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Jan 10, 2013

9.1.2013 part 2

- the rumor that the contract for the game is written for 5 years and then the development will stop is false (there was a rather funny string of questions, ending with SerB going into full ragemode: "there has to be a brain in the head - without it the thinking doesn't work and (from that) comes the spamming, whine and crap")
- Q: "Will KV-5 get a new gun?" A: "Will you bring up here all the retarded rumors, or only half of them?"
- there are various reasons for (for example) the D-25 gun not penetrating the T49 mantlet - impact under high angle, hitting the gun itself etc.
- fun fact: tracks can absorb (the way SerB calculated it) up to 18 thousand HP per battle
- according to devs, antialiasing works normal atm
- there might be a better render of metal glints and reflections "if needed/possible"
- it's possible new camouflage patterns will be added
- currently, the arty view size (scale) does not correspond to the scale shown on the minimap, will be fixed
- complete list of 0.8.3 changes - when the patch goes out
- the French have enough vehicles for two more lines (med and heavy), but those are not ready yet, more details when SerB decides what goes where
- "historical battles" have, according to SerB one problem: in theory everyone wants them but in reality, noone will play them
- SerB states that the trees released on WoT Wiki are not up to date
- it IS possible not to penetrate external modules (for example Maus has the tracks armor of 70mm)
- the mods have a rough idea of how many people are using mods, but they won't comment on how they got them
- there is no official statement on gold ammo for credits yet, but most likely it will stay
- the arty and tank shells have the same penetration model, they also lose penetration with distance (AP shells)
- French T7-8 medium premium tank? "no comment"
- there is no plan to show the trajectory angles of shells (SS: some shells - mostly from howitzers - fly in higher arcs, but how high - that won't be indicated)
- the next premium tier 8 medium tank will belong to the "nation that needs it" (SS: related to the question whether it'll be a Chinese vehicle) and it will be similiar to the Type 59 prototype
- there will be further graphics optimalisation
- the devs are satisfied with the 2x-XP-per-first-battle system
- the Chinese tier 6-8 light tanks have the same MM as their French light counterparts
- the rising number of artillery does influence the future map design
- it's not planned to indicate (extra reward) the tank that did the most damage to the enemy
- there are no incendiary shells in the game "because the devs didn't implement them" (SS: what an enlightening answer)
- rough history of the "121" tank - an attempt to create a worthy opponent for the T-62 with the limited resources available, there might even be a book on these Chinese projects
- there are no plans to create a separate "superheavy" class of tanks (devs considered that, but decided not to do it)
- the work on the new MM is underway
- devs don't think that the Dragon's ridge player experience is bad
- new maps are being developed (again, no specifics)
- no tier 11 planned
- IS-6 won't get an armor buff
- the clan functions are being worked on, no more details
- the Russian and Chinese versions of IS-2 were roughly equal
- Karelia is the oldest map, then came Malinovka and Himmelsdorf
- the game mechanics work absolutely the same in all the modes (companies, random, training...)
- stock tanks do NOT have a better MM than fully equipped tanks (SS: this was tried, didn't work)
- there is no gun in the game, that could reliably penetrate the Superpershing thru its thickest armor (the frontal armor screens), you have to aim for the weakspots
- Japanese tanks are going to be unique (SS: reaction on the rumor they will "feel" like German tanks)
- Japanese branch will have no King Tiger equivalent

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