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Jan 5, 2013

5.1.2013 part 3

- T110E4 "rebalancing" (read: nerf) was not too much, its armor is okay, statistically it's doing fine
- SerB states that the downside of the SU-122-44 is intended to be low accuracy and long aiming time
- there is no special plan to nerf "pedobears" (SS: Russian-used term for experienced players playing twinked lowtiers with experienced crews), but a complete rebalance is planned
- in time, there might be extended filters introduced to the hangar
- realistic armor properties of the T-10M/IS-8 properties (the thickness being historical): "digging thru archives takes a lot of time, we'll make a book on the IS-8, it'll be there"
- the 7x42 company format will be introduced probably for all the maps, but it has to be tested
- in the historical battles, vehicles will have balancing weight according to the year (eg. what is the top of the line in 1942 will be much cheaper in 1944)
- in the beginning, the matchmaker was proposed to be based on the vehicle weight only (one supertank = rest of the weak team), but it didn't work - balancing individual vehicles is very hard and then there was the issue of players asking questions such as "why is that tank better than the other tank"
- According to SerB, it takes roughly 2500 battles for the nonpremium player to reach his first tier 10, SerB is fine with it
- post-battle chat "possible we won't implement it at all, or we'll implement it only for the winning team - why would we provoke a chatflame once more?"
- there will be additional security measures added for the company recruitment phase so people don't come in and spam
- devs won't introduce additional names for the crew ("unfortunately, it's impossible to implement the entire wealth of names. Well - and if anyone will come and ask for their name - the list would be endless")
- the "house icon" for the additional crew training goes to the crewmember with the least total XP (eg. if you have two guys - one 75 percent training and 2 skills and one 65 percent and 3 skills, the first one will get it).
- there might be special settings in the game introduced for the artillery mode


  1. "there might be special settings in the game introduced for the artillery mode"

    Any ideas what these settings could be?

    1. maybe some of the actual mods? like time the shoot will need to het the target, more zoom, or maybe just some useless crap


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