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Jan 25, 2013


- visibility checks have the same frequency in sniper and arcade mode, they are performed by the server and the server doesn't care, whether you are in sniper or arcade mode, that's a client function
- "teleporting" and "appearing" tanks are usually caused by packet loss, Storm advises to check connection
- the devs haven't dealt yet with the issue that enemy tank silhouette is not highlited when the tank takes cover behind another dead tank wreck
- different viewpoints and targetting enemies in arcade mode that you can't target in snipermode comes from the fact that both arcade mode camera and sniper mode camera use different axis (in sniper mode the axis is identical to the axis of the gun).
- Storm will check reports of a bug that when a tank is moving behind certain obstacles (wooden fense and the wire fence in Port map mentioned), it moves jerkily, eg. "teleports" or "jumps" (but Storm thinks this is caused by some other factor, not the obstacles themselves)
- autoaim doesn't aim at the center of the silhouette, it aims at the point, around which the gun of the vehicle rotates (tanks have it in the turret, TD's in the hull).
- Russian tree on the RU server has new premium vehicles planned: SG-122 arty (basically a Panzer III hull with a 122mm howitzer), T-35 heavy, SU-76(I), SU-85I (these two will be gift tanks most likely) and ZIS-30 TD (SerB will tell whether it will be a regular or gift vehicle when it gets introduced)
- US tree has a new premium arty planned: Sexton
- French tree new premium SPG's: R35 AC and ACL135
- Q: "Why does tank A have more HP than tank B?" A: "If you give us historical amount of that tank's hitpoints, we'll correct it immediately" :)
- Q: "I've read two branches of British TD's are going to be implemented, will they come at the same time? What will be the second British tier 10 TD?" A: "Wait for the patchnotes"
- devs are considering new Chinese tier 8 premium tank to implement (so they don't have to sell the Type 59), they recently discovered several possible candidates, but so far no details
- SerB states that the Soviets did have turreted tank destroyers, namely the Object 416, based on the chassis of Object 112 (SerB states that Object 416 was a hybrid, it's possible to implement it both as medium tank and as a TD)
- the reason for ingame shell normalisation is "it's historical"
- TS-31 tank destroyer won't be implemented, there is the T110E5 already on the spot it would fit
- SerB states that the Kanonenjagdpanzer and Jagdpanzer Leopard aren't entirely appropriate for the game (because historically they were post war vehicles, but they don't really meet the criteria for hightier tanks)
- Spähpanzer Kette (respectively its prototype called RU251) will be introduced, according to SerB it will be introduced before the Leopard 1 prototype as tier 8 LT (as for how the branch will look: "You'll see") (SS: interesting, it could end up being a combined branch). RU251 won't have the 90mm Bord K gun.
- According to SerB, for now the arty nerfs do have the desired effect, not sure however if the nerfs are final
- SerB states that although timeframe is secondary when implementing a tank, vehicles such as ASU-85 are difficult to implement into branches as they don't fit
- European tree is not yet ready
- The option to install additional armor screens as an equipment is not yet ready either
- The British Mk.I tank has not yet been implemented, because the devs want to release it with both 57mm guns and not just with one, eg. required the multiturret implementation
- Russian tree and the USA tree could have 2nd arty branches, but SerB states "are you sure we need more arties?"
- no tanks have special hidden "modifiers" that increase their ramming damage
- the new LT MM won't bind the amount of LT per team to the amount of arty per team
- Q: "Where did the French AMX M4 (1949) go?" A: "Nowhere for now"
- Chinese T-34 is missing some guns from the Russian original, as those were historically not available in China
- Q: "SU-5 top mortar got nerfed too much? Explain!" A: "Oh poor, poor SU-5... *crying*"
- Physics interaction (for example Maus breaking houses, collapsing bridges by its weight...)? "We aren't too keen to have a "why does the Maus break the bridges under it" whine..."
- Christie tanks (М1919, М1921, М1931, М1932, М1935) weren't abandoned


  1. What the hell? Sexton as an AMERICAN arty??? Am I reading it right? Going by wiki: ordered by British, developed by Canadians, armed with a British gun put on a chassis of Canadian RAM or Grizzly and it seems never used by Yanks. Can someone explain me what am I missing? Like WTF???

    1. Well, it's a 25pdr Priest.... doesn't make much sense, but what does...

  2. more info about new chinese premium medium

  3. Seriously, if there are enough vehicles for a second US Artillery branch then why the heck aren't they being used for a premium rather than the Sexton? I mean really you'd think people would want to train British Arty crews like they do with the AT-15A...

  4. Q: "SU-5 top mortar got nerfed too much? Explain!" A: "Oh poor, poor SU-5... *crying*"


    And why more new French premium spgs.. I wonder what's on their minds when they are thinking about that


    1. There is no ETA on their implementation. They might come as late as 2015

  5. You know anything anout this:

  6. "Spähpanzer Kette (respectively its prototype called RU251) will be introduced, according to SerB it will be introduced before the Leopard 1 prototype as tier 8 LT..."

    What does it mean? Is there going to be a Leopard 1 prototype except the one from the new branch (tier IX)?
    Because as far as I know Leopard 1 had 3 prototypes:
    1.Porsche-the one that was chosen,the in-game tier X Leopard 1
    2.Rheinmetall-it`s going to be a tier IX
    3.Borgward- this one is a very futuristic prototype and i thought devs. said they won`t introduce it due to balancing issues.

    1. It is unknown how it will look. My bet would be that the vehicle branches will look kinda like the Chinese look now, eg. two branches - medium and light one, merging at tier 9 into the Leo prototype.

  7. I was thinking that maybe they`ll add the third Leo prototype as a tier VIII medium.

  8. Sorry,I meant tier VIII premium(!),medium tank.
    Anyway it would be absolutely awesome to add the third Leopard 1 prototype.

  9. There is still nothing about Object 430. Poor...

  10. Laughed at their hitpoints comment.


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