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Apr 24, 2013

VK 100.01 “Mammut”

Author: Thor_Hammerschlag

Porsche received on 21st of May 1942 the order to produce a 100 ton Panzer. The initial name for the project was »Mammut« - the German word for mammoth. This was the natal hour of the Maus, the first documented reference of “Pz. Kpfw. Mäuschen” was the 17 of July 1942 ... [2]

Only 2 and a half month after receiving the order Professor Porsche prepared the first design drawing on June 4, 1942. It had the number K 3381 and was done by Ing. Leopold Schmid. The designation from Porsche for the project was “Porsche Typ 205”. The drawing showed a streamlined tank with up to 120mm armor and 120 tons weight. [1]

The turret’s weight alone was 23 tons, carrying a massive 15cm KwK L/40 – with some modifications done to the ammunition. The weight of the projectile was decreased from 43kg to 34kg to increase ROF to 4-5 rounds per minute and the muzzle velocity to 845 m/s. As an alternative, a 12,8cm L/50 with a muzzle velocity of 810 m/s was also considered during the development of the tank. [2]

The powerhouse was driven by an air-cooled 16-cylinder diesel engine, with a comparable propulsion system to that of the Tiger (P) – every track was boosted by a single electrical engine. The ground pressure of the vehicle was 0,92 kg/cm². There was also a shortened variant of the blueprint of drawing number K 8331 [1]. This one however hasn’t been discovered yet. 

This is what we currently know about the earliest of the Maus’ prototypes.

Further values I can read out of the book [1] (without guarantee, the drawings are still too small to read most of the values) - just to give a rough idea of the vehicles armor values. Armor values are based on interpolation, and the assumption that the confirmed 120mm [1] are on the front of the hull.

The upper front plate is sloped back at 55°. The lower one is at an 45° angle, both are just as thick. Effective armor values with current World of Tanks “normalization” are 187mm and 157mm respectively. The upper side armor is sloped back at 20°, the lower one is vertical with the tracks and another plate with 40-50mm behind them. The rear is as thick as the sides and rounded.

The turret front is just as the Löwe’s covered by a huge gun mantlet. The turret sides are very thick possibly even ticker than the frontalarmor.

This might also explain the weight of 120 t, the armor is all round pretty good and not much thinner than on the front. The size of the vehicle is comparable to the E100, just a lower profile and maybe a bit shorter. [1]
However it’s still quite a bit smaller than the tremendous Maus.

The gun depression is 7° - with the assumption that drawing K3882 shows the same gun depression.

Is there a spot for it in World of Tanks?

Definitely. Zarax already placed it in his reworked Porsche techtree at T8, which seemingly is a good spot for it. The armor is fine at T8, with relatively thick sides it would be quite tough for mediums but heavys of the same tier would have little trouble penetrating it from the front. During the development of the Maus many engines were considered, there is probably one which fits a 120t tank at T8 very well. As speed limit I would suggest 25 km/h.
Also, it offers a good variety of guns. The 8,8cm KwK 43 L/71  is a decent stock gun, upgradeable to both a 10,5cm KwK L/70 (current Löwe gun) or as an alternative the 12,8 cm L/50. (both historically verified, [2])

The 12,8cm L/50 could be similiar to the B-13-S2 (gun of the SU-100Y, T6 tank destroyer) - which also shoots a relatively slow projectile with a large diameter.

[1] Michael Fröhlich: Kampfpanzer Maus – der überschwere Panzer Porsche Typ 205
[2] Jentz, Doyle: Panzertracts No. 6-3 Schwere Panzerkampfwagen Maus and E100


  1. I'd definitely grind it right away. Even better if it has the 15cm KwK L/40.


    1. Unsure about such a gun being balanceable at T8.

      Althought the lower shell weight allows lower damage, it should still be 500 or beyond because the projectile weights still more than a 12,8cm shell.

    2. It all depends on the ammunition used.
      I envisioned the early 15cm as a relatively low MV gun, mostly because of the push towards limiting shell weight.

      At this stage one could envision a variant of the concrete piercing (APHE) shell of the SFH L/30, so not more than 180-200ish pen.

  2. It's a 100+ ton tank with the frontal armour of a 4502A. With slightly better sides and a centre-mounted turret so it can't do the corner peek as well.

    Unless it had massively inflated HP, it would suck. Could be pretty decent at sidescraping though.


    1. The sides are quite a lot stronger, thanks to spaced armor on the lower side. The turret sides should also be forgiving with 120mm.
      Also, the gun should compensate the lack of speed.

      And yea, sidescraping ftw with this tank!

  3. Seems very similar to the löwe, isnt it?

    1. Better lower hull, better sides better side turret armor...
      aaand even larger! :-)

    2. Well, this was basically the "Lowe on steroids" phase, so you can still see the similarities of the two designs.

  4. just a little typo i think :

    [1] Michael Fröhlich: Kampfpanzer Maus – der überschwere Kampfpanzer Prosche Typ 205

    it is called "der überschwere Kampfpanzer PORSCHE Typ 205"

    1. no, Porsche makes sports cars
      Prosche makes tanks

      lol jk

  5. this would totally rock if they add it!! mini-e100 like :D

  6. B-e-a-utiful....i would absolutely get this if it were implemented into the game :) It seems like it'd fit in quite well and be a competitive, yet not OP, addition to the WoT vehicle pool :)


  7. Guys I would like to make a request. Can you make reworked german heavy tech tree(tech tree picture, like one Zarax did, but with the old existing lines too + reworked + new if there is any) with all these prototypes and do you think there is enough material for 3-rd german heavy tank line? Thanks in advance.


    1. Well, there are a few tank designs left but unfortunately not enough for a full line.
      One could probably use the early Tiger-Maus (170t, rear turret, 23kmh) design, but you'd get a tier X that gets most of the worse aspects from both Maus and E-100.

    2. Once i redesigned (+added) the german heavy line.
      you can check it out here:

      would be glad to get a criticism from you there!

  8. Thanks Thor, love the article! This tank is now on my list for top vehicles to have in World of Tanks:)


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