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Apr 26, 2013

8.5 matchmaking table

Hey everyone,

you probably have noticed the EU thread (or its mutations) on matchmaking. It's pretty good - if you have a question about MM, you really should check it out.

However, it only originally had a partial MM table for 8.5. Here's a full one (in Russian), the categories at each tier are (from top): lights, mediums, heavies, arty, TD's.


  1. Anything changed?

    1. Red ones (LT5, Sexton I, etc.).

  2. this may be a stupid question, but what exactly does tier 11 and 12 mean? is this just to make the MM easier (as in all tanks are matched up to two tiers higher)?
    thanks for the clarification!
    - dan

    1. I'm not an expert, but I would say it is because the only way to get a pure Tier 10 battle would be to have 12 battle tiers.

      If you only have 10 battle tiers, the best you could hope for is a battle that had tank tiers 8-10, special* and tier 6-8 scouts, and arty tiers 6-8.

      With battle tier 11, you get tank tiers 9-10, special* and tier 7-8 scouts, and arty tiers 7-8.

      With battle tier 12, you only get top tier tanks, arty, and Tier 8 and special* scouts. It is pure Tier 10 level play in all its glory.

      *Special scouts are the T-50-2 and Chaffee.

    2. Do not confuse battle tiers with tank tiers.

      Tier 10 tanks can get into battle tier 10, 11 and 12.

      Personally I can't remember seeing a tier 12 battle (only tier 10 heavy/med/TD and tier 8 arty/light), but then I don't play a lot of random battles with tier 10 tanks.

  3. US and EU Wiki pages have the updated MM Chart.

  4. We have now light tanks in up to tier 8 and the supposedly too strong for their tier are being moved/were already (VK28,T-50-2, M24). How about they get normal matchmaking like meds and heavies now?

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