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Jan 24, 2013


- Japanese tree: "when it's done it's done"
- there might be new premium arty vehicles, but not hightier ones
- SerB does play random battles on RU server, unfortunately it happens that when he appears in battle, his team goes "OMG WE GOT SERB NOW WE KILL EVERYONEOMG!!!!11111"
- ST-I won't be included in the "Lion of Sinai" medal, but it's possible Chinese IS-2 will
- there is a possibility that the field of Malinovka will be re-worked (SS: as in "made more bumpy") ("if it needs to be reworked, we'll do it")
- Q: "Will the second heavy French tank branch start from M4 (1945)?" A: "We'll see" - no info about when it'll come ("WIDID")
- the MM doesn't "prefer" any battle mode, if you have encounter and assault enabled, on average (SS: !!!!) they should be roughly equal
- SerB states that vast majority of lags is caused by ISP's, SerB advises the players to use "pingplotter" (SS: is that a word for packet tracing?)
- SerB doesn't use interface mods
- there is no difference (in splash) when the arty HE shell hits a spot near a tank and the tank is standing in water or on hard ground (SS: in other words, water does not reduce splash)
- there won't be another "Lion of Sinai"-like archievement for middle-east battles (Centurions...)
- Q: "Why won't there be a Stalingrad map? So that tollerant Europeans aren't offended?" A: "No, so idiots don't ask stupid questions such as 'why is there a map named Stalingrad in the Moscow CW province?' However, idiots will always find things to whine about."
- Chinese players do ask about more Chinese maps, but they don't ask Wargaming, they ask WG's Chinese partners
- British TD and arty branches are ready and will be introduced one after another, Chinese TD's (SS: and arty? not clear) have vehicles missing in mid tiers, the Chinese will have a TD based on the M5 Stuart that will quite possibly use its radio and engine (SS: it's basically a Stuart tank with turret removed and a 57mm gun (SU-76 style) installed in the frontal part), it's possible some other modules from other lowtier tanks will be used in the TD line also
- it's not yet decided whether and how crew perks/skill will work in historical battles
- it's possible Panzer B2 will appear in the gift shop (SS: Russian GS that is) during some special events, not guaranteed however
- (Premium) Type 59 might have its MM weight changed "if necessery"
- drawing distance (SS: NOT view range) depends on the angle and direction you are looking at (diagonally it's longer), it is however the same on all the maps
- SerB states that (Russian) players making clans with names like Totenkopf, Leibstandarte and Das Reich will not be banned straight away, because they are usually just little kiddie idiots. If they keep doing that, they get banned
- SerB is a Russian citizen - he doesn't have clear preference between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, he might write a memory book when he retires
- autoaim works on both client- and server-side, it's practically useless when the target's movement is perpendicular to yours
- confirmed: new arty pieces (when the arty branch is prolonged to tier 10) do not have to be inserted after tier 6 or 7, but anywhere really, it's also not guaranteed that the economical model (profit, costs) of current tier 8 arties will remain the same at tier 10
- the average age of WG employees is 25-30, but the developers are somewhat older
- regarding the MM, MM does not guarantee you will get the opposite vehicles of the same weight, only the total team MM weights have to match
- other ideas of arty change were considered (SS: changes in the satellite view etc), but those were deemed bad
- new decals and writings might be introduced, possibly as awards (for something)
- ammo size is generally historical, with a few balance exceptions
- Leopard 1 will have the L7A3 gun, it will have "magical" golden HE rounds (SS: earlier HESH was mentioned), that will comply with Wargaming's historical data (SS: the underlining made by SerB)
- FCM50t has the profitability comparable to other tier 8 premium tanks
- Lowe won't be replaced by another tank (SS: no idea where that came from), players won't be able to sell premium tanks for gold
- Chinese IS-2's frontal armor angle is 60 degrees, the 90mm frontal armor is historical and so is the depression
- Q: "Will there be other German post-war vehicles apart from Leopard?" A: "If you find some right ones, we'll implement them"
- Russian WoT portal has the new version of US and French trees (Changes: French - 2nd medium line is gone, US - Christie tanks are gone)
- SLI support is being developed, the number of the patch where it will be is going to be announced
- there are no plans for 2nd tier 1 tanks
- Q: "Will there be a change in the high tier battle economy?" A: "If necessery - and we define what's necessery"
- SerB would like to have a project with a clearly defined "end" (when everything is done and implemented), he states that it is unfortunately not possible
- there might be a transition from the French heavy branch to the TD branch, not clear how
- some map elements are not penetreable (for example telephone booths) because it is technically difficult to implement, but it might be implemented in the future, it's not considered critically important for the gameplay
- T-34-2 is unlikely to get buffed at this point
- it's possible Soviet IS-2 will appear as a tier 8 heavy tank


  1. "pingplotter" / In computing, traceroute is a computer network diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

    This tool is is known as tracert on windows and is accessible from the command line or via start/windows icon -> run -> tracert [enter]

  2. Greetings from Reddit. Someone has posted an almost complete copy/paste of this on the World of Tanks subreddit. Was this you? The mob loves a good pitchforks and torches session.

  3. "Ping plotter is a network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool."

    That's what it is :)

    1. Ah okay. Sorry, my IT skills are very low.

    2. Don't underestimate yourself :D And when in doubt use Google :))

  4. I so hope wie get APCR / HEAT / HESH amo in the Leopard. Two types of gold amo works with the bat arty why not here.
    Just HESH as premium amo is just mehhh :/

  5. Hmm...transition between td and heavy french lines...I was thinking about going from arl v39 to arl 44 and from amx 50 100 to amx 50 foch but with higher exp requirement.
    And...leopard 1 hesh ammo for gold...cmon.....

  6. Love your blog.
    "necessery" = necessary ;)

    take care

  7. "it's possible Soviet IS-2 will appear as a tier 8 heavy tank "

    Premium or how?


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