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Jan 12, 2013


- if you meet SerB in battle and start shooting him (teamkill) or insult, he WILL ban you. And report you.
- for now, normalisation won't be reduced
- you get more XP when you survive the battle - that applies even if you teamkill (and that won't be changed)
- ultralow graphic setting? "use standard render"
- devs are happy with the balancing and the amount of Lowe tanks
- new tanks are better modelled than the old ones were
- the nasty spot at Live Oaks (I0 sector) that looks like shallow water on the minimap yet you will drown your tank there will be reworked
- the designated armor (see picture) on Jpz E-100 is cca 280-300mm thick (Storm doesn't remember exactly), not 500 as it would visually look like (250mm frontal casemate + 30-50mm armor plate), it LOOKS thicker however - the model will be fixed to reflect its real thickness, the nominal armor thickness won't be changed


  1. You have to be a special kind of stupid to TK SerB or any other WG developer.

  2. just checked the jpz E-100, it is 300mm indeed


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