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Jan 10, 2013

10.1.2013 part 2

- SerB states that the child protection is the duty of the parents (eg. no additional child protection features planned)
- Crusader is not designated as a top tier scount (never was)
- there is no automatic punishment system for insults (in contrast to teamdamage and teamkills) because insults don't directly influence the game
- lower frontal armor of E-100 won't be changed
- multithreading (real multicore support) - "only if there is middleware that can do that available for the render system we use" (SS: there was a more complicated answer but I am not a tech guy, not sure how to translate that)
- regarding the fact that the British don't have a hightier scout: "complete symmetry of branches was never intended"
- regarding Mr. Doyle's opinions and research, they were taken into account when considering German tanks, but real tests proved more important
- the ST-I model in game is historical, it is based on the original drawings from the archives
- SerB answering to a whiner, who asked "when will you stop adding new tanks and focus on quality instead?" "We won't. We are very sorry that this fact upsets you"
- the chance of transmission catching on fire is the same as with the engine (in case of E-100: 15 percent)
- the angles and sizes of IS-4 hull and armor will be re-checked by Storm (based on player complaints)
- devs state that the whine about 0 damage hits comes from basic misunderstanding on the player side as to how the game system works
- Q: "Will the Leopard 1 have the Rheinmetall 120mm gun?" A: "Why don't we just make it with a gauss gun?"
- the profitability of the SU-122-44 is considered okay
- AT-15A MM spread is considered okay
- it's "possible" that there will be premium vehicles in 0.8.4 (SS: it was confirmed before the SU-100Y will appear)
- T57 Heavy stats don't stand out too much according to SerB
- Type 62 will return to the game store? "If it does, I will let you know"
- regarding the "historically inaccurate horsepower" of the M12 engine: "we'll use the resources we think are right"
- SerB personally hates nazis and nazi-lovers and bans them (related to some player question, why are nazis treated so harsh in the game)
- dynamic elements in the maps (moving trains, minefield...) - "you can wait for them but the result is not guaranteed"


  1. Thank you for your work. It is also interesting to see how WG's developers seems to choose which historian to believe even for the same vehicles. At least I have the impression that Victor Kislyi is impressed by the manuverbility of the Tiger tank at 20:25!

  2. The multi core/threading is interesting, are they now saying the middleware is incompatible with their rendering software?. First blame was on BigWorld then moved on to Umbra, which is odd as it is multi threading aware.

    1. Sorry mate, I know nothing of computers. There was a longer explanation, but I didn't dig into it because the danger I'd mistranslate it was quite high.

  3. Interesting that for some questions all you get is sarcastic answers - how is that constructive or going to close off the subject. WG could do with being more mature and professional in dealing with matters that concern players.

    1. Russian players like it that way

    2. Sadly that sort of customer service fails massively in the West. WG needs to see that and adapt.

    3. But they adapt. To their biggest customers. Chinese and russians. Thats Free Market Economy right there.


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