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Feb 2, 2013

This blog, a month later....

Hello everyone,

so, it's been roughly a month since this blog came live. It started as an experiment and literally a backup storage for the Russian Q&A translations. A month later, 130k views. I am not really sure if that's a lot or it isn't, compared to other blogs, but I'd like to think of it as a success and I would like to thank you all for reading the blog and the thread on the EU forums, I appreciate when I am doing something people enjoy. I am even very much surprised how far the blog actually got language-wise - it's being read in and occasionally translated for example to Vietnamese and Chinese. How cool is that :)

As for the future of this blog, I aim to turn it (from purely translation blog) into a fullblown newsfeed blog for the English-speaking communities. More World of Tanks news, more branch proposals, more tank history.... more, more, more. I do not aim to make the same thing for World of Warplanes however - sorry, I really don't like flying in particular. Nor will I move to War Thunder, no matter how much some people praise it. Tried it, didn't like it. As for the technical future of the blog, I plain to add few new functions and to make a new design this weekend. I may add adsense commercials too (annoying, I know, I just want to see if that works), I might also buy a new domain. I am currently talking about cooperation with some other people about news sharing and possibly about a united project, sorry - no details, when it's done it's done :)

It's not all roses and rainbows however. First, there are the death threats. It's no secret I am at odds with the Czechoslovak EU server community. Naturally, I don't take them seriously - but it's a nice example of how many total morons there are. Then there is the fact the blog entries get translated into Czech (and occasionally Slovak) by the very same people who send me threats, call me a "STB agent" because of the whole Czechout affair (STB was a Czech communist secret police, known for its brutal methods, it's very offensive in fact - it's as if you called a German person a member of the Gestapo or a nazi) - it even goes so far they actively edit out the parts where I explain what the translation means and the context. I wouldn't worry too much about it, IF it didn't backfire, because some Czechs, who have absolutely no idea about the "feud" read it and then write me "OMG you translated it wrong", when in fact it's translated wrong from English to Czech. I mean - how lame is that? Truth to be told, at one point I was so annoyed I considered actually dropping the whole thing and take a few weeks off.

But there is no point in punishing myself and other uninvolved people because of the actions of a few complete retards. Naturally, by now, I think anyone can make a picture of what the forum CZK section looks like, so it's absolutely pointless to talk about this anymore. This blog will continue as it is, or rather - I will continue improving it. So enjoy, there is a lot more upcoming :)


  1. Well, with 140000 views, adds would make some money.;)
    However, this blog is a good example how one person can get the attention of many. Keep you work up and improvements are always great. :)

  2. Awesome news!
    This blog is the first place i come to look for news

  3. Hi Silent,
    you are doing great work and I also always visit
    this blog first, as soon as I turn on the internet.

    Hope to be able to enjoy your blog in the future.


  4. Great source of news :)
    Keep doing it :)
    Some commerce may be annoying, but you worth it :)

  5. Keep up the good work mate & try & ignore the idiots if you can.
    You are doing a great job here :)


  6. Great work and much appreciated. Keep it up.

  7. Your blog is one of the first things i check when i get behind the computer! Keep up the good work you magnificent bastard :)

  8. You are doing an awesome job! I check this blog everyday for important news with WOT, since our EU forum is downright sucky with this.

    I am also Slovak and I have to say that the general CZ/SVK community isn't too great. It's probably do to both our nations having a general principle of envying anyone better than us...

  9. Keep it up! I visit your blog daily and I love it. Nobody has the news sooner than you. Kudos!

  10. I always visit your blog for information which is entertaining for me, a lot of thanks to you! Keep up the good work dude! :D

  11. Dude, keep rocking.
    We love you:D

  12. I check the site on a daily basis for more news so the fact that you want to add more news does nothing else other than delight me. Also, I'm anon cuz I was to lazy to make an account.

  13. Congratulations on your hard work,i read your blog every day before playing wot and in between battles,its really nice :) i`m sort of addicted now.

    About 130k that`s most impressive and a huge number even for established sites,What you should do now is to try and implement one or two ad`s ( not to many as to not clutter the site) into the site that way you could make some money too while your doing something your readers enjoy and this way people would also support the site by clicking the ad`s.

    Congrats again,and keep up the good work.

  14. Btw what happened to the motto :) i liked it,actually said by a very important ww2 figure.

  15. Keep in mind if you want to implement Adsense you will need to buy a domain and host your own blog. Google allows you to place ads on here with adsense, but any .blogspot will not see that ad money come back to you(I know right?).

    I run and it was something I ran into, but it was simple to just get a .com name, find a host, and then switch over to wordpress(can transfer entire blogspot info over to it).

    Either way, best of luck. I like reading the translations you do.

    1. Awwww I have to do that? I am too bloody lazy for that I think... :)

  16. I really enjoy reading your blog and thank you for taking your time to translate all this info! As a NA server member I feel like we are left out of the loop most of the time! SO thanks again and I wish you luck getting all your server and domain business taken care of!

  17. Just keep rollin SS.
    This blog is the best source of information ;)

  18. Great blog.
    It's the first spot I go to for news from the front.

  19. Not sure who said it, but there's this saying that goes along the lines of "it's a bad idea to interrupt your enemy when he's busy making a mistake". Or applied to the Czech forum: "when they're busy shooting themselves in the foot, the best thing to do is point, laugh, and ignore them"


  20. You are doing great job, this blog is actually first web site, when im looking for some news from 'WOT world'.

    But, why dont you leave that CZ/SK 'issue' behind you. It's a bit ridiculous reading those things over and over again from you. Just ignore it man. Im from Slovakia, but i dont know what happend between you and some members of CZ/Sk forum (im reading mostly EN part), and i dont really care, there are idiots for sure, and i think most of them are just some teenagers (with some exeptions), but pls just ignore them, and leave them all behind to eat dust from behind your ass.

    Focus on what you are doing best, its great for this community.

  21. Wargaming should actually pay you double the ammount Ectar is getting, since YOU ARE the sole serious source of information for most of us. Sorry Ectar, but he is doing your job better than you or anyone else on the european community team.
    I don't know how much of SerB's statement get it's edgy touch through translation but from what I read over the last 2yrs, it seems actually fitting quite accurately, so one sentence for you 2: Hybris is the last step before the downfall, you might be part of an extraordinary successful thing, but it won't stay like that forever and imo the earlier you're starting to become meek and mild, the better for everyone, because trust me, at one point you won't only be frowned at by the european community.

  22. You are doing a terrific job with this blog and Q&A on official site , sometimes I read just your news.
    As for threats mentioned , there is a saying that dog who barks,doesnt bite.The very same ppl who doesnt like you,still read your news,and thats saying a lot.
    Nowadays you can find do-it-your-self web page creators for free,but for AdSense guess that you still pay for domain name and hosting.
    Keep up the great work.


  23. G'day Cobber,
    Love your work, please keep on keeping on. you remind us from SEA that there is a far bigger world than we normally see and we realy appreciate the view you give.

  24. Just wanted to say thanks for all the translating! Love it, tyvm!

  25. Wanted to drop by and leave a message, don't give up. Idiots will be idiots and your doing the world (quite literally) a great service.


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