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Jan 3, 2013



Apparently, SerB or Storm aren't available, a developer named Veider answers a few questions instead

- GW E won't have the 1200 engine, it won't have it's passability thru soft terrain improved ("there aren't that many of the soft terrain areas in game, you can go around")
- soft terrain is recognizable on the maps, as it corresponds to real life soft terrain: marshes, bottoms of the lakes and rivers
- Prokhorovka won't be remodelled in order to add more cover from the arty it seems ("When I play on the Prokhorovka map and the enemy has arty, I am going thru the village for cover")
- in the future, 100mm (and possibly other) Soviet guns will be rebalanced (to correspond to the pen/alpha of the current Chinese 100mm)


  1. Well, in times I was watching RU Q&A (a few months ago) Veider was answering quite often :)

  2. He doesn't anymore. Which is fine by me really, he has the mandate to tell only what SerB and Storm allow him to, as far as I can tell...


    PS: bloody hell, how can I change the google to show "Silentstalker" on comments?

    1. Click at your nick. You will find "Edit profile" button on the right and there you can change "Name displayed".

    2. Can't find it. There is only this silly "add a nickname" option... which doesn't work either...

  3. Hmmm, it can be those "add a nickname", I have edit profile page by default in Polish so only tranlsated name of the feature from Polish. I was changing name some time ago and it worked. But maybe it is necessary to wait some time.


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