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May 13, 2013

0.8.6 SO, FR, US new arty stats



Stock (Top)

Tier: 5
Crew: 4
HP: 210
Hull armor: 20/15/15
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 7,5 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 16 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 24 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 30/10
Engine: 140hp (170hp)

Gun: 122mm M-30 (152mm D-1)
Penetration: 65/200 (88/250)
Damage: 465/390 (910/700)
ROF: 4,11 (2,31)
Reload time: 14,6 (26)
Accuracy: 0,86 (0,86)
Aim time: 6,5 (6,5)
Ammo: 20 (15)

View range: 340
Radio: 360 (625)
Price: 385000 credits


Tier: 7
Crew: 6 (no radioman, two gunners, two loaders)
HP: 350
Hull armor: 20/20/10
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 4 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 12 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 16 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 30/8
Engine: 500hp (700hp)

Gun: 152mm ML-20 (203mm B-4)
Penetration: 88/250 (102/260/102)
Damage: 910/700 (1850/1450/1850)
ROF: 2,5 (1,18)
Reload time: 24 (50,9)
Accuracy: 0,8 (0,9)
Aim time: 7 (8)
Ammo: 32 (16)

View range: 360
Radio: 360 (625)
Price: 1370000 credits



Tier: 6
Crew: 5
HP: 280
Hull armor: 12,7/12,7/12,7
Turret armor: 12,7/12,7/0
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 20 deg/s (22)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (810hp)

Gun: 155mm M1 (155mm M45)
Penetration: 78/240 (78/240)
Damage: 700/700 (700/700)
ROF: 2,86 (3,11)
Reload time: 21 (19,3)
Accuracy: 0,8 (0,78)
Aim time: 6,5 (5,5)
Ammo: 36 (36)

View range: 360
Radio: 500 (750)
Price: 920000 credits


Tier: 9
Crew: 6
HP: 450
Hull armor: 25,4/12,7/12,7
Turret armor: 12,7/12,7/12,7
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 22 deg/s (24)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (810hp)

Gun: 155mm M46 (203mm M47)
Penetration: 88/90 (102/241/102)
Damage: 1250/1250 (1850/1450/1850)
ROF: 2,04 (1,38)
Reload time: 29,4 (43,5)
Accuracy: 0,67 (0,83)
Aim time: 6 (7)
Ammo: 40 (20)

View range: 350
Radio: 500 (750)
Price: 3550000 credits


AMX Ob. AM105

Tier: 4
Crew: 5
HP: 170
Hull armor: 30/20/15
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 23 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 60/14
Engine: 200hp (250hp)

Gun: 105mm DEFA (105mm Canon de 105 Mle 1950)
Penetration: 53/104 (60/223)
Damage: 410/350 (445/330)
ROF: 4,11 (3,77)
Reload time: 14,6 (15,9)
Accuracy: 0,77 (0,74)
Aim time: 5,5 (5,5)
Ammo: 40 (40)

View range: 340
Radio: 400 (750)
Price: 124000 credits

Batchat 155 55

Tier: 9
Crew: 6
HP: 440
Hull armor: 101,6/76,2/50,8
Turret armor: 50/20/10
Turret traverse: +/- 360 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 22 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (250hp)

Gun: 155mm Canon de 155mm L GPF (105mm Canon de 155mm)
Penetration: 95/95/185 (95/95/185)
Damage: 1250/1250/720 (1250/1250/720)
ROF: 2,04 (2,18)
Reload time: 29,4 (27,5)
Accuracy: 0,67 (0,67)
Aim time: 6 (5,5)
Ammo: 36 (36)

View range: 370
Radio: 400 (750)
Price: 3500000 credits


  1. in b4 arty fanboys whining, your tears are sweet

    1. Ha. I'd love to see arty removed from the game for just a week then we'd see all the arty whiners spamming forums complaining of OP TDs camping in bushes that can't be killed.

      End of the day, the morons who sit still and can't avoid artillery fire will still get hit so they will still complain.


    2. Agree.
      Problem is not arty, but lack of common sense and brain to actual THINK what u are doing on the battlefield.

      Anyway. morons will be morons,even without arty. Wait for 8.6 to see the same whining about arty not being nerfed like they should,etc.


    3. Tell that to slow heavy tanks, who are camping half the game behind mountains and being useless because of who? Oh yes, the ARTY TARDS.

    4. Wrong. They are being useless becouse....THEY are the TARDS!

      Camping half game behind a mountain must be a great strategy to avoid being hit by arty. Rly...Half game every game??? rofl

      Heavy noobs whiners.

    5. So you need Arty to kill Tds , please tell how you are not retarded.
      P.S please continue with the QQ . Arty player tears are most delicious .

  2. is there any info about the old arty stats?

  3. Wow.. that BatChat really looks like something.. :)

  4. -0.67 accuracy
    Okay, better then nothing, atleast I can still burn campers and noobs in hell.

  5. I actually can agree with this kind of approach. Seems like WG took away any good accuracy and aim time arty had, but gave them much more alpha dmg. (have in mind eg. tier 6 arty will face tier 4-8 tanks now)

    So basically, anyone who camps will get decimated, but I can actually stop for .02s with my AMX 50 100 to aim and not get 1shotted. Also there is no way in hell arty will be able to defend itself now, so that's also great. I can kill the sleazeballs driving them more easily.

    All in all props to WG if it turns out like this. It'd be better if they just removed arty but I guess this isn't that bad.

    1. There is one big thing left uncovered. Arty will recieve some sort of gameplay change, but we don't yet know what it will be. It will allegedly mitigate the supernerfs somewhat.

    2. I have 0 guesses what that could be, as arty already has the biggest prop ingame in the form of the gods-eye view.

      Any guesses on what it might be? Could they change something regarding the detection duration of enemy tanks without it getting hacked?

    3. No. Some folks on US forums mentioned an idea that arty shells will drop under 90 degree angle (straight from above), thus ignoring the line of fire and any cover. I hope nothing as retarded makes it to the game.

    4. I believe fast SPGs will still kicking arty-haters butt,just need to step a bit more forward; but haevy SPGs like GwTiger and S-51 will become extinct.

    5. Uhh....there is no extra alpha as far as I can tell, apart from SU-122-2 and AMX Ob. 105AM (M44 actually has under average alpha)

    6. maybe they'll introduce a mode where arty is stuck in the position and get better reload/aiming time/accuracy but can't move unless decide to dismount (something that take like 4-5 seconds). Like the trebuchet in AoE for istance (or u can have the new horrible stats and be able to move after shooting)

    7. Maybe it will be some sort of Siege mode, like arty will need to deploy, making it more accurate, less dispersion, but can't move while in this mode?


      That's how an arty should fire!

    9. Actually siege mode slipped my mind. That would be awesome come to think about it. Making arty really effective in a narrow cone (otherwise OP), but unable to engage flanking targets and basically defenseless in case an enemy engages it.

      Another option is they give it a realistic cone of fire (for arties that deploy eg. GWPanther, M12 etc.), but they can't fire while not deployed.

    10. My bet? Increse in accuracy for shots in a similar area.

      It's been talked about for Warships, and would make sense for arty; idiots who sit still in the open get nailed in a shot or two, while everyone else can move between cover without too much fear.

    11. They will buff penetration. Just my $0.02

    12. You can already see in the stats that the pen isn't buffed.

    13. Sniper mode

  6. so T9 arty does 2550 dpm from the 2 examples above, no real change in damage done, small changes to aim time etc... and they have been made slower ( not a huge thing as they hide at the back anyways) radio range could be interesting on larger maps but for the most no real issue. So if amount of arty per T8-T10 game hasn't changed then the whole exercise of making T9-T10 is kinda pointless

  7. I personally bitch about arty ALOT, but a nerf this hard? 0.8 (in)accuracy is too bad to make arty viable to shoot at 400+ meters. Say goodbye to T92/GW Typ E.
    Or maybe this will demand arty to move around more.

    50 seconds reload for a 203mm howitzer? How long will T92 reload then? 90 seconds?

    I think they nerfed arty too hard as with that (in)accuracy and RoF playing it will be like gambling. But I bet some sort of gameplay change will take place.

    @ all those "YIPPEEE ARTY NERF HURR DURR IN UR FACE ARTY FANBOYS!!111111ONE1!" We get what you want to say. Stop please.
    With all due respect,

    1. As Frank said SerB claims arty will get something new that ill make up for all the setbacks. So I doubt players will have their arties FUBAR.

    2. ^Exactly my point. Many players that have maxed out their arty trees would whine about their arties being unplayable and would create a shitstorm so big that WG would actually have to listen to players' demands. I bet SerB wouldn't want that :O


  8. ¿Batman arty tier 9 or 10? :O

    i have 225x in lorr 155 51... ¿what should i do? :(

    1. The Bat mentioned above is the 55 version and will not have an autoloader. The Bat in game will be moved to tier X and has the autoloader.

  9. For some reason I just have to get the M53/55 it looks awsome!! And im not an arty player in any way.

    Been in the game for 2 yrs, and under 100 battles in artillery since I started :D


  10. Isn't it always going to be unfair that some nations' t7 arty becomes t8 and some become t9?

    I mean, exp-wise I feel I get robbed.


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