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Jan 13, 2013


- IS-6's armor is completely historical, Wikipedia has it wrong apparently
- there are some vague plans to improve the quality of models (resp. textures)
- future graphics optimalisations are planned
- it's not planned to make crew not "heat-resistant" when the tank burns because it would cripple it too much
- Steel wall: hits from allies don't count (SS: related to the fact that there was a bug with sniper medal where shooting corpses DID count)
- an autoloader is not a special collision module, it falls under the ammo rack
- the smoke and dust effects won't have a separate on/off switch (you'll have to use 3rd party programs)
- the fact tanks sometimes "drop" to the ground from small height after the battle countdown stops is because the tracks get aligned to the land like that by the game engine
- the access to the ingame data such as exact tank armor placement and its exact values and statistics (detailed winrate, killed tanks etc.) are a "gray area" - mods that collect them aren't banned, but the devs aren't very happy about those number-collecting mods as they see the numbers are available for other purposes (WG statistics etc.), they don't plan to block the statistics gathering
- improved ventilation, BIA etc. do not directly affect gun accuracy, only via the crew skill
- Type 62 won't get its old hull back
- it's possible other nations will have rotating turret TD's, not only Americans (SS: might refer to Waffentr├Ągers)
- 105mm L/100 not planned (not needed)


  1. - it's possible other nations will have rotating turret TD's, not only Americans (SS: might refer to Waffentr├Ągers)

    I think he is also refering to the British TD's,
    they already have a turreted TD confirmed and they have even more of them (Avenger,Achilles maybe
    even the Comet gets labeled one).


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