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Jan 24, 2013

Warning - a gold ammo bug confirmed


A bug has been discovered and confirmed by the developers: if you load up your tank with golden shells for silver and shoot them while you selected automatic reload on the tank repair and ammo screen, if you have gold, the shells will be bought for gold and not for silver. Be careful. Developers suggest that if you insist on using gold shells for silver while you have some gold on your account, you should stop using automatic reload after each battle.

Update: according to a test by Tupinambis, this bug does not seem to affect the NA server. EU server is yet unconfirmed.

Update2: according to some other players' tests, it doesn't seem to occur on EU server either. Nevertheless, be careful.



  1. Is this the old problem when you change equipment back and forth, or something new?

  2. is this related to all servers, i haven't had this problem on the US server yet.

  3. Well... I doubt this bug is server specific... but... either way, better safe than sorry

  4. I wonder when will they eliminate the flammable gearboxes bug on all tanks.

  5. Used plenty prem rounds in CB yesterday, gold stash unaffected.

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    1. I can confirm the bug. Noticed on the E-75 and 4502B with 12,8 cm L/55 guns.
      Happens even with manual reload, usually after the repair is done.
      Eu Server

  7. I had no such problems while using premium ammo for silver. Such problem appears only when change gun or turret, then player have again choose credits as method of payment.

  8. Fired a lot of gold ammo yesterday (stock tanks *sigh*), but all was automatically loaded for silver.

    Babs out!

  9. I used to happen very randomly on EU server, to me and to some clan mates of mine, but before 8.3. Now it only happens when you change your gun. It automatically changes to gold. Most of the time its not a problem because ammo fails to load automatically, unless you loaded same gun before.

  10. happened to me in 0.8.3.

    had the 7.5cm on pz3 with gold ammo loaded.
    changed to 5cm for one match
    changed back to 7.5cm and from here on it started to rebuy for gold.

  11. Got the Bug in the end of December in different tanks without changing turret or gun (EU-Server).
    I will not use goldammo anymore until gold on acc is away.
    Support didn't help me...
    Seems to be intended.

  12. I had the same problem too, on EU server. One day it ate all my gold even tho I had played with that tanks for months without any problems.
    I did not report it. What's the point in that? -.-


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