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May 8, 2013


- combat chat after your vehicle is destroyed won't be disabled for you in the future
- there will be premium light tanks of tier 4 and above in the future
- tank render pictures that are published on WoT portal have low priority
- gold shells won't be limited to 30 percent of carried ammo because "it's not needed"
- SerB still likes to play WoT for fun, not just as work
- even though Object 268 is based on IS-8, the hulls look different because they were different in real life (Wargaming did measure it in Kubinka):

- credit to gold transfers and premium tanks for credits won't be implemented
- air itself is not modelled in game (no air resistance etc.)
- SEA portal has new player statistic page, some of the old data are however missing
- according to devs, it's possible to implement that when you sell a tank, the shells are not sold by default - possible, but not needed
- post-battle chat won't be implemented for now, because players would only insult each other after battle
- daytime battle changes (dusk/night battles) and weather effects are already developed for quite some time, but they won't be implemented until the effect are optimized (SerB later adds the various times of the day battles are basically doable, but the weather needs extra effects).
- regarding the changed arty statistics in 0.8.6: statistics (apart from rare exceptions) will always stay on the same vehicle
- eventually, armored screens (spaced armor) will work specifically against HEAT shells, unknown when
- thick mudguards do count as armor - thin don't
- SU-122-44 disadvantages? "Accuracy and aim time"
- apparently, closed maps (as inside buildings) are not planned
- Japanese tank branch will also get post-war tanks (SS: STA, STB...)
- Japanese Type 60 SPG will most likely not appear
- Panzerjäger 35R? "If we decide to implement it, I will tell"
- tanks in night battles will use night vision equipment ("not only the top ones - there was such a thing on T-26 and BT"), it will most likely be added as optional equipment, but for more details it's too early to tell
- smokescreens will be implemented after the effects are optimized
- to put the Marder I (French FCM T3 TD) to French branch was basically a Wargaming economy decision
- the new event hangar uses the same render, it's the lighting that's specific to it
- the idea to implement German voices for German crews, Russian for Russian crews etc. has not been scrapped, but for various reasons it got delayed, the problem with it is according to SerB the "size of the client" (SS: later, a player asks SerB how come it's a problem since other games have 10-15GB clients, but SerB insists it's a problem nonetheless)
- it's possible tanks will get new modules for research, SerB is considering making various hull versions researchable
- archives are being searched for possible EU vehicles already
- pre-aim autoaim (SS: as in an autoaim that can aim before a vehicle depending on its speed) won't be implemented
- tier 9 premium tanks won't be implemented
- tier 8 "gold" premium tanks with improved credit income won't be implemented ("silver - farm it, or buy it for gold")
- when making maps, WG uses free-to-use map tools, such as Google Maps
- paid server without arty won't be implemented (neither paid server, nor battles without arty, to be specific)
- WG won't let you keep the "Berlin" hangar forever (SS: ....unless you hack it)
- it's possible tanks will be configurable for various setups ("for random", "for CW") - for example "CW setup" will automatically load gold shells, different equipment etc.
- on his KV-5, SerB uses BIA and repair skills and takes 10 gold shells with him to randoms, he likes to play it and he likes to farm
- when you survive a battle, your amount of remaining HP has no influence on bonus XP/credits
- in 0.8.6 it's possible arty prices will change
- SU-26 122mm gun removal? "Wait for official info"
- Guns eating shells unhistorical? "Historically, the tip of the gun is far from the armor. Want realism? Join the army."
- WG did encounter the Jagdmaus project in the archives (SS: details on Jagdmaus here, scroll down a bit)
- devs traditionally don't want to touch the premium vehicles. Regarding the promo vehicles however - this rule is not set in stone as much
- random battles last 7 minutes on average
- player opinions (specifically from forums) are not taken into account when buffing/nerfing tanks, because "players want everything and then some"
- according to SerB, several tenths of percent of accounts were stolen on RU server


  1. A few nuggets this time, I see.

  2. "- according to SerB, several tenths of percent of accounts were stolen on RU server"

    Does he mean several tenths of a percent (ie. less than one percent), or 10 or more percent? If the latter, then that's extremely worrying.

  3. - SEA portal has new player statistic page, some of the old data are however missing

    very nice.

    1. Indead, want to have it too - NOW.

      Nekrodamus EU

    2. I think it's great. Thing of the extra time people who like to disparage other forum users will have to take, now they have a long page of stats to work through before rubishing someone's post.

    3. What data is missing from there?

    4. The old Tank Battles/Wins Listing for starters.

    5. Well.. that ain't missing, it's just reworked so that now shows battle count and win rate of some specific tank.. instead of number of victories..

  4. - SU-122-44 disadvantages? "Accuracy and aim time"

    Those are the only disadvantages in tier 7 battles.... in tier 8/9 armour is unrelible and you have to hide from everything and you need gold shells.

    1. But on tier 7 battle this TD is a god on track. The ROF is double the IS with the exact same 122 gun.

    2. Guess that SU-100M1 act's much.. much.. better in tier 8/9.. huh? Or the slow SU-152 [ Without herp derp.. ].. hm?

      That thing, the 122-44, looks quite "OP" to me when you compare it to SU152 and SU100M1.. and when you add the credit income to that.. then I really can't understand why the people still moan.

    3. Don't forget low view range. SU-122-44 can't spot a damn thing by itself even with binoculars. Probably to encourage players to get closer to the action.

    4. su122-44 is a lot more OP than other tanks that are often called OP like the KV1s or type 59

    5. I guess is that the problem is in the players who go mad with it.. :|

      - If you are a TD you don't spot, someone spots for you.
      - If you have a shitty armor you don't go forward, you don't push. Someone else has to do it..
      - If you are quite agile then you are great for supporter.
      - If your accuracy is bad, you get closer.

      That basically describes what would I do with it.. would played it as a mid-range support tank which annihilates anything that doesn't pay attention to me.

    6. In tier 8 and 9 battles the SU-100M1 actually is better than the SU-122-44. It has excellent accuracy to it weakspoints, and its APCR shells are pretty decent. The 122mm gun's premium ammo is nearly worthless against most tier 9 enemies.

      The SU-122-44 is OP as all Hell in tier 5-7 matches, but I don't consider it OP overall since in tier 8 and 9 it gets overtaken by the Jagdpanther, T25 and Ac Mle 1946.

    7. DJplumo:

      Accuracy and view range are bad, same with gun depression...
      On top: the ammo costs a ton.

    8. ^

      So.. su152 has good accuracy and great view range? It's
      shells are so inexpensive too.. ccc


      As for the su100m1 and accuracy, apcr.. 217 pen which 22-44 has is all but not worthless. Maybe you can't pen tier IX directly from the front.. but you can sure pen them from the side easily..

      But yes.. I agree it's not overall OP, but it is OP for it's tier, which is the point of all these my posts

    9. >su122-44 is a lot more OP than other tanks that are often called OP like the KV1s or type 59
      Again, SU-122-44 doesn't have preferential MM and it's a sufferance to face tier IX, silly Type 59 is stronger than T-34-2 (especially in the armour layout) but it doesn't even have to face tier X unlike the regular tank...

    10. LoL op su 122-44 xD In comparison with ac mle 46, jp and t 25 at su 122-44 suck balls.

  5. A lot of good game mechanic stuff coming. Day/night battle, smoke screen, weather effects, armor re-balance, space armor against HEAT, havok physics with flipping tanks.

    It is fun to see WG improving the gameplay and not just adding maps and tanks to an aging game. I don't want this game pre-physics!

  6. For the future, will be realistic the suspension of each wheel with the terrain?

  7. "tanks in night battles will use night vision equipment ("not only the top ones - there was such a thing on T-26 and BT")"


    USSR had Night vision?
    Never heard of this.

    1. Teh modher Russia strooooonnnnk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yes. they were called lights.

    3. Read more and stop being ignorant f***.

    4. Haha, good one SerB! Headlights as "special" night vision equipment...LOL

    5. USSR developed night vision technology earlier than germans, if you didnt know that its your problem.


    7. Double LOL! I always have a good laugh when Russians are around. Yes, they experimented with night vision goggles before war broke out, even testing them on tank crews. And those goggles were very useful, with huge 50m effective range and aiming and shooting with two large tubes on each side of your head was true pleasure. They were so good they never saw service...

    8. effective range was 300 meters, so it had the same effectiveness as german but was developed earlier. And btw they were used in stalingrad. So go away noob.

    9. No comrade, you are mistaken. They had an effective range of 3000m and you didn't even have to aim to hit your target! They were that good! Russians even invented wheel before everyone else! Hahaha....

    10. The US developed its own night vision scoped for the M1 Garand, before the war was over, although I am less sure on the tanks part other then normal shaded lights.

    11. Anon, you are really piece of work. Ignorance at worst.

      Nemo, not M1 Garand but M3 Carbine which saw service on Iwo Jima and Okinava.
      USSR also did night scope for PPSh, good for some 100m and
      "only" 1.5kg weight.
      British also developed driver's night vision and used it in Italy.
      US tried it on night P-61 night-fighter.

      Problem with all those early night vision was that they did not really work, and real range was way less then one quoted. Even much later and way better night vision on T-54/55/62 and US late model M48 and M60A1 which was in theory good for 800m could hardly spot tank target at more then 400mm on typical night.

      So most nations tried night vision and gave it up as technology was just not there yet. Night sights were improved and reintroduced in '50s (ironically first by Soviets in 1957, for a few years, until 1964-65 there was
      "night vision gap" as neither US or British had any gunner's night vision until M60A1 and late models Centurion.
      It is some strange fascination with everything German that people are obsessed - "Germans had night vision". Yes, they did, same as Allies, in practice it hardly made a difference - technology was not up to it yet. Allies decided (after field tests) it was not worth bother ATM, while Germans were desperate for "wonder weapons" so fielded some, ironically in about same field test quantities as Allies did. Really did them good...

    12. Note that the kind of "active" IR most countries were working on at the time - a near-IR "black light" illuminator plus receiver - isn't quite the same thing as the kind of light-amplification used nowadays (I understand that was pioneered by the Brits around the war as a spin-off of color movie research), or true thermal ("far infrared") imaging for that matter.

      Also all night vision gear was really big and clunky and generally inconvenient until rather recently (improved electronics FTW) - thermal imaging was probably the worst of the lot due to the cryogenic cooling the imagers required. Though by all accounts it's not exactly fully mature even today either - don some NVGs and there goes not only your color and peripheral vision, but also your depth perception and for that matter ability to aim most small arms properly; which is why those are either paired with laser sights (which can be conveniently filtered or tuned to near-IR wavelenghts invisible to unaugmented vision) or NV scopes with their own tradeoffs are used instead. And have fun with bright light sources... from what I've read NVGs aren't much used in urban environments specifically due to glare issues.

    13. Black light is UV. Other then that pretty much spot on.
      Also lifetime for bulbs used in IR illuminators was horrible short, due the high power working in fully enclosed space (due the need to have IR filter) which induced horrible overheating*. I forgot what it was on L-4"Luna" searchlight on T-54/55/62 but about 1/2 hour of non-stop operation comes to mind.

      *Pity the fool who touched housing of the one of those with naked arm after even 5 mins of operation.

    14. 1. To make some things clear:
      Night vision technology was a spin-off of electro-optical converters and electron microscope technologies, which in turn, were spin-off of transmitting images using radio waves (known today as television).
      To the best of my knowledge, first successful test of night vision device was carried out by British scientist John Baird on 23.12.1926. However, there were large flaws in his design, like size, overheating, resolution, reliance on mechanics and it could only be used at point-blank range. In 1928., two Dutch scientists, G. Holst and H. de Boer (both employed at Phillips) proposed the idea of electro-optical converter but could not build one until 1934. ("Holst glass"). British copied this design and soon Royal Army started experiments but nothing definitive came out from those tests. On 17.1.1935. German scientist Walter Schaffernicht published his work on electron image tube. Together with his boss at AEG, Ernst Brüche, he filed a international patent application on 8.8.1936. The patent rights (US2179083) were awarded on 7.11.1939. In Russia, first electro-optical converter was built in spring of 1935. In USA, the same thing was accomplished around March of 1936. In 1939. Germans successfully tested night vision devices for use with early ant-tank guns. At about same time, Russians were testing naval IR "binoculars" and beacons. In 1940. those were tested for use in tanks and production started in 1942. So, British and Dutch were first to pioneer the technology and Germans were first to adapt it for military use.

      2. Some facts about WW2 night vision devices (or so-called Generation 0):
      -Man portable night vision devices had an effective range of 50m (early models) to about 100m (at the end of war). ANYTHING higher than this is PURE FICTION.
      -Night vision devices mounted on armored vehicles had an effective range of about 450m (Russian Slon) to 600m (German BIWA).
      -To the best of my knowledge, only Germany and USA used NVDs in battle conditions. Other nations did field testing but never used them for actual combat operations.
      -there were two breakthroughs in development of night vision technology. First one was invention of cascade (multistage) image intensifier, accomplished by Germans in 1940s. It allowed amplification of light but only in infrared part of spectrum. The other one was invention of fiber optic plate, accomplished by Americans in 1970s. It allowed amplification of available visible light and started so-called Generation 2 of NVDs.
      -British, Americans, Germans and Russians all experimented with this technology before, during and after WW2. From mid 1930s and up they consider this a strategic technology and essentially a military secret, and is still considered as such.

      3. bojan, cut the crap. Like I said before, they all experimented with this technology before, during and after the war. They didn't think "it was not worth the bother ATM" and they certainly didn't consider it a "wonder weapon". It's called keeping up with technology and to do that you always have to make first step, no matter how small. For your information, Germans started using night vision devices in 1939. with 37mm Pak36 anti-tank guns, then in 1942. with 75mm Pak40, in late 1943. with Panther tanks and in early 1944. with special forces ("Vampir" system).


    15. How many Panthers got IR?
      How many PaKs?

      As for "Vampir" scope, I would say that it was considered worthless post war in Yugoslavia (our paras used StGs including ones with IR scopes), it was far too fragile for field use.

      As I noted, everyone did development, Allies tried it and concluded it was not mature enough to field it. Soviets after an episode in 1942.* concluded same.
      Germans used it more operationally as they were desperate for anything that would give them edge over Allies. Hence "wonder weapon" status with today internet crowd.

      *Soviets used it in combat including losing whole company of T-34s equipped with IR in December 1942. (IIRC) during German counterattack.

    16. 1. About 50 Panthers (in various configurations) and 60 Sdkfz 251/20 armoured half-tracks equipped with large IR searchlights for long range illumination (nicknamed "Uhu" or Eagle owl). 37mm Pak36 - only "handful" were equipped with IR gear. Heereswaffenamt (German Army Ordnance Department, HWA) in 1936. requested AEG to build NVDs. They succeeded and prototype mounted on Pak36 gun was presented to HWA but army officials were not impressed because they expected same hit probability as firing in broad daylight. In 1942. the bar was set lower and by autumn an upgraded version was mounted on Pak40. How many? I don't know. By the end of the war they also developed camouflage gear (Leibermuster pattern) that was not only effective in visible part of the spectrum but also in infrared part.

      2. All Generation 0 equipment was fragile, cumbersome, and with limited operational life - without exceptions - and even today it remains fragile.

      3. You are contradicting yourself. It was not mature enough to field it but they equipped tank companies with it? All in all, Germans had about 500 various pieces of IR equipment, Americans at least 1000, Russians had at least 500 IR binoculars and illuminators by 1943. and probably a lot more, including other IR gear, by the end of the war. It was not a standard part of army inventory or issued to large number of troops, but it was there. Also, you are picking wrong example for wonder weapons (and it isn't some Internet term but actual one - Wunderwaffe). It was used since the very first days of the war.

      4. Source or, at the very least, location of the battle? Also, I highly doubt Germans counterattacked during night... To my knowledge Russians only did field tests and training sessions (they had special motorized regiment just for those puropses).


  8. "to put the Marder I (French FCM T3 TD) to French branch was basically a Wargaming economy decision"

    Not really bothered by this. Still hoping another Marder variant will become a German tier 3 prem TD, preferably the Sdkfz 132 or 139.

    1. The other Marder variants will appear as British and Chinese premiums. The existing Marder II will be removed and replaced with a Russian premium.

      (The Marder I mess does bug me, sorry.)

  9. new achievements:

    he is an official community contributor so its most likely legit,
    I love the jumberjack one :D

    1. or now also in english lol:

    2. It is official (these archievements were already a part of the 8.5 leaks, I never considered them important enough to publish).

    3. Killed three tanks and acted as arty bait(Lumberjack), hmm...


  10. "devs traditionally don't want to touch the premium vehicles. Regarding the promo vehicles however - this rule is not set in stone as much"

    Still hope they add the thin spaced armor around the turret of the Pzkpfw V-IV. I know the real tank was only a command vehicle and its turret cud not traverse, but didnt stop WG from adding it anyway.

    1. Yeah... I really hope they buff the old ladys up ( especially A-32 and V-IV ^^

  11. - player opinions (specifically from forums) are not taken into account when buffing/nerfing tanks, because "players want everything and then some"

    Ahahaha yea right. They just say that so maybe people stop crying. Ive seen many tanks nerfed/buffed because shit tons of threads of whining. They probably meant retarded buff/nerf ideas.

    1. You dont get it.
      WG nerfs/buffs tanks according to statistical performance, which really only they have access to.

      It so happens, that even in the shitcrapload of useless forum whine posts, some are really valid.\
      Yet this doesn't mean, they give a damn about forum posts. Just like SerB wrote.

  12. The seperate crew voices stuff was announced x times and they find always another reason to kill this... maybe they are too dumb to implement this feature...

  13. "- SU-122-44 disadvantages? "Accuracy and aim time"
    Both exactly the same as SU-152 on the same tier. Moreover SU-122-44 has better armour and better mobility than its regular counterpart.
    Perm tanks are supposed to have disadvantages when compared to regular counterparts, but face it - SU-122-44 doesn't really have them.


      Not really a fair fight, su 122-44 is really good, is has only worst depression/elevation and rof.

  14. - when making maps, WG uses free-to-use map tools, such as Google Maps.

    Good thing that not Apple maps :D Or we end up with croocked maps :D

  15. - it's possible tanks will be configurable for various setups ("for random", "for CW") - for example

    I've been waiting for this long. It'd be nice to be able to change your setup, mainly gun/turret combos, deppending on the match.

  16. How can crew voices be too big? One voice (vanilla) has ~2mb... They're noobs, when it comes down to the sounds (voices and turret rotation)

    1. +200mb or so for all voices? LoL, they're lazy.

    2. That's why I have been using sound mod packs for quite long now..

    3. only_slightly_bentMay 8, 2013, 8:23:00 PM

      Unless they do an official duke nukem voice pack, i couldn't care less!
      "Time for some fisting!!!"

    4. "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum"...

  17. - to put the Marder I (French FCM T3 TD) to French branch was basically a Wargaming economy decision

    Isn't it the Panzerjager 39(H) and not the Marder I?

    1. Panzerjäger is a designation for a tank destroyer, not a combat name (for example, the original Marder III was called Panzerjäger 38t, both names are legit). In this case, both names are also correct.
      Also, it's not Panzerjäger auf 39H, but Panzerjäger auf FCM.

  18. Ha some funny comments... in the early beta there was auto aiming that had speed compensation..

    >- it's possible tanks will get new modules for research, SerB is considering making various hull versions researchable

    ah yes serb the funny guy, a few months (maybe even weeks) ago that was still a big нет, never will happen, what are you dreaming about noob and now suddenly its possible...

    1. in the early beta there was auto aiming that had speed

      but at his time at long distances there was "tank-warping" issue, and it was not possible to aim manualy at long distances to moving target. later they fixed that, so there was no need to "auto-aim-bot".

  19. - SU-122-44 disadvantages? "Accuracy and aim time"

    Not my replay, but pls do count number of shells where he didn't even aimed at all, just fired and hit the tanks...and when i play my T30 i always fully zoom in and it still misses like a piece of crap, so their argument about bad accuracy and aim time is bullshit...same goes for my Ob704...that tank always shoot dead center...wonder why...that red star on it must be some kind of hack...

    1. OK, after seeing that...
      My God, that VK2801 shot was just impossible. If this isn't some kind of hack (hard to believe tbh, as everything is server-side). It of course may be just dumb luck, but hell, it looks extremely consistent, and therefore it is hard to believe it is just luck too.
      I could only say that I wish my JP had that kind of accuracy. I can guarantee that if it would be JP in place of this SU-122-44 and the game would be played completely the same, half of these shots would either bounce or miss completely (shots from gun that on paper has both better accuracy and penetration).

    2. SU-152 with the stock gun - pretty much the same thing.
      0.5 accuracy - but I cant really say that I shot notably worse than in other tanks with way more accurate guns.

      There once was a forum thread explaining it very nicely:


    3. TBH, many of the shots in that replay are mostly luck. He wouldn't post a replay where he misses all those shots. Not saying that he didn't play well - big part of getting lucky is allowing yourself to get lucky. Neat thing about the tank is that you can take all those BS shots because you're going to have a new shell in the breech in 6 seconds.

      I personally think 122-44 is OP for a premium (in a sense that premiums should be worse than regular tanks), but pretty much in line with the regular good tier7 tanks in the game. With normal matchmaking going up to tier9, and with the high learning curve that comes with the tank (just look at all the posts complaining about accuracy and pen of the gun), I think it's ok to have it in the game as is.
      Experienced players might buy it and stomp tier 7 games, but they can do it already with any good tier 7 tank. A new player sure as hell can't just buy wins by spending gold on this thing.

  20. "player opinions (specifically from forums) are not taken into account when buffing/nerfing tanks, because "players want everything and then some""

    Does this include the feedback from Test Server?
    Do they really need our feedback from Test Server? if NO, i will stop giving them my opinion for every patch we are getting!

    1. I think WG is right on this one. Otherwise, it would be the dictatorship of those retards, who can scream loudest.

      The huge number of battles is everything that statistical analysis based balancing needs.

    2. You realize that dictatorship of those who scream the loudest is just democracy?

    3. In a democracy there's no need to scream, everybody is given the same chances to vote.

    4. And yet many people scream and they tend to turn others in their favour.

    5. You people have no idea how parlamentary decision-making works do you?


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