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Jan 25, 2013

Overlord comments on map development


As always, questions are modified for better comprehensions.

Q: What will happen to Ruinberg?
A: As for Ruinberg, we will be mostly streamlining the streets.

Q: Will Dragon's Ridge get a massive overhaul?
A: Since we are disabling it, massive overhaul is quite possible. A significant part of Dragon Ridge is not available for usage. Plus we generally don't like the gameplay pattern we get on this map.

Q: What about Serene Coast?
A: I do agree that Serene Coast map doesn't promote gameplay diversity. What we see there is mostly stationary gameplay with those on the hill having advantage. Will be thinking how to improve the map.

Q: Did you ever thought about making the map Dragon's Ridge only avaible for low tiers? I only landed there with tier 7 and above
Why not Tier 3 to Tier 5?
A: Basically we don't limit maps that way. There are only two options - available for all tiers, available for low tiers (battle tier 1-2 afair).

Q: More sand and winter maps?
A: I do agree that we need more winter and desert maps. To justify camos at least. :)

Q: Malinowka needs an overhaul: its very arty friendly and the bases of each team are too close together (line of sight).
A: Cmon! Malinovka is a classic masterpiece of our level design. ;)

Q: Worst favourite map is Malinovka. Personally I think it would be fine if the buildings on the south side of the map were moved into the middle of the field.
A: Malinovka's field of death is sacred. No building should ever spoil it.

Q: And it was hinted at a long time past that we'd get the option to deselect a couple of maps from the list, but there's still no sign of this feature.
A: Regarding deselect option, we haven't dumped it completely. Still under consideration.

Q: What about more Himmelsdorf-like maps
A: We were thinking of making "Stalingrad, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, etc" maps, but have put the idea into trunk for now. We don't have enough resources at this stage to produce such unique maps in bulk. Plus their Clan Wars availability will be limited.

Q: A goal of 1 new map per month is too much ? Or maybe even 1 map/2 months ?
A: One map per month on average is actually doable. We are streamlining the process and hoping to get back on that track.


  1. srsly, leave malinovka alone, it is one of the few almost perfect maps.

  2. Indeed. Malinovka is miles ahead of every map introduced after Komarin was removed from randoms.


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