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Jan 14, 2013

14.1.2013 part 2

- regarding the Porsche Tiger's alleged 100mm frontal armor thickness: a player writes that it is well known that the Porsche Tiger had the frontal armor only 100mm thick and after its refit into the Ferdinand tank destroyer, they additionally welded another 100mm plate to the frontal armor. However, Porsche Tiger in its tank form only had 100mm frontal armor - SerB replies that "since there was only one Porsche Tiger, you might say that 100 percent of Porsche Tigers, that ever really fought in the war, had the frontal armor 200mm thick" (SS: this is TSB - "typical SerB bull... dung")
- this picture shows the typical explanation of why the frontal "R2D2" miniturret of the KV-5 doesn't get penetrated, SerB states that the miniturret armor is 125mm thick as far as he recalls
- this is how SerB looked in 2004 (he's meeting some classmates from university)
- the repair time of tracks is obviously not realistic, it was balanced to keep the players not too much annoyed, same goes for other module repair times
- AMX-13 doesn't have a stabilizer due to the oscillating turret
- SerB drove only a BMP in real life, not a tank
- regarding lags (related to the RU server however), the devs state that the majority of lags comes from the server-client communication, not from "overloaded" servers
- regarding the arty moving to tier 10: "a tier 7 arty might move to tier 9, or to tier 8, depending on the branch" (SS: in other words, it is not automatic that T7 moves to T9 and T8 to T10, there might be other vehicles added for top tiers)
- Object 140 as tier 10 alternative Soviet medium tank? "no comment on future development"
- there will possibly be a tier 8 German light tank (SerB makes no reference whether that is really going to be the Aufklärungspanther)
- in 0.8.3 the arty splash nerf info is missing as the notes would get too long
- in the WG news article the Chinese tanks are painted green, however, in game they will have a different blue-ish colour (like they had on the test)
- the reason no permanent "medal = extra credits or XP" principle is implemented is that there would be retards who'd shoot or inconvenience or annoy their own teammates so they could get medals
- other nations won't most likely get late post-war camos, only Chinese do
- it's possible some very special camos (that were only made on one vehicle) will be implemented
- M46 Patton won't be replaced by M47
- Soviet T8 premium medium could be one of the T-54 predecessors, but that is only one of the options (when? "when it's done it's done")
- no plans so far to change (buff) the T-62A
- it's possible some Japanese vehicles will have autoloaders
- the perk distribution (how many people use what perks) is roughly what developers expected
- 0.8.4? "WIDID"
- weather effects? at some points, at this moment - technically difficult
- Asian maps - after the original maps are re-worked


  1. "- in 0.8.3 the arty splash nerf info is missing as the notes would get too long"

    Read: We're lazy.

  2. " - Asian maps - after the original maps are re-worked"

    Didn't they say they were going to re-work the maps that they've already re-worked because their re-working was considered to be a "failure"?

    1. The way I understand it, from now on, they'll apply "new principles" - rework will continue, but differently (for example, more cover from arty, less bumps etc.).

  3. SilentStalker have you heard something about new ASAP episodes ?

  4. Hi SS,
    has there been any info or question answered by devs about the Škoda T-25 drum autoloader, which I've read somewhere it was in real supposed to have, or it was just some rumor?


    1. They won't implement it, at least not for the premium T-25. And yes, it was "intended" and projected on paper, but in real life it was only tested after the war on a captured Tiger tank, refitted with the 75mm gun.

  5. AFAIK Tiger P was planned to have 100 mm armor (and build hulls had that thickness). Second 100 mm plate was added during rebuilding into Ferdinands. I consider 200 mm front armor of Tiger P as unhistorical buff of that German tank to make him different from Tiger.

    1. Actually, no. As one poster on the EU thread pointed out, the Tiger P actually got the frontal 200mm plate bolted (!) on even before the conversion, there are photos thereof.

    2. As SS points out, the only Tiger P that saw action had 200mm of front armour. I believe it was used as a command tank.
      There were a few prototypes also, but those were only used for training purposes.

    3. Not quite like that.

      Planned vehicles had front armor of 100 mm. That had to be standard armor of Tiger P. Such thickness was one of expected features of that tank. Germans considered that thickness as good enough at that time.

      That second plate in the only one fully build Tiger P was added during converting other hulls into Ferdinands. But that one Tiger P wasn't changed into Ferdinand. He was used as commander vehicle.

      So planned massive produced Tiger by Porsche - 100 mm. If he would won competition, and would be mass produced, he would have 100 mm front like Henschel's Tiger. Many models of Tiger P you can find in the net or shops do not have those second 100 mm plates.

      The only one build Tiger P had added another 100 mm plate after Germans decided that Henschels Tiger will be mass produced.

    4. " only one fully build" and used in front units :)


      Here you have 2 photos of Tiger P prototyped from times, when he was fighting with Henschel project (spring/summer 1942). It has 100 m front. Below is photo from 1944 with the only one used in front unit Tiger P with added plates.

      Also in tank specifications you can read:
      Front Superstructure: 100/12
      Front Hull: 100/35

      So if WG made Tiger P with 100 mm front it want be a mistake. Such was thickness in vehicles planned for mass production.


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