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Feb 1, 2013


- apparently there won't be special "emblems" for Ukraine (the trident), double-headed eagle (symbol of Russia) etc. - "there are flags for that"
- there most likely be no "free tanks" during the arty tier 10 branch prologning ("there's enough arty around even without that")
- it's possible to get 2 Lion of Sinai medals in space of 10 battles - one counts as "general" for the account, one counts as "special" for that given tank
- crew skills have no effect on server spot check frequency (SS: the server checks whether the tank can spot the enemy vehicles in certain frequencies (from cca 0,5s to cca 3s) - these are not affected)
- SerB's full title is "Vice president of Wargaming for game design"
- a "wounded" crew member will always operate on 50 percent skill efficiency (absolutely, not 50 percent of his trained skill). However, if you put a crew into the tank that doesn't belong (for example a LT crew into a heavy) and the efficiency drops below 50 percent, the negative modifier will apply also on the "wounded crewmember" skill (eg it's not possible to actually BUFF skill by killing your crewmember)
- each crewmember has his own collision model (for example two loaders - one is on the right of the gun, one on the left)
- the "master" XP requirement does not depend on the day or hour of the week, the statistics for it are averaged on the week before that.
- SU-122-44 won't be transferred to tier 8 (SS: there was a rumor going around)
- if new arty vehicle is introduced into the branch a player has already unlocked, it will likely count as unlocked too (SS: in other words - if the player unlocked all 8 arties and new arty is introduced at tier 5, it'll be unlocked for the player if I understand that correctly)
- WZ-111 premium tank that sometimes appears on the RU server wasn't introduced there officially, it's a press account
- The Chinese tree is called Chinese tree and not PRC tree because some of the vehicles were used even in the pre-PRC warlord era
- after the introduction of tier 10 arties, the arties will still have specific MM, but SerB mentions he's thinking about allowing a bigger difference between arties teams (for example 3 arties in one team, 4 in other).
- 0.8.4 and 0.8.5 - changes in profitability of various tanks? "if necessery, as always"
- German heavy branch with Grosstraktor, NbFz nad DW? "no comment for now"
- SU-122-44 was made a premium tank because it was needed to push the SU-101 and Uralmash one tier up


  1. "- SU-122-44 was made a premium tank because it was needed to push the SU-101 and Uralmash one tier up"

    This one is a really nice joke because u can hardly play the Uralmash without using some gold ammo!

    With some minor nerfs it would be a nice tier7 td but for tier8 it needs more pen and more gun depression!

    1. TBH the SU.100M1 and Uralmash would have been mad OP on tiers VI and VII, respectively.

      But in their current state, both of the suck as far as I can tell.

      Not sure how to fix the SU-100M1, but the tier VIII could receive the BL-9S: decent DPM and accuracy, but with low penetration and quite long aiming time by TD standards.


    2. The SU-100M1 could get the 100 mm D-10T2C (its the 100mm gun with the 201mm pen of the T-54)

      The Uralmash could get the 100mm gun of the T62A and around 2-3° more gun depression. With this gun the Uralmash would still feature the high rof with low alpha damage, but with more pen!

  2. ah.. am so bored, I really expected some free slots with that arty tier X thingy.. but, yeah, they have a good point in that, we don't even greater number of artillery vehicles in the garages. :|


  3. To be honest after the British TDs and SPGs the things I am really looking forward the most are those crazy pre-war German designs.

  4. I just see it.. RU arty is mad tier X, rest tiers IX...

  5. Grosstraktor sounds hilarious


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