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Jan 10, 2013

10.1.2013 part 3

- an updater for the test client is not planned (according to SerB it's a waste of time)
- Serene coast is doing statistically fine
- SerB thinks that teamkilling penalties on testserver are handled independently from main account, but he isn't sure
- module crits and caused engine fires do not count towards teamkilling damage
- devs take info about the tanks from books and archive copies, SerB states that if he stacked the copies of the archive files on top of each other, the height would exceed 8 meters
- nations, which will have tanks (SS: not full trees, only tanks, maybe even one at a time from that respective nation) implemented into the game: "Finland, Poland, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia" (SS: WTF, no Czechoslovakia? Then again...)
- the rumors about some regular tanks being transferred to premium status (รก la T34) are false
- the devs don't see the fact that Panzer B2 cant penetrate the Matilda as that much of a problem ("don't play with it")
- Question at SerB: "Are you the right hand of Viktor Kisliy?" (CEO) A: "Viktor has many right hands"
- ROF is a balance value, it won't be changed to historical values with some tanks (SS: players whining that IS should fire faster)
- the reason why the originally planned German medium branch got changed the way Storm presented it two weeks ago was "internal decision"
- the game will be developed within technical limits, high-end laptops should be able to run it on medium details at least (that is the hope of the devs)
- Leopard 2 is not planned as a tier 10 heavy (SS: yes, people actually ask that)
- 1-1,5 min waiting times when playing arty in the night won't get shorter before the number of arties actually drops


  1. First the 120mm Rheinmetall question and now the leopard 2 question.....those are just idiotic questions. Is there a lot of such stupid questions in the russian Q&A forum ?

    1. Yes, tons. Most get purged by the moderators so I don't even get to see them, but even so, generally like half of the questions (and their answers) concern stuff that was asked thousand times already or is downright retarded.

  2. I noticed Italy wasn't present either, does this mean that both Czechoslovakia and Italy have their own trees in development?

    1. No. I think SerB simply gave examples of what might appear.

  3. I wonder, how much work times SerB spends responding questions. Amount of informations you translated in last 2 days is incredible ;)


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