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Jan 6, 2013


- any rumors about the 0.9.0 patch are completely made up (SS: it's not even decied what there will be in 8.6)
- when the first heavy tier 10 was introduced into the game, some hardcore clans actually unlocked it within days
- there is an interesting phenomenon on Russian servers that in the early morning hours, tier 5 scout tanks often appear as the top tanks of the battle, apparently because there very few hightier vehicles present in the game at that time
- the hardcap is confirmed to be temporary (SS: also, Storm and SerB started bashing the artywhiners really bad, bans flying all over the place)
- Q: Will the T18 end up as Marder did, with a nerf? A: (by Storm): "A bloody fiery eye of the nerfthirsty Wargaming immediately fixes on the tiny T18" and "Well, let's see what we have here..." :)
- the ability to change the hull of the tank is still just an idea - if the devs do it, the hulls will be visually different
- the ability to see the ping of each member in the battle is not planned (SS: apparently so people dont whine and bash those with bad connection)
- regarding bans for being AFK: "If it happens often to a player, it might be viewed as botting and we take that very seriously"
- the repair costs and profitability of tier 8 arty have been unified with other tier 10 vehicles, not tier 8, as tier 8 arty is considered a tier 10 vehicle and will be pushed to tier formally (SS: in summer)
- there is a better inferface planned for the transfer of crew and equipment from tank to tank
- M50 Ontos not planned - Walker Bulldog is planned, there was a very slight mention of the ASU-57 and the SU-100P (player asked whether they didnt implement them because there was no place for them in the current branches and Storm confirmed)


  1. The hull change idea sounds good to me. :) But how is it meant? like, add just "panzerschürzen"? or change from IS4 to IS4-M hull?

    1. The latter. Or for example various versions of Panzer IV hulls. Schurzen schould come as a module at some point.

    2. do they acutaly mean this is like an equipement slot? as extra (apliqué)armor was being developed i tought for the tank wich had it

    3. Those are two different thing. There is a confirmed appearance of the applique armor screens as an equipment (!) and then there is just a thought of introducing a new hull module.

    4. would that hull module be for all tanks or just those who had them historicaly (irl or intended at some point)?

    5. This is just speculating, but most likely would such a module be unique for each tank, just like suspensions.

      If you however mean the additional armor equipment: that is to apply only on tanks that had them historically.


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