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Apr 12, 2013

New "Display Q&A only" option

You asked for it, you got it. On the upper bar, there is now a "Q&A only" button that will display only the original translations, which is something most players come here for anyway.

But, be aware!

This button will NOT display anything else, including other WoT-related content (leaks, news, tips etc.). For that, you will still have to read the "full" version :) I can't make it too easy, right? :)


  1. I read everything you post here, but it is perhaps a good option for some other readers. Keep up a good work SS and team.

    BTW I did notice recently, that your blog is loading & refreshing much slower then it used to... Prize of popularity, I assume.

  2. SS, I am afraid you`re getting to much into "Hey my dear readers, what can I do so I can have more followers? I value your opinion, but I wanna make you read everything."

    Stop whoring for readers already. The people who wants to follow you will follow you even if the name of the blog is shitty, even if the theme is gross. I do not like them, but I navigate though your blog so I can read what Im interested in. The theme has nothing to do with tans and its bad looking. The FTR banner in the upper part of the page is way to big. Who cares about that quill to be 30% percent of the screen instead of reading infos?

    You care way to much about those tags, why dont you put it like Overlord? [WoT] [History] [Poll] and just use the name of who is posting? Its so simple...

    At this moment you`re doing as WG: "If aint broken, fix it until it is".

    1. Also I am detecting a bit of hypocrisy from you. You always claimed WG not being transparent and doing thinks that force players to chose some kind of action.

      Good job SS!

    2. Well, I will follow your advice and won't give a fuck about what you think about the banner :)

    3. Also, I can understand you are proud of your nationality, but you try to hard to show us Czech prototypes.

      Maybe a maximum of 15% of your followers are czech, but 85% are not. So unless you`re writing about some amazing 16 well drive Tatra truc we do not care.

    4. Czechs form roughly 20 percent of all readers. Cca 20 percent are Polish, 20 percent American, 20 percent German, the rest belongs to other nations, most notably Hungarians. From my experience, Polish are actually interested.

      With that being said - I'll just do it my way.

    5. Of course you`ll do it your way, its your blog after all.

      Just keep open mind for criticism. If I wouldnt care about your blog I wouldnt bother to post.

  3. Thank you for adding this new tab, it's easier to filter out the non-WoT stuff now.


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