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Jan 3, 2013

3.1.2013 cont.

- physics won't be changed to allow longer jumps, Storm states that even though there are some "proofs" of BT-2 tanks jumping long distances, those jumps were basically faked - they were long prepared and tested, not performed in combat
- Storm: "There will be no switch of FV215b" (SS: I'd still be very careful with this, the sentence can be interpreted in more ways)
- Storm: SerB's statement does NOT imply the FV215b switch. "There is no change planned. If we decide to change it, we'll tell, but it won't happen sooner than 3-4 months from now. So far it's just talk."
- sound horns have been basically scrapped
- T-50-2 to MT-25 change: "We're still solving how to do it properly"
- VK2801 with HEAT ammo is overpowered according to SerB
- no radical gameplay changes planned for the future ("Dota, WoW, CS all work for ages on the same principle, no radical changes")
- E25 is planned for 2013, E10 isn't, as the devs have to implement the mechanics of lowering the suspension (as it was planned in real life) - E10: "when it's done it's done"
- devs are still thinking about what to do with golden derp tanks such as the Panzer IV and Sherman. No final solution decided yet. There is an option of lowering their penetration value - but no exact plans or promises
- Q: "Will you add the casino into the hangar?" (SS: by "casino", a rolling tank selection system is meant like it is in WoWp as far as I know). A: "Actually, the opposite - we'll buy a casino and put a tank inside" :)
- it's not planned to introduce player-selected gold sums into the giftshop
- on the second Soviet medium branch: "no comment"
- devs won't disclose the plan for 2013, because it would only lead to a loads of questions and whine such as "...but you promised, when?"
- About changing the maps for better cover from arty: "there is enough cover" and "stop whining"
- the "Arctic" map was modelled after Karelian isthmus
- there are no plans to create an equipment piece, that would work like the "sixth sense" perk


  1. I wish they would make up their mind on the FV215B and stop being stupid about it. They know the transfer to TD and replacement of HT is the best solution, we know it as well, they've even gone to the effort of modelling an entire new mesh especially for the TD and ordered special documentation on what I'm assuming to be details of prototype Chieftains. Why not just be straight with their players? All this yes, no, maybe crap does is confuse us and make us disenchanted with them and their game.

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