thread
- Dickermax has the historical gun elevation- ingame report will in one of the following patches include "pushing" (for now, use manual support tickets)
- garage battles will definitely not come in 2013, historical battles - maybe- FV215b to TD transfer: "See Storm's answer" (SS: I translated that before)
- a complete list of banned mods will be done if necessery- official tank statistics won't be published
- it's highly unlikely more guns like the VK3601 conical gun (where gold shells do more damage than the regular ones) will be introduced- non-French light trees expansion? "no comment"
- there will be a second 0.8.3 test- there will be no tier 8 premium Chinese heavy for now
- any gun has the same accuracy with all the types of shells


  1. Well thanks for continuing you're work anyway ;)

  2. SS, if you are willing i would like to continue re-posting your blog updates on EU forum.

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