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Jan 10, 2013


- even though Mr. Hilary Doyle states that the lower mobility of the German vehicles is a myth, the devs state that he's only one of the experts and that their lower mobility is noted in various other sources, according to Wargaming their own expert (Jurij Pasholok) was one of those people who actually livetested a Panther in Kubinka, so he has first hand experience (SerB states that it's not possible the Kubinka Panther was broken or something like that)
- Doyle notes that the name of the engine intended for the VK3002DB is MB507 - in the game, however, the Maus engine has the same designation. This is not going to be changed (devs don't state why)
- KV-1, T-34 and Panther turret rotating speeds won't be changed (they don't match Doyle's date)
- Doyle states that the weight of the Schmalturm is actually less than the weight of the "regular" Panther turret. According to the devs, this is not true, as the geometric calculations suggest otherwise
- when balancing the artillery, taking only winrate into account isn't enough, as it is balanced separately (SS: no point then in asking "what winrate will be low enough to stop arty nerfs")
- devs state that the IS-7 gun has such a long time, because it is long and heavy
- the reasons GW Tiger and GW E had their mobility reduced lies in balancing, the devs don't think they overdid the mobility nerf too much
- devs won't disclose any info regarding to the technical aspects of the game programming (the way the game calculates actual movement etc.)
- there will be a second french tier 10 heavy tank, it's supposed to have very thick frontal armor (both hull and turret), but the sides and rear armor will be weak, the second French heavy branch won't have autoloaders (confirmed), not decided where it will start though
- shots to external modules (that don't generally count in the post-battle debriefing) do count when calulating the "sentinel" medal
- there will be a feature showing the quality of the player directly in game (SS: player mentions some sort of official XVM, but that is unlikely, more like some sort of special skins and decals for high winrate players)
- approximately 20 percent of players removed the "assault mode" from their games via the settings
- Chinese inscriptions on tanks meaning: "use google" (SS: much simplier - hover the mouse over the respective decals and a popup text with their meaning will show)
- so far, no other than "historical" insciptions on tanks are planned
- Clanwars mercenaries in their current form were cancelled, because they'd only be made of clan players who want to gear up
- there will be an option of playing CW's without joining any clan though, the devs are working on it
- devs don't think that the Chinese IS is overpowered even though it has 300mm gold pen shells, because its mobility is worse than its Soviet counterpart
- the only Soviet tanks with autoloaders are the T-64, T-72 and T-80, they won't appear in the game
- devs don't consider the Marder II overnerfed
- there will be no penalties for arty players, who favour shooting enemy tank destroyers (SS: meant as "tank destroyers who camp the base and don't pose any danger, while enemy meds and heavies pose a much higher threat")
- SS: one player posted 9 whine/bullshit questions in a row, got 9x14days (126 days) of RO ban... holy shit
- regarding the turrets flying off: the devs are not sure yet how they will do it, if the turret wreck will be a material object and others will be able to see it and crash into it, it's not done with Havok anymore, it requires server resources. The devs prefer the ripped-off turret to be material, but aren't sure if that's gonna work
- effect of tracks flying off is purely cosmetic, so that can be done client-side
- the winrate differences between servers are only very small
- after 0.8.3, average damage done by arties is expected to drop by cca 15 percent, mostly because of the close range fighting
- the "live" tank (who shows as live, but counts as destroyed because the crew is dead) is not considered a bug, won't be "fixed"
- according to SerB, it's pointless to file reports against an arty that shoots an enemy tank that is hugging your tank, kills it but damages you in the process - "part of the fight"
- according to SerB, the arty mobility nerfs won't affect good artillery players, because a good artillery player doesn't troll around in TD mode, quite the opposite
- there is apparently a plan to merge the Clanwars into one huge superserver where US, EU and RU clans will be fighting each other, the devs don't consider it a problem there might be a national rivalry (anti-russian insults etc), but - they won't implement this into random battles, where it would be a problem (or they will but in limited fashion)
- the new perks might be in 2013, not sure how many. Radioman skills and perks won't be reworked ("if you don't like them, don't train them")
- the camo check interval (rumored to be 5 seconds) will shorten - depends on the server resources
- there are plans to change the shell system (new types etc.) - no more details
- there are studies being conducted on the AT-15A prototype (this might make Listy happy) regarding its characteristics
- according to the devs, E50M is not completely fictional, it's fully within the spirit of the late war German designs, there is no suitable tank of its tier to replace it, the design was consulted with experts (Doyle, Jentz), it wasn't even possible to push the medium German branch up one tier (the German vehicles simply weren't that good). The vehicle isn't completely fictional, as it represents post-war development direction (French-German cooperation). Its gun is not completely fictional either, as there were plans for such a gun but the data didn't survive the war, so the devs used the L7 as analogy.
- the ingame ST-I suspension is almost identical to the one of IS-4
- in 0.8.0, camo coefficients for tanks were changed to fit the new render, but the equation itself wasn't
- US arty M52, M53, M55, M109, US medium T42, Russian Object 103 and German VK3002DB Ausf. B in the game? "no comment"
- FCM36 Pak40 and B2 LeFH105 premium arty are French because the German branch had enough premium vehicles of its own, B2: it's not planned to be made German
- the regular AP and subcaliber AP penetration decals are the same
- the 30 second battle countdown starts approximately when 2/3 of the team are present
- the time gap between the point of base capture and return to hangar is 5 seconds. If in those 5 seconds a tank is destroyed (regardless of which team), the 5 second timer resets, so if the tanks are killed left and right during that period, it can reach a rather long time (even a teamkill can reset the counter)
- a HE arty shell that penetrates a tank hull and explodes within has the splash of 0 - it hasn't been decided whether this will get changed
- no plans for other gold shells for the tier 9 Patton
- no plans for radical change of TD gameplay
- no plans to improve the Superpershing turret rotation speed
- SerB: technically there are enough vehicles for 5 German TD branches, 3 without the "paper" vehicles (SS: the term Serb used is "a stretched vehicle" - might also mean vehicles buffed beyond their actual parameters)
- theoretically second branches of arty are possible, but there will most likely be none
- a huge change for 2013 (think "new physics" magnitude)? "I'll let you know when I'm ready"
- there is a rule that an arty cannot kill more than half of the crew in one shot
- devs think that the current sound quality (regarding the engine sounds) is quite okay, it'll improve though
- Storm prefers AT-15A to SU-122-44 because he doesn't like the aiming time and the accuracy and spread of the Soviet tank
- the devs state that rather than developing the system where the tanks are covered in mud when they pass it, they'd prefer to work on the game optimalisation
- SerB: we don't guarantee that the E50M will remain to be the tank with the most accurate gun around
- the idea that there will be two types of game clients: one for weak computers and one for strong ones has been scrapped, "for technical reasons"
- it's not out of the questions that there will be more tier 10 vehicles (of all classes) with unlockable modules, but SerB states it's not planned specifically
- no plans to reduce the XP requirements for skill and perk training
- no plans to move the game to another engine
- according to SerB, 3 arties per team is an optimal average number, when the number drops to that, there will be no more nerfs needed
- Swiss Panzer 58 and Panzer 61 both fit into WoT timeframe, but SerB won't comment on their implementation to the EU tree
- 2013 E25 confirmed
- IS-7 and IS-4 have the similiar fuel tanks layout
- SU-101 winrate is fine according to devs
- when vehicles of the same tier have 3-4 percent winrate difference, it's a reason to rebalance (it has always been so)
- Storm doesn't consider the scout flood a MM issue, we can expect to see 10xScout + 5xArty teams further
- standard render will most likely not be further developed
- Christie tanks rolling around on wheels 100 km/h? "no"


  1. how do players remove the assault mode via game settings?

    Greetings Daniel_C

    1. On the first tab of the settings (on the right side), u have the option to disable Assault and/or Encounter-battles.

  2. Settings->Game->Random Battle Types

    Need to have a tier 6 tank researched to be able to uncheck assault.

  3. "- SerB: we don't guarantee that the E50M will remain to be the tank with the most accurate gun around"

    Does this mean that the E50M could be nerfed or will we get guns with 0,2x accuracy?

    1. This is my theory but I believe its cuz Leopard 1 might get even better gun.

    2. just other tanks getting better guns, not sure if leo 1 will have fot it, but it must have some goods stuff, since its armor will be shit, and wont have an autoloader like the french. Personaly i think it will be a bit like the patton mk3, good acc on the move and nice gun depression & elevation and a bit more mobility i gues

  4. " the reasons GW Tiger and GW E had their mobility reduced lies in balancing, the devs don't think they overdid the mobility nerf too much"

    This made me laugh. So the devs overdid the nerf of the arty nevertheless...

  5. "screw you Doyle, we are doing our own shit"
    -WG 2013

  6. "there is a rule that an arty cannot kill more than half of the crew in one shot"
    just this morning ive lost 3 out of 5 crewmembers to one gw tiger in one shot

    1. the second part to it is "3 of 5 is an extreme case". 3 of 5 can happen, 4 of 5 not (according to the devs)

    2. extreme my ass
      again 3 of 5
      this time gw p on a tier 10 ...

  7. "3 arties per team is an optimal average number, when the number drops to that, there will be no more nerfs needed"

    So here is the truth: WG want us to STOP playing arty. Nerfs are done not becouse arty is OP but becouse too many players play arty. Very nice...


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