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Apr 9, 2013

"The Game" results

A few weeks back, an EU Q&A thread was opened (you can't see it now, the original questions thread was deleted) on EU forums and players got to ask another round of questions. I decided to play a little "game" and try to answer to see, which questions would fit. Today, the answers came.

And the result of "the Game"? Well, apparently, none of the English questions I asked actually got answered as far as I can see. It seems most of the questions answered were taken from the non-English sections. That's maybe why the stuff that got asked are notoriously known questions, such "when will the Japanese tree come" (well, sorry, but it is my opinion that non-English speakers rarely ask anything that has not been said in the English section.).

Notice that everything that got asked is extremely short. If we assume that the answers published are the exact translations from Russian original, it perfectly fits what I wrote about the EU Q&A earlier:

a) complicated questions do not get answered
b) WG staff picks only very easy and obvious questions to answer (which - if you follow the news - you know the answers to most of the time) - or, what would be even worse - shortens the questions. Obviously, this is a huge problem, as a lot of the context is lost. I will give you an example (real example, from Russian forums of what happens when context is lost):

Player asking: "In early 2013, you introduced the Chinese. The Chinese have practically the same guns as the Russians (they are mostly copies), yet they seem to deal more damage than the Russian originals. Is it possible that the Russian guns recieve a damage buff, possibly offset by other characteristics, so the DPM stays the same as with the Chinese weapons? In other words, will both of them become normalized at some point?"
Storm's answer: "Yes, it is planned that both Russian and Chinese weapons of the same caliber will recieve the same alpha damage".

And what happens when a moron comes along and makes a question "shorter"?

Player (via EU WG): "Will Russian guns recieve a buff?"
Most likely answer: "No"

This is just an example - but you get my point. After all, the alpha damage change is not really a "buff", it's probably considered a "rebalance" by WG and by shortening the question, the meaning gets different.

c) Translating from a minority language to English and then to Russian by more than one person is a really bad idea, meanings get lost. Same principle as above, just done inadvertedly, like when the "Player asking" question is asked in Czech and the guy who translates it goes "hurrrrr durrrrr he's asking for buff", tanslates it as "Will they get a buff?" and on it goes to the person who translates it into Russian already in a messed up form.

This does not work.

The solution would be obvious: to make what I do, but officially (I talked many times on the topic of disadvantages of that though). I think there is some vague (or even not-so-vague) plan to introduce something like that to the EU forums (NA guys have The_Chieftain, who provides reasonable answers). Not long ago I thought there will be a grand return of Overlord, but since he was transferred to the WG mobile division (or something like that), I doubt that'll happen.


  1. What do you make of the answer to question 16, regarding the T28 and gold ammo for credits?


    1. Nothing really, today devs specifically said on RU forum that there will be no battle mode without gold shells

  2. there are some talks about armor buff , 8.6 will get some major rebalance and only god know what happens in devs heads :) really lets wait and see what they will come up whit

  3. What's with the people and horns.. they're just asking to be trolled or what? O.o

  4. WG EU failed again.
    Not a big surprise.

  5. No answer about the crappy antialiasing or the nvidia drivers. Guess i made a really hard and complicated question.


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