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Feb 2, 2013


- the controversial "Stalinec" tank decal won't be removed from the game
- Storm considers reworking the ingame hangar chat, no details yet
- premium British and Chinese heavies? "Definitely this year"
- El-Halluf doesn't have a higher chance to drop than other maps (SS: by "drop" I mean "to be chosen when selecting a map for next random battle" - sorry, WoW slang)
- the "in development" section will be updated before the 8.4 test begins (SS: the question was "can we expect the 8.4 test within 2 weeks, as 8.4 is scheduled for Feb/March? Might be a hint that the 8.4 is delayed"
- the ceiling height of each maps is very high, SerB doesn't tell how exactly, but "it's sufficient for any ballistic purposes"
- confirmed: no extra regular gold/XP per medals planned
- there are 3 "sizes" of ingame tracers, depending on the caliber
- regarding the placing of the M62-T2 gun on the vehicles, "historically, the gun was designed to replace the D-25T, wherever it was installed (IS-4, SU-122-54, T-10...) but by the time it was ready, the heavy tanks were declared obsolete
- the Indien-Panzer was confirmed to be a logical part of the new medium tank German branch
- a year is taken into consideration too, when introducing new tanks (SS: it is thus possible to find a vehicle that would fit into the game technologically, but it's "too new") (SS: so the Japanese Type 74 and the Merkava prototypes from the 70's won't fit apparently)
- with the introduction of tier 10 arties, the company allowed arty tiers will most likely change (eg. higher tier arties will be allowed for different modes), but the total company weight most likely won't. Basically there is some time limit ("and we determine what that limit is")
- SerB doesn't see any FPS issues with the sniper scope anymore
- Chinese Vickers has the engine in the back, but the transmission in the front
- Generally (SS: if I understood this correctly, not 100 percent sure), the AP shell normalisation does not depend on the caliber of the gun if the caliber is 2x as big as the thickness of the armor hit - and if the caliber is 3x as big as the thickness of the armor hit, the angle of impact counts as 90 degrees.
- SerB stated that Evilly (SS: that guy I translated the answers from) might have screwed up some of the answers, namely the one about Wargaming buying the mods.
- regarding the T-62B introduction: Q: "And what about the T-62B? It's if the same age as the Leopard" A: "Well, the Leopard will be introduced..."

Regarding the "Stalinist" issue (quick background: a player started a thread where he complains about the game promoting the dictator Stalin): Ectar (community organizer, WG employee) passed his concern to the developers directly. Developers told him to sod off: "EU community manager can express his concern regarding the issues of some individuals over certain aspects of the game. This concern is very important to us." (SS: to explain this: SerB uses the expression "very important opinion" ("OBM") ironically, as in "yea, your personal opinion is very important to us..."). And under it, SerB pasted this picture:

So.... hooray for Stalin I guess -.-


  1. That kinda response to the stalin thing from Devs is abit harsh & uncalled for but yeah..& why more talk of T-62..need more want for the M60 Patty..U.S needs a good competing Med..Least i wish..if other nations can have an MBT let the U.S get theirs..Hm Thanks for update.

    1. I don't think they are serious with the T-62B. Look up its stats (specifically with the D-83 rifled cannon), that would be seriously overpowered (hint: it was an experimental vehicle, designated Object 167M).

  2. the troll is strong in that one :D

  3. I have the feeling that especially SerB has no problems with the former dictator and mass murder Stalin, and even does not rate Stalin a war criminal. This strange pro-soviet political attitude is is unacceptable for a global company like WG (IMHO).

    1. My thoughts exactly! Nice to see my thoughts so well put into words :)

    2. I certainly won't be willing to give that motha'fucker crazed soviet mass-murderer loving fuck my money

    3. For most of the Russian he is hero and symbol of Russia best times. Check what was happening in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) last days.

      Almost all Russian political parties have pro-soviet sentiment too. Putin intentionally use such sentiments for his popularity. So there is nothing strange in pro-soviet sentiment among employees of Russian company. It can be strange only for people from the West, who know nothing about Russia. Many of them love communist times and think that they were great.

    4. ^This

      It's very much like how many people from history are perceived in different places. Napoleon for instance is regarded as a tyrant in the UK whereas in France he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. For most of the world Genghis Khan is seen as a savage brute at worst or a brutal conqueror at best however for the Mongolians he is one of their great if not greatest hero. It's just a cultural thing, it may not be a good thing, but that's how it is. Although I personally wouldn't sing the praises of Oliver Cromwell from the rooftops...

    5. russians are indoctrinated to the very core
      they are quick to forget stalin killed a lot of their own, for any reason he saw fit

    6. Yes I was also shocked about that pro Stalin statement! But it falls into place with whole WoT favouring soviet tanks and propaganda. Even though I kinda love this game, I wish them to go broke with that kind of attitude! Or just fire that racist block of developers.

    7. For the record:
      This Anonymous and the Anonymous post above are from Anonymous2 not to be mistaken with the first Anonymous. :)

  4. Well to be fair, Stalin did, er... well he got s**t done I guess and let Marshal Zhukov take the helm before the total collapse of the Soviet Union...

    1. ^this

      Whole europe shat their pants having a big mouth now. Ridiculous..He was a monster yes but without red army there would have been no tomorrow for europe.

    2. no shit moron!
      did you actually lived in comunism to experience 1st hand the love of farther stalin has bestowed over his "beloved" people

      you piece of shit, I would throw you back to the 70s-80s just to taste it

    3. Are you reffering to me or anon? Because I have no love for Stalin.

    4. Dear anonymous user,
      have you ever read books named "M Day" or "Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?" from Viktor Suvorov? That guy writes about soviet military doctrine of 30s and early 40s (till year 1941). Though it is true that Red Army liberated half of the Europe from Third Reich's gasp, Stalin himself was not keen on "liberation", but on forcing the "liberated" republics into the sphere of soviet influence. His plan of "liberating" (read: forcing, occupying, conquering) european nations predates Operation Barbarossa. This all could be read in theese books, especially the "M Day", which is directly referencing memoirs of soviet generals and marshalls. I hope you would read the books before you write that Europe should be grateful to Stalin.
      P.S. And it is only natural that people in ex-eastern block countries dislike Stalin and his bolshevik cohorts and followers.

    5. "Are you reffering to me or anon? Because I have no love for Stalin."
      to anonimous, I'd love to put my booth on his neck

    6. Yes, that would show how much better than Stalin you are. It's a historic inscription, get over it. Since Stalin died in 1953, sending someone back to the 70s-80s shows how much you seem to know about Stalin...
      If you're so worried about dictators, consider that Wargaming pay taxes to Lukashenko and by playing the game, whether you pay or not, you increase the amount of taxes they pay. It's pretty superfluous to bring petty politics into a tank action game IMO, might as well complain that the StuG III is in the game because it was used to kill civilians in the Warsaw uprising or so.

    7. who said I close my eyes to others
      but the issue at hand was the imbecility of your "argument" that Europe should somehow feel thankful to a mass murderer that inspired and still inspire communist leaders even today

      people like you who have no idea what communism is should shut the fuck up on the matter; you piece of human trash

    8. Dear anonymous user,
      would you like to be sent into late 30s' Soviet Union or early 50s' "socialist wonderland of eastern Europe"? The people responsible for the situation in eastern block in 70s aren't called neo-stalinists by accident, and 70s and 80s were piece of cake in comparsion with 50s when Stalin lived (something like the difference between "being in prison for 6 years" and "being hanged immediately").
      We aren't glorificating dictators (or any other scum like that). And we aren't that mad about the inscription (which is "case closed" by SerB), it was your argument that we should be grateful to Stalin cause the Red Army "liberated" (half of) Europe (and that doesn't mean that we arent grateful to countless soldiers who died to get rid of nazis) we are mad about.

    9. Not all "Anonymous" posters are the same...
      I'm the last Anonymous one in this String of replies, so I never said anything about being grateful to Stalin. I know that Stalin wasn't a fluffy kitten but having an inscription in a virtual game that you may or may not use does not glorify him, as others explained it's there because it was historically used on a russian tank or a few. SerB is just trolling anyway, whether he likes Stalin or not is irrelevant. As I already mentioned, by playing the game you generate taxes for a dictator who brutally oppresses all opposition in his country, that's worse than a virtual inscription about a dictator who is long dead.
      It's a game about killing people where some even say they "raped" someone but when there's a virtual name of a dead dictator everybody suddenly screams about the humanity and morality of it?

      And zMeul, you're a bad troll and a whiner anyway, if you actually had a problem with insults, you wouldn't throw that many around yourself... :)

    10. Then I want to appologize, because I have mistaken you for the first anonymous poster.
      Actually, about the whole inscription/emblem thing, there are inscriptions and emblems, which were historically used, and they are banned from the game because of their controversial usage (I know those are mostly emblems used by SS tank units and I don't want those ingame), yet this one isn't (and won't be). The arguments WG use is that NSDAP and SS are widely (and correctly) recognised as criminal organizations, and their symbols are banned in many European countries, yet AFAIK in Europe are also countries in which the symbols of NKVD, USSR and Communist party are banned (i think in Latvia or Lithuania, or maybe in Hungary), and WG won't do anything about that.
      You actually have point with that argument about WG paying taxes to Belarussian government, yet WG also pays taxes in France (Wargaming Europe has its base in Paris AFAIK).

    11. Stalin liberated half of the Europe from the 3rd Reich, sure. I'm just not quite sure which dictatorship was the worst to live in. Had I been your average citizen living in that age, and assuming that germans had NOT lost the war, I probably would have chosen to live under the boot of 3rd reich than the Soviet Union.

      -Completely new Anonymous

  5. - Generally (SS: if I understood this correctly, not 100 percent sure), the AP shell normalisation does not depend on the caliber of the gun if the caliber is 2x as big as the thickness of the armor hit - and if the caliber is 3x as big as the thickness of the armor hit, the angle of impact counts as 90 degrees.


    The "Explaining Mechanics" video said that if caliber/armour thickness > 2, normalisation is multiplied by that ratio times 1.4, but overmatch (ratio > 3)potentially allows penetration regardless of autobounce angle...

    Don't tell me they have changed the mechanics again -_-


    1. SerB wrote in these answers "EMNIP" (="IIRC"), eg. he could be wrong.

  6. Now I want other murderers names on my tank too!

  7. Why people are surprised by the Stalinistic love from SerB? have you forgotten that russians have been constantly brainwashed into thinking that : Stalin is good and great leader. Americans are EVIL, germans are nazis. SerB was thought just that.

    Take a look at North Korea. From the first moment they are born, two things are "embedded" into their head : USA is EVIL and North Korea is the best country in the world.

    You can hardly change a mind which was brainwashed and fucked up propaganda every second, every minute, every month.

    Anyway people just dont use that decal if you dont like it. Simple as that. And Stalin was a fucking sick maniac.

  8. Oh and if people are wondering what stalinist communism is, then take a look at North Korea and then take another good look at South Korea.

    The difference is night and day.

  9. You would expect WG staff to respond to questions and/or issues in a more professional manner. SerB's response, however, sure tells you alot about them. Sad to know that WG is run by pro-communist sympathizers. It's no wonder there's alot of accusations of Soviet bias in WoT.


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