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Jan 14, 2013


- Q: "What's wrong with English tanks, they get tracked all the time!" A: "Don't play tanks that have tracks" (and later adds: If you have a problem with tanks getting tracked, maybe you need to play a game without tanks)
- no alternative gun for IS-7 planned
- Player: "You will stop trolling when there is a serious competition for you around!" SerB: "Yes, yes, gaming industry is completely empty. A real desert!"
- when your armor gets penetrated by a HE shell, the center of splash is localised on the inner side of the penetrated armor
- XVM is not banned because "devs don't consider the mod dangerous"
- devs don't consider writing guides to underperforming tanks a viable substitution to buffs
- SerB reacting to a player whining that they will lose the community (by trolling) because WoWp will be a failure: "Show me, who has more :) Sid Meier, yes, Blizzard we respect highly... "
- if you have the graphics card working at 100 percent in hangar, it's a bug. Try refreshing drivers, Flash and contact support.
- there might be bending antennas introduced when client physics (Havok) are implemented
- SerB grinds money on pretty much every lower tier premium tank, but he doesn't use the T1E6
- tier 6 premium arty? Not anytime soon
- it's not clear yet whether the Leopard will have the German cross like other tanks, or the Bundeswehr insignia
- no details about the turrets flying off (such as whether they will have solid or "ghost" guns etc.)
- the GW-E weight is correct and won't change (SS: some player was complaining the hull is too heavy for the armor)
- "captured" tanks (Russian Panther, German T-34): "when it's done it's done" (SS: earlier announced they are not planned for 2013)
- SuperSherman might be implemented, no guarantee however
- M41 light tank and T92 light tank - same, might be implemented
- second Soviet medium branch - will there be a separate tier 10 vehicle, or will both branches end with T-62A? "no comment"
- this page was not made by SerB, it's a fake
- European server is a single server. For now.
- "gold Type 59"-style tanks are not planned for other servers, it is considered Chinese server-exclusive
- Conqueror turret is considered to be armored adequatly for tier 9
- T-54 gold penetration (350) for both top guns will not be reduced
- Caernarvon's antenna is purely decorative (won't reveal the tank position if sticking out)
- if you are the last tank alive on your team and capture the enemy base and are destroyed destroyed in the 5 seconds between capture and return to the hangar, it will count as an enemy victory
- regarding the Porsche dieselelectric vehicles, it is not planned to allow them to go backwards the same speed as they go forward (SS: technically, it's not a complete bullshit. Dieselelectric drive in train engines allows for such a thing, that's why engines can go either way and have two cabins - one at each end. However, for a tank it's an obvious nonsense)
- there will be a new Soviet light tank branch of tanks constructed by N.I.Astrov implemented (T-60, T-70, T-80), possibly in next few months (not guaranteed), it's not clear whether it will end without merging some other branch (unfinished branch) or not

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