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Jan 6, 2013

Dear Ectar...

Dear Ectar...

I assume you do read this blog as you stated. I don't really want to break the rules of the WoT forum, but I believe your post does deserve a reaction.

In your post you wrote the following:

Second of all, I've read everyone of your posts since you returned, including the ones on other language sections. I've also read your blog comments (and yes I read the blog too). You've changed your reasons for doing what you did at least 3 times now.  Right now you should really also be taking a step back from all this, especially any comments regarding the WG staff member you're linked with as a lot of what you did was driven by personal feeling and to quote you directly from your blog "Out of spite mostly"  and from the German forums "Revenge and rage".

I highlighted the one part myself, because that's what I want to answer. You claim I changed reasons for doing it - but I never did. In the original post on this blog I did claim the reason  for this was personal. There was no "truth seeking", there was no "change of heart", it was personal. I considered Czechout a friend, she burned (AKA backstabbed) me (we both know what I am talking about and who else was involved in that, that part I deliberately chose not to disclose anywhere, I am sure you can see why), so I published some of the messages (after handling them to Overlord, as you might or might not have known before this whole thing started yesterday).

Regarding my attitude to the Czechoslovak community - the reason I really left two days after the community meeting was this thing. Yes, I do not like them in general (granted, there are exceptions). I hever attempted to hide that either. Hell, it was mostly Czechout who kept me IN the community, because I liked writing and translating articles, and I was like "what the hell, I might just do it for the Czechs".

So yes, it was always rather personal. Did I claim otherwise anywhere? Does that change the nature of the facts I posted? Does that change anything for the EU community?


  1. Well, Ectar is a hypocrite and a wanker.

    1. No he is not. He does a lot of great stuff and he's (along with Ipaul72 (whom I always mistook for Hunter1911 - sorry) and with Supercharge and Dargnon - and in a way - Tuccy) one of the people I actually respect at Wargaming. If it was noone else, I wouldn't bother replying.

  2. Ectar could have locked topic with generic/standard answer,not to add his personal note of this issue.
    His mistake,if he wants to be professional in his actions and replies.

  3. It is going to be an interesting week.

    I don't care about Frankie's motivation to bring out this "corruption". In my opinion it is completely irrelevant and I consider it an attempt to create a smoke screen.

  4. I was going to say something but then I realised I smell and need a bath.


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