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Apr 2, 2013

Just a few notes regarding this blog


Hello everyone,

just a few technical notes regarding this blog.

1) We are getting bigger and people start to notice. Most of the time that's a good thing, but sometimes, it ain't. With that being said, I was contacted by some guy, who told me I might potentially have a problem with using the Tanith First And Only logo as my avatar, because it's copyrighted and bla bla bla. Well, whatever, I changed it to a different picture (drawn by a very talented young woman just for me no less!), I hope it's not too confusing.

2) With another author (and potentially more in negotiations) writing for this blog regularily (Zarax), people might get confused about the authorship of articles. Therefore, every article will from now on contain a name of the author as first thing - with different colours for fast identification. I'm red, Zarax will pick a different color. I hope that's helpful.

3) Recently, I had to purge a certain thread with several comments for being incomprihensible. People, these aren't the official forums, so I won't enforce English at all costs, but please do NOT spam in your language, especially some I can't understand :) Use English if possible, even if it's a broken one.

4) The amount of anon comments is getting ridiculous and it's really hard to sift thru. Please, even if you write as anons (CBA registering or whatever other reason), DO include some sort of identification in the comment. I don't care if it's your first name, ingame tag or something random - just something so it's totally obvious to what people are replying.

Thank you.

With that being said, I have a question for you all: what do you consider to be the biggest Wargaming fails? Please write your opinions in comments!


  1. The biggest fail of Wargaming so fare ? That might be that the global map is still in beta status. Srsly.

  2. Non-russian community relationship.They suck hard on that..

    And for easier indentification...wot nick: XxAl3xX
    I'm just too lazy to create a blog account :)

  3. Christmas tree that was there untill March.

    American (English) crew voices.

    Countless specials.

    Auto-Loader tanks.

    Chinese tanks.

    Premium ammo for credits.

    The infamous british shells PR fail.

    Forum managment.

    90% of the vieos they put up.

    And more.

  4. The only organisation more powerful and insidious than the Inquisition: gws lawyers

  5. how about "zero" shots?:)

    1. those shots dealing no damage is not a fail, the fail there is your crew saying penetration when only a module/spaced armor was penetrated.

    2. Except when it is an actual fail. There are plenty of videos and evidence that zero damage hits happen even on places where there is no spaced armor.

    3. > There are plenty of videos and evidence that zero damage hits happen even on places where there is no spaced armor.

      For example?

    4. "Except when it is an actual fail. There are plenty of videos and evidence that zero damage hits happen even on places where there is no spaced armor."

      Yeah, I too would like to see that. I have seen almost no unexplainable no damage shots, there have been some strange looking ones, but that is just because the penetration markers are not entirely accurate.

    5. I don't have evidence but as a player with 15k+ battles I'd like to chime in with "Yes, zero damage shots happen."

      As far as I can tell it's because the damage was soaked up by a module (which may or may not be taken out). If you ask me, any hit that penetrates the armor should do hp damage.

    6. He he, I can beat you, 25k battles and I am here since closed beta.

      But if we talk seriously. The part "any hit that penetrates the armor" is part of the problem. If shell penetrates spaced armor ( basically outer layer of armor) it doesn't penetrate inside tank, so there are no Behind armour effects (just as explanation if you don't get the term So how the hell can there be HP damage (well, ok, the crew may get some headache I guess, or the coffee mug may fall down).

      And about "damage was soaked up by a module". Well great news for you then, modules can't soak up damage, there is separate shell damage value for modules and tank HP, both different, but module damage is directly proportional to caliber size. The only module I know that can actually stop shells is the gun (yeah that is a bit strange). So if a shell penetrates you tanks armor and hits the radio, the module damage is reduced from shells module dmg value in case it hits another module, BUT it doesn't affect HP damage at all.

    7. Because guns have armor values. You might find yourself not penetrating a gun's armor, thereby hitting it for no damage.

      Another fail of WG is making holes in armor purely cosmetic instead of making them a gameplay asset - a hole made by a 105mm gun should allow 57mm rounds through with ease.

  6. Done, no more anon from me.

    For me the biggest fail is the Tiger, were is the fearsome machine that ruled WWII battlefields

    1. If a tank was good in reality doesn't mean it will be good in a game where you have read carefully "1 meter combat distance"

      Keep the distance from IS'es just like they did in WW2 and you will be able to fight them :3

    2. If you take it only against Shermans and T-34-76's you can really see why it was so feared historically. The Tiger for the most part in history rarely met tanks that were equal to it in firepower, protection or weight. Sadly for it in game it is generally matched against tanks that were designed to either match it, counter it or exceed it completely. But that being said I loved my Tiger and in fact preferred it to my IS; played right it can be downright brutal to face.

      -Panzerhyeena, US server

    3. ...and as I liked to point out on the official forums (RO'd ATM), the selfsame arguments could be applied equally to the Char B1, T-34 and KV-1 which were similarly nigh-unstoppable monsters against the German stuff that first had to go up against them.

      But meh. It's not like double standards and tunnel vision weren't par for the course for fanbois.

    4. I don't own one but still i tink its a fail from WG, in my opinion it would make more sense having the Tiger as Tier VI, making it a worthy adversary of KV1s and Su-100Y

    5. Sure with 900 HP, nerfed gun, engine and view range it's a solid Tier 6.

    6. That's just the VK 3006 H you're talking about, Viktor, so all is working well by WG :)

    7. Tiger is good tbh, I had rather good results with it. Lot of ppl however play it as a heavy tank, which it is not (it's fragile).

    8. that's the point it's fragile at tier VII but still a good tank but not near the best of it's tier.

      If devs haven’t change their minds we will have the Vk 3601 as a HT and that may just make him a beast of a tank, taking the historical reputation of the Tiger and giving it to the Vk

    9. just my point of view, thx for all your replays


    10. Waqan, Tiger earned his "historical reputation" fighting against tanks which are in WoT tier V. And against these tanks he was fearsome. But he became outdated very fast due to unsloped armor. So please, stop claiming that it was such a great tank. In 1942 he was, but not in 1945.

    11. A tier VI Tiger would not be just the way the KV3601(H) is now; it would be bigger and slower, but with evean moar HP and thicker sides. And I'd suggest removing the short 88 from the tier VI meds and giving it (historical) 90mm M3 level performance, similar RoF and pen. Maybe with 0.35 accuracy and 2.5 secs aim time.

      It's already got a sniper gun, but it also has paper frontal armour (lots of HP though) for its tier, which goes against its RL principles. At tier VI it could be made a way betteer analogy of the real deal.


    12. And BTW, the short 88 change would also make the JgPz IV, VK3002DB, and the stock Jagdpanther a lot less painful.


    13. For example?

      Yeah, I too would like to see that. I have seen almost no unexplainable no damage shots, there have been some strange looking ones, but that is just because the penetration markers are not entirely accurate.


      Personally? I've hit an AMX arty in the rear, twice, with visible holes and penetration sound effects, but no damage done. I didn't hit spaced armor, or some equipment modeled on the exterior. I've had the same with a side turret hit on an IS-7. Those are just the two most recent examples.

  7. I consider the limit of 350mm on some automatic weapons up to tier 5 in world of tanks to be WG biggest fail atm.

    1. u certainly meant the maximum range of weapons?

      350mm might be a lil short though ;)

      Biggest WG fail so far?

      - being so ridiculously "impartial" !!

    2. It's 400m and that is because of technical issues. There are many compromises, and especially this one: i don't care.

    3. the max range actually depends on the gun

    4. IIRC autocannons are limited to 360, arty has pratically infinite range- 10km I think- and the other guns are limited to 720m (just over the maximum range at which you can ever see an enemy).


  8. The lack of explanation. I mean in all: game mechanics/ nerfs/buffs, etc. :(

    1. Yea I would agree with that. The lack of information or info that is just kept from the players is kind of insulting. Imagine if like in wow or something armor values were kept from you for no other reason then "well people would complain if we told them". How do you make a competent informed decision about what tank line to go down or what specific tank to get if you don't have all the info. Yea you can figure it out by trial and error or by searching for outside help but you shouldn't have to.

  9. "Sounds"

    I really don't like them D:

    And btw, why do the names [ Yours one and from Zarax ] have to be in different color.. I mean, even the "signature" under the title would be enough xD

  10. biggest fails for me: still not any real gamemodes for randoms except base being in a different place, and most of all their PR, as in no EU q&a, no input from EU whatsoever(like ectar getting mocked by serB), crappy giftshop offers every month, eu moderators are awful, for example I once posted a meme in my clan's recruitment thread saying 'fuuuuuu' then bigbadvuk came along and decided that was enough of a profanity to removed it(whilst way more severe insults are often not moderated), I then asked how 'fuuuuu' was in anyway insulting, response: 24h RO for disagreeing with a mod.

    1. btw you could just take fails from overlords blogpost asking the same thing:

  11. The seeming disdain for the consumers that some of the devs have. I think it's a real turn off for a player when they aren't treated respectfully or cordially especially from the higher ups. Other then that I'd say not keeping the player base in the loop of upcoming content, but I guess that could be part of the first one. Also not trying to keep a better balance of historical and balance. I guess that would be more of a gripe then a true fail though, until they add in a truly fictional tank or introduce a tank that has to be buffed or nerfed from its historical characteristics to fit into a spot they want it to be in....

  12. Biggest WG Fail?!.. their EU forums and lack of real direction in them!

  13. The biggest fail is their russian bias, everything is biased towards russian:
    Tanks,normally russians tanks are way that other nations counterparts

    Forum,well you are the main proof, no useful QA for EU players

    Supertest, now only for russians, and I don't buy that crap about leaks, lots of russians sites have also leaks and sometimes with better screens

    Specials,well usually EU weekend specials sux big time

    Patchs russian server allways is the first one to get the update, also the "hidden" benefits from the patch, like with the last patch and the MK3 HE ammo

  14. Biggest fail? For me it's two and a half years without a proper tutorial for new players. Current one is crap and it's not getting updated from what I have read...

  15. The Cromwell HE shell disaster in 8.4

    Of course that only the EU and NA servers got screwed over.

  16. Assault mode on prokhorovka = biggest fail ever. Period.

  17. Biggest WG fail? Their treatment of their own fanbase, absolute lack of any sorts of PR skills. Game related fails can be forgiven, this is still a WIP, not a finished product.

  18. UI. It does the job, but is *sorely* lacking in useful detailed info.

    1. This. Total failure to provide the community with game mechanics, stats plus "soft" hidden stats and then expecting it to become a successful e-sport.

  19. PR. Frontal transmission in e series; kliment voroshilov special; your first ban, :D the HE case, "Czechout-gate" and more pr-disasters that I couldn't remember. Oh, and how the mods run the forums - some of them remind me of angry rancors from star wars. Community handling WG-style is something like crowd control during a riot - devs (through community managers) are enraging the crowd and mods are the police shooting live ammo :D

    Smaller, but fail nonetheless - WG, y u no offer Girls und Panzer camos and emblems? Why? T_T

    BTW - SS, why don't you give Girls und Panzer a shot? It has: cute girls doing cute things; tanks; military marches as bgm; Katyusha as insert song(!); references to Kelly's Heroes (or in latest special - Monty Python :o), many historical references; loads of AWESOMENESS, some quality trolling. And more tanks. No arties! :D I'm 23, but some moments were so awesome and heartwarming at the same time... Manly tears were shed!


    1. I actually watched one part or two... it's sort of cute, but somehow, little girls driving tanks... odd.

    2. I'm watching anime for years, and trust me - I've seen some... Weird stuff, that makes GuP look quite normal and plausible. Also due to this (girls and tanks) this show avoided being a cookie-cutter. Aaaand - it's called by part of it's fanbase: World of Tanks: The Anime, but has less bugs than the game (it has some, but only a few, minor ones, while the game... Hm.). :D


  20. There's so much I could pick...
    but I'll try to keep it to one thing that keeps nagging me.

    Their information policy.
    It sucks, straight and easy.

    Even though I follow the Q&As, yours and Overlord's blogs I still hardly get enough information.

    I want to know what WG has planned for the game in a road map of what MIGHT come.
    And that roadmap could easily show what's planned for the next year.
    Developers have roadmaps, especially for "mmos", with what they want to add to the game.

    Releasing the roadmap gives the players a vague information of what to expect.

    For example:
    We know that 0.8.5 will bring the Leopard line and the new soviet light tanks.
    We know that 0.8.6 will "most likely" bring the british arty and tier X arty.

    That's about it, aside from new premium tanks and new/reworked maps, plus a couple of fixes

    We vaguely know things like these from the Q&A:
    We know that they are working on "some kind of new endgame content" and "bigger maps", but we know nothing about what that means.

    They should really give us a tad bit more.
    An estimate on when those things will come, and what they are currently playing around with.

    Like a monthly video showcasing stuff that is currently being worked on.

    A sneak peak video showcasing bigger maps that lag a lot, because they're still being worked on, and have glitches all over the place?
    I would love to see that, that atleast tells me that they are working on it, and how far they are.
    "Bigger maps in developement" tells me nothing, about it.

    I'd already be grateful for a roadmap like Overlord made in 2011 for the upcoming year.
    Some of the stuff never made it past the supertest or even developement, but atleast we got an insight on what they had planned for the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.

    1. Btw SS:

      Hope you still support Gaunt's ghosts, we need every man to defend the imperium of mankind.

      As the emperor protects, so do we.

    2. The enemies of the Emperor fear many things.
      They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.
      Yet there is one thing they fear above all others.
      They fear the wrath of the Space Marines!

    3. My favourite quote is "Zeal and fury are rewarded with victory!"

    4. "On my mark, charge!"

      "Storm them!"

      "By my soul it shall be done!"

      "Let us see what passes for fury amongst your misbegotten kind!"


    5. "What I cannot crush with words I will crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard"

      Describes the IG perfect.

    6. Well said soldier.
      Now take that Stormblade and hunt down a Titan or two.

  21. For me it's maps, both the lack of them, and the size of them. I've been playing since the beta was only Russian, and in those near 3 years, the addition of new maps has been abysmally slow. I understand it takes time to balance and such, but come on, we should have at least 12-20 more honestly. When they started, they talked about adding new maps at least monthly. They've failed badly. The new tanks are nice, but honestly don't help nearly enough. It's time to either put together a dedicated map team or, since I'm sure they have one, to expand it a LOT and get a lot of new maps out in the game.

  22. lack of real communication between community and wg
    yeah we have Q&A but if not SS it would be only for russians

    i wish QG would take blizzard approach, wow lead designer (ghostcrawler) often explains all changes so peaople actually can understand why something was buffed or nerfed instead of whining
    (not to mention hes polite... even if angry/annoyed)

  23. biggest wargaming fail?


  24. Biggest fail: the NA Clan Wars debacle. For those unfamiliar with it, there were huge amounts of gold, an event that went so bad it had to be restarted, messups after the restart causing clans to lose part of the huge amount of gold, very poor communication, and butthurt all around.

    Oh, and the old logo still shows as your site icon for me. Might want to change that.

    1. Refresh, should be fixed. Also, care to elaborate? I don't know much about the US fails.

    2. They said they were going to have a certain number of landing zones and open up the chipping at a certain time. They screwed up and allowed clans to place chips early. Also the event was billed as newer clans being able to fight the big clans, but because of the early chipping and limited landing zones it became a the same clans fighting each other on the landing zones. So wg took down the clan wars map and had to make all of the provinces landing zones for the first day of fighting.

  25. In no particular order:

    --> Implementation of artillery. There are easy solutions, too, but it takes *effort* so it won't happen.

    --> Power creep. Older tanks need to be reviewed and perhaps provided with new modules. Example would be Maus with V2 turret and 12.8cm KwK 44/2 L/61 gun. (I have forum posts on this)

    --> Taking premium tanks out of the ingame shop. (Type 59, KV-5) Shows a lack of foresight and proper testing.

    --> Misinterpretation of historical data. Failowe is the best and most recent example, although I would love to have it ingame.

    --> Clan wars management. Everything that can goed wrong with it, does.

    --> Lack of acknowledgement of own mistakes and proper compensation.


  26. Biggest Fail is their PR

    Cmon Guys we all love this game. We spend hours beyond counting playing it, addicted to any kind of info regarding its future.

    as far is remember i always wanted to have a good Tank Shooter, i finally found it in WoT.

    but what upsets us is how we feel treated. Its not the things they do wrong, its the things they dont explain, lie, or just dont communicate at all etc.
    making a customer feel like they dont give a shit about him is wargamings biggest fail (and sums up every little other one)

  27. JPE is the biggest fail.

    -teamoldmill - NA

  28. easy one: unlimited premium shells for credits
    HEAT in low tier battles, even HEAT spamming in high tiers (tier 10 TDs using HEAT as first shell, because 300mm penetration just aint enough ....)
    the availability of "free" premium shells actually make the playerbase even worse than theyve already been (I got worse, too, until Ive stopped using premium so excessively and getting back to the good old flanking maneuvers)

    1. This, it's made the mid tiers almost completely unplayable as you just get sodomized by idiots running M4's, Hetzers, T82's and Pv IV's with gold HEAT insta-killing everything they meet. It gets really old, really fast and I genuinely feel bad for new players once they hit T3-5 as they just get slaughtered.

      -Panzerhyeena, US server.

    2. Indeed must agree on this. If in game at all, premium ammo should be only in CW or not available at all.
      And I know what you mean about players getting worse (I myself have been getting lazy) because of it. I myself try to use premium ammo to the minimum and would rather not have it in game at all. I would prefer to get back the advantage of armor than have super penetration.
      It even is on some tanks so ridiculously unbalanced, a t69 can just drive out and penetrate all shots through King Tigers upper plate and yes of course the 105 howitzers.

    3. Alas, i disagree. While i'm of the opinion that low tier derps are the worst thing to ever happen to this game, i don't think premium ammo for credits is a flaw. I don't fancy relying on armor myself, but the tanks that do rely on armor usually have setups with mostly autobounce (e.g. T110E3 when hull down, Maus when angled right, E-100 when hull down and angled right). These superheavy tanks already get advantages such as big guns and high HP pools.

      At some point in the history of tanks, nations realized that using armor is completely pointless when all guns get these super awesome penetration shells, so they started creating 0 armor MBTs. This era corresponds with the tier 10 tanks, mostly. It's sad that the germans didn't produce any tanks between 45 and whenever the leopard was introduced, but it definitely makes them the weaker nation as far as their T10 heavies (except the E-100, but that tank is heatspam or nothing).

      To sum up, i just don't think armor should be a concept present in every tank. I think it should only be present in one or another, with mobility and flanking being the bigger factor (because they encourage more smart play than "hurr durr he can't pen me").

    4. There is obviously problem with premium ammo. I think this could be solved by two changes and game would even be historically more accurate.

      1) Limit amount of premium ammo. Historically tanks carried only few special shots. If you have only 3 or 5 or 10 shots (depending on gun) you have to use your brains and think when it's right time to use them.

      2) Reduce damage done by special ammo. Historically most AP rounds were actually APHE rounds, they did detonate after penetration. APCR rounds were solid so they did less damage after penetration. HEAT rounds penetrating armour by power of high velocity melted metal do not do as much damage than penetrating HE grenades exploding inside tank. So as general rule if you use special ammo you should get more penetration but less damage.

      OlofLagus - EU

    5. @oloflagus
      actually HEAT did make a lot of damage. My grandfather was driving his german tank in russia and the most thing they feared had been "Hohlladungen" aka HEAT. A pressuremelted copperarrow will melt the armor due to huge pressure and then ignite stuff inside the tank, probably killing the crew. So the damage is just fine and in WoT its more dependend on the caliber

      in 0.8.0 (armor buff, premium shells only available for gold) I managed to bring my newly bought E-100 to 3100 avg. Damage per battle and ~68% WR while driving alone. The only tanks I really feared had been IS-4, all Tier 10 TDs, especially E3 and the Maus. There was no need for gold

  29. PR department and Russian bias.

    SerB. I don't care if he develops...he just shouldn't be the main face of Wot

    NA server

  30. Biggest mistake for me is the way artillery works. Its just way too accurate.

    Should have added setup time for indirect fire mode and made them more accurate for each shot fired from the same setup location.

    Would allow them to hurt campers, but make it very hard to hit a moving target unless already zeroed in.

    Junah - EU

  31. Well i could wrote wall of text 'bout their fails but i'm just gonna mention the recent one. Those fucking retarded stupid sounds they've implemented for April 1st fucked up my client causing it to freeze in the fucking garage(manual PC restart needed every time) bcs some of those updated sounds are counterfeiting with some of my mods and i don't know which one asked them to implement them, no one said they are actually funny which was the purpose of them, most of the people said they are annoying, they were expected since we also had last year that Ratte at April 1st and no one was excited about it. And only thing it did is it fucked up my client and now i can't play the fucking game until they remove it. GG WarGAYming

    Medjed - EU

  32. so many cryers about arty... cryers and bots are one of the biggest problems of the game.

    1. A bigger fail yet is cryers crying about cryers ;)

  33. Biggest fail is to ban EU supertesters and keep all Ru testers.
    Also second biggest fail is that RU WG officials contacted WG office at france about this matter trying to fix it, meantime french wg said "Fuck off" to russian wargamming... epic company :)))

  34. Different rules for different servers is one that annoys me to the core. I can deal with the game changing from a tank simulator to "Mario Kart with Guns!" - that's just devs being devs - but it seems the staff goes out of their way to pee on non-RU players whenever it can.

  35. I see two big flaws with WG.

    1) they can't do any patch (including april fools) without shutting down clan wars. They need to hire some competent programmers.

    2) Zero damage penetrating hits are an absolute fail. The only game in the world that you can make your die rolls to hit and then to penetrate, only to get zero damage. None of their ammo shows a minimum of zero damage.

    1. Well I'll just quote someone as what he said is the real problem (and people that are too narrow minded and can't understand that problem is somewhere else, and keep whining "but he said I penetrated")

      "angrybananaApr 3, 2013, 12:14:00 AM
      those shots dealing no damage is not a fail, the fail there is your crew saying penetration when only a module/spaced armor was penetrated."

  36. I have seen many good fails but nothing beats how they introduced the Type 59, with its original mm.

  37. Artillery. OP as fuck takes-almost-no-skill laser-guided bomb artillery has always been my number 1 complaint with WoT.

  38. whats great is over half this stuff would get neg. repped or locked by a moderator on the NA forums in a heartbeat....

  39. Replay system - it could really use some improvement.

  40. The made up tanks and the Russian bias. This blog is a godsend by the way. Never stop SS, The Emperor Protects.

  41. I have been playing World of Tanks A LOT,and my principal complain is not related to the gameplay,but related to the method of equally dividing players into two teams,the base of WoT also known as Matchmaker(MM).
    I have allways been in favour of implementing the Matchmaker,and I admit it has improved a lot since closed beta,but here is something wargaming should do:
    In other world-wide-played games the developers have realized that the average player hates diversity in terms of skil between him and other players,so they built "walls" separating players basing not only on the level they are(in the WoT case the tier and category of veichle they use) but even on his skill,calculated with the player's statistics on every charachter he uses(in the WoT case the tank-SPG he uses).By using this method the players,when they win a battle they KNOW that there weren't more skiled players in their own teams,but that they archieved to IMPROVE themeselves,cooperating with allies and not thinking only about themselfes.On the other hand if defeat occurs players will KNOW that they lost for a reason,not because they had noobs in their own teams of course,but because they did not COOPERATE with their teammates,they did not adapt to the situation(and his abviously related problems) and so they failed in their mission of iproving themeselves.
    So,dividing the players into "Leagues" in my opinion would benefit by an enourmous value the enjoyability of the game.
    But Wargaming does not understand this,I'm not gonna say they are factioned with their country(Russia of course) by Overpowering USSR tanks,but i will say something worse : they are SUPPONENT.
    They think everyone is equal to another,because in(almost)every era russian peaple ignored their differences between each other and COOPERATED for the good of all and they think everyone understands the value of teamwork still because russian are made like this,rough habitat generates rough peaple,opened to cooperation to eachother who faces the same difficoulty.
    But not everyone is equal to everyone else, don't think bad, i'm not racist,i'm just saying that when related to a single action euqualizing everyone is the biggest mistake a leader could ever do,because everyone is different and everyone has his own strenghts and weaknesses.
    That's why i'd consider dividing players into leagues would make the game better,please tell me what you think about my commment(it's more like a speech but FUCK IT), I wonder if anyone has a different opinion,because comparing ideas is the first step to cooperation and a brighter future.

    1. Imagine this scenario...
      Put two unicums to fight each other 100, 1000 lets be serious 10000 times.
      What do you get after that?
      Their 70% winrate will decrease to the normal 50%. The same will go for most stats.

      Now take 2 brainless monkeys with 35% winrate. Put them to fight each other a big number of matches. What do you get? 2 nice 50% winrate/decent statistics players.

      Now consider all 4 together. What do you get after a big number of battles? All will be on the same middle league, but you can not discern among them anymore.

      Your idea is good in theory, but it can not be applied in real life. And that's why WG will never implement it. (thank god)

      Take for example TK battles. One player can only do 1 thing there, increase his winrate. But... I didn't see one epic medal ever won (I'm talking about serious things Kolobanov, Radley, Pool etc.) The same will happen in a high skilled league. By applying a league system you will take the pleasure of bashing players...Of winning singlehandedly a match. You will take away top guns for 1-2 kills of each member of the team (exactly as is the TK). And what would be WOT without that? Boring.
      TK is exactly what you are requesting...nothing more nothing less. Different company levels are usually associated (not always) with different skilled players. The only downside is you usually can not get your t8-t10 tank in an "easy" battle.

      A humble and still noob player,
      Noxpara, EU

    2. WG shouldnt split apart the skilled and unskilled players. The MM should just give both teams the same amount of efficiency (WN6, 7, NoobMeter, etc.) points, or even just winrate based. We have a 46% Tier 10 player? They get one too. We have a 70% scout platoon? So do they. The ridiculous and pointless statpadding (example player with 12k battles, most in an SU-85B, didnt even have a non-premium tier 8, comes to mind), as well as botting (30-40%), will punish itself by taking longer to find a match.

  42. I categorize complaints about WoT:

    1) People who hate change and love complaining. People who will complain when new tanks are added to the game and announce that it's the end... same as they bitched five patches ago. There is no logic to these complaints, it's reflexive.

    2) Butthurt Wehraboos who are upset that they can't charge forwards in their tiger and slaughter everything. No amount of documentation will convince them that the tiger was not a turbo-charged killing machine that would slaughter an abrams. I've seen these people claim that the panther could fire accurately on the move (without stabilized optics, gun, and with manual gun elevation?). Clearly idiots; ignore or provoke, whichever makes you happier.

    3) People who are bad at the game and find it easier to complain than improve. I'm not great; I'm only somewhat above average in fact. I'm too impatient. World of Tanks requires calm and constant awareness; this is not some twitch-shooter. Try explaining that to someone with 2000 games and a 46% win rate who insists that it's because they always get bad teams. This group overlaps with 2).

    4) People who have legitimate complaints... about shit that doesn't matter much. Yeah, the IS-7 should actually have an autoloader. Yeah, the HESH mechanics need to be re-worked. Not saying WG shouldn't take a look, but these are specific and small complaints.

    5) People who complain about stuff that seriously harms the game. These are people who have noticed the garage interface is bad and is scaring away new players. They complain that tier II play is hilariously unbalanced (T18, trololol), and is scaring away new players. These are people who have noticed that the game engine, which WG has wed themselves to by buying the developer, is atrociously inefficient and will delay adding larger maps and battles for years. The best way to discover this is introduce someone to the game for the first time. All the shit that's really weird and takes a long time to explain to a first-time player? Those are the fails.

    I would add that WG's handling of clan wars and tournaments has been poor. Other than that, I'm happy with how they've handled the game.

    When I first started playing the game, I noticed that it had awful framerate and lots of weird bugs. Almost every patch since then has had some engine optimization and bug fixes.

    When I started playing, crew skills were basically useless since there were only three, and of those firefighting didn't do anything useful. Firefighting is still useless, but there are lots of additional crew skills now, which is much more rewarding to the long-term player without being too powerful.

    When I started playing, the matchmaking was horrible. It is now much less horrible.

    Certainly, WG isn't perfect. I think they're complacent because WoT has no competitors. They're running in a groove right now; one patch every forty five days or so with a smattering of new tanks and maybe a new map. Some bug fixes and incremental engine improvements too.

    Where are the new gameplay mechanics? I can think of three that have been added in the last two years; autoloaders, assault and encounter mode. And what are encounter and assault but the standard game, just with one flag? It's extremely conservative; a similar approach to their tank modelling. They'd much rather make a new tank by copy-pasting existing models together that will have extremely samey performance to existing vehicles (look forward to those new tech trees being added, each with it's own nearly identical 105mm L7 wielding medium tank!). They've rejected the idea of adding things like the S-tank or Borgward leopard that might require a bit of re-coding.

    That, in my opinion, is the biggest WG failing. They looked at the game when it was in closed beta, and thought that it was good enough. Drip feed new content every 1.5 months, polish it a bit, but don't do dare do anything too different or innovative!

  43. "potentially have a problem with using the Tanith First And Only logo as my avatar"
    the only thing worse than WG is GW!!! XD

  44. Biggest WG fails IMO (random order):

    - Type 59 (no need to explain)
    - Serene Coast and Province (ok, the second one is tolerable)
    - 3-man platoons and companies only for premium users (hopefully will change)
    - Centurion AP 83mm shell cost

    I do not consider gold ammo for credits a fail, for me it's just fair.

    1. The Matchmaker for me. It was horrible before (T-34 can fare against Tiger II hurr durr), and now it's not that bad. However, it seems like WG focuses on making the wait shorter, instead of introducing fairer matchmaker that might take more time.

      It's not a "biggest fail" necessarily, since it's something WG has slowly made better (in my OVM). Tier 10 arty will hopefully fix something too. But i'd really like to see even-tier matchmaker, or +/-1 tier at most. This would also help balancing the game - tanks only get balanced based on their performance against their peers.

      The real biggest fail of WG i think is failing to nerf the tier 5 derp guns three patches in a row.

  45. MM. MM is a scrap. It cannot even make proper tier calculations not to mention skills.

  46. gold ammo for credit.....

  47. For me personally biggest fail is that after 2 years of waiting we still have no historical mode and it will not come any time soon, while we are getting more and more never used prototypes and blueprints.

  48. I think the recent 8.4 cheap ammo mixup when they let the RU server get the benefit of easy credit gain.

  49. Mid-tier derp guns

    There are far to many tanks out there that allow short-dicked players to boost stats by investing in some gold shells to one-shoot others.

    (KV1-S - with the 122 mm gun a mix of pure fiction and Russian-biased wet dreams. Seeing one makes me wanna puke.
    Since it's completely overplayed I feel like I have to puke every time I play a T5 med.)

    WGs biggest fail - making people want to puke whenever they are playing their game.

    1. Actually a 152mmm howitzer was mounted on a KV-1S, it was called KV-152

    2. the KV-1S with the 122mm D-25 is called the KV-122.

    3. The Russians mounted these guns once on a single prototype and than abandoned these projects because it turned out that the gun is too heavy and too large for the tank.

      This failed test is now the - by far - most frequently played T6 vehicle.
      (Probably because of its good looks and not because it is totally overpowered)

  50. "Historical game mode?"
    WG: "Nah, not a priority, nobody will play it"

    I call BS on this!

  51. WG biggest fail?

    Listen to the community!

    To be honest, my view upon the WOT-Com has become more and more similar to the on on a 5-year-old kid, throwing its toy on the gound, lay down, pounding its fists on the ground and cry "but me want but me want but me want but me want but me want"

    Almost everytime WG listens to its users, it became a disaster or had no effect on the coms level of hapiness:

    -MM "its to hard meehmehheemeeeehhh"
    So they they changed from +-3 to +-2. So the set-ups are some kind of boring now and the Players? Check the official forums, stil "MM ist to hard, make +-1 *cryyyyycrycryyycryyyyyy*"

    All the skill-less cried for it, even for a harder one than we have now - now they cry about Arty in every game, Top-tier-Arties and Scout-Parties, although there were enough people telling the whiners, that exactly THIS would happen, if hardcap comes.

    So biggest WG fail? No aptitude test before the client-download.

    Stranger40 - EU Server

  52. off topic - what ever happened to World of tanks Generals? anyone heard anything?

  53. I absolutely think that the biggest fail so far is the poorly implemented endgame. CW is still in beta and IMO it just isnt enough. Only a few battles per night, if you miss those or if the teams are full, you cant play the endgame. Why would I bother grinding lots of tier Xs as I cant drive them anywhere?! There is no point in taking tier Xs out to randoms. The endgame must be thought through more carefully.

    IsoA - EU

  54. 0 damage hits. I find nothing satisfying about thing that you shoot expensive shell from some 155 gun into a tiny scout with void space tracks that consumes everything sometimes you dont even detrack it. It gives no fun factor whatsoever.

  55. Biggest fails:

    Map design that almost always renders some of the tanks useless.

    General imbalance of the tanks. They really should rebalance existing tanks before adding new ones.

  56. 1. bad PR - info about weekend specials is announced on friday evening, we learn about maintenance two hours after servers are up,...
    2. premium ammo for credits - you can angle, you can wibble, but tiger 1 will penetrate type 59 in the turret :) So basically game becomes "We stay in the open, I shoot you,you shoot me and the winner is determined by RND not by skill"
    3. too many tanks introduced, too few maps in last patches, they are not working on gameplay
    4. no skill based MM
    5. it takes too much time to react - did we have to play dragons ridge/province/serene coast for couple of months for them to reliaze those are fail maps?

  57. Biggest WG fail IMHO was when they added type-59 to the game and then started to move further and further away from the WW2 era and so called "historical accuracy"... WoT used to be a different game before these changes...

    adrpal921 - EU

  58. Programming and balancing a game to the taste of a very diverse playerbase is rather difficult, so i won't comment on the the fails of the game itself. But the biggest fail in Wargamings business is IMHO the treatment of the customer. The way people are treated in the Q&A threads, the handing out of bans for "stupid questions" and the constant short and meaningless answers á la "we think it's fine" to elaborate and justified requests are something that would bring a normal middle-european company to it's knees because of the bad PR.

    But the actual fail is that WG is getting away with it.

    filefool - EU

  59. i think u should pin the "Just a few notes regarding this blog" link to the "homepage" of the blog, so everyone could see it.. i dont have a blog, so i dont know if u can actually do it, but i think it would be useful.


  60. Hi

    As someone already wrote communication with players is the biggest WG fail. I'm just used to other standards. I have a feeling that WG is not a big modern company but some kind of cheap workshop.For example - Overlord said they stopped announcing thing as there was a lot of whine as they couldn't keep up with date.But is it a solution? Shouldn't they rather try more on the ETA rather on such primitive solutions?

    And SS if you care you can check the GW and BlackLibrary legal disclaimers. I think it should be legal to use your avatar picture. Gaunt Ghost rulez :-D.
    Yorrick Brown.

  61. I'd like to share few thoughts about WG fails. First and foremost it's really difficult to judge them. Just to be clear, I do not defend anybody, but it seems that WG has placed itself in relatively safe situation. All it's fails may be split in two groups. The ones related strictly to the Game(s) and all the rest.

    So, every one of us accepts WG's terms and regulations each time they make some changes to the game. That being said it's difficult to accuse them of any fails game-wise, as all of us just accept their right to do so, no matter the reason. Long story short - whatever the community thinks and says, WG has its own priorities and it will act according to them, whether do we like it or not. Anything they do, that may be the fail gameplay-wise, may be good decision for them in other terms and vice - versa! The question is what's more important in every single situation and I'm afraid we all know the answer....

    What about all the rest of not-so-succesful steps WG has taken? Well, that's simple. No one promises anything to anyone, so it's impossible and pointless to expect anything from WG, whether it would be nice cooperation with community, change in politics or priorities, or at least greater explanation of their decisions.

    We can easily judge them and point out whats nice and what's not, but we should NEVER expect that it will change anything. With that being the bitter truth the annoyance just grows stronger...

  62. Biggest fails? The way gold rounds are implemented atm. IMO they should be cheaper, but have actual drawbacks (~25% less damage compared to AP), penetration gains should be rebalanced (Panther II, for instance, penetrates 23mm more than a Persh with AP and 31mm LESS with APCR), and be limited to ~75% of an average same-tier tank's HP. That way, a medium is not completely defenseless against a charging heavy but can't completely rape it frontally.


  63. SerB's unprofessional behaviour.
    Favouring servers/people from certain countries.
    Moderators banning people for the most retarded things.
    English isn't the ingame language (used by players).
    No tier requirment for buying premiumtanks.
    Not enough action against afk/botters.

    That's about it I guess.



  64. The so called new Balance of the RAMII. I think it was on 7.5. Till that update the RAM II is useless.
    Gamemods. Well were are thy..???
    Maps. Feels like playing the same maps all the time.
    Goldamo for Credits = Total fail
    Spotting system. Well kinda funny sometimes....
    Thy type 59 -> FAIL
    I am not sure about the MM. Somtimes you win 10 times in row somtimes you loos 10 tmes in row...

    1. Jeezus, you guys have some serious issues!
      I hope half of these posts are just pranks...

      L2P ;)


    2. I meant on all these comments, not just this above my previous reply.

  65. Lack of skill-based matchmaker...

  66. I have some things that i might list here.
    Major Fails:
    -Community treatment in general (Ripp-off PZ4, cheap HE-affair, Patches on different dates, different specials, Bias?)

    -Public Relations, ->bad information politics in general

    -Making the game worse to get more money

    -Not properly balancing tanks: EC50m, KV5, JPZ4, M3Lee, Ram2, Comet,(JPZ)E100, Löwe, IS7,KV4, Somua Sau, and others with horrible WR (B1 anyone?). Working as intendedas in: make them buy new prems or skip with converted xp...

    -VERY slow and sloppy working:
    I am not a Programmer, Modeler, Skinner or anything, but i remember in UT.... i downloaded more than 1000maps and hundreds of skins/player-models one year or so after release. Since they were mostly FAN-made, most were crap indeed, but there were so many that exceeded the ingame stuff in every possible way.
    How long does it take to do that stuff as a full-time employee? 1 weak each?
    Bug correction could be implemented as soon as ready, not wait one month til next major patch. 1 minidownload at gamestart doesn't hurt as mouch as stupid bugs because of sloppy programming (quality control seems a major problem in all eastern-made games i remember to play.)


  67. Well, the people already more or less explain why PR in WG is a fail. Especially in EU and US. I could probably inform the Forums a lot better just by having the ability to post on the News section of WoT, having a "Developer" title next to my name and reading this blog...
    Rest is:
    - Lazyness or a degree of stupidity on tank usage and research. Want an example? See this:
    SU-122-44 ->SU-54-122 -> SU-130-62
    See how elegant? A decent progression of similar play styles and elegant vehicles. What we have ingame is shitty.

    Also the JagdPanzer E-100. I do not want it removed. I do not think its that bad actually. But what I got is NOTHING like the 4 5 tanks before it. It is not an even more awesome Jtiger or a better Ferdinand or some kinda of a Frankenstein JagdPanther. It is just SO very different it ruins what you have been playing up until that point. Slab on a 128mm L66 cannon on this chasis (dont care where you put casemate, thouh I believe that the lighter gun can allow us to put it in the front/mid now), give it -8 degrees of deperession and we have an epix tank. Then Buff( alittle) existing Jagd Panzer E-100 and put it in another line of TDs. Done.

    - NA, EU, Korea, SEA being shafted in ways that are just SO easy to fix its painfull. For an example the M4A2E4 is sold on RU server. That is fine actually. Why not sell us KV-220? Why not just make so that some people have the Rare T(tester) variant of the KV-220 and other can buy the normal tank? Do the same with M4A2E4, a Tester variant for us testers (so that we do not whine) and another one that can be bought for people that like collecting these things.

    - Stupid balance decisions: Why does the E-100 with the 128mm gun have 4.2 RoF and the Maus 4.04? No E-100 will use the 128mm now after HEAT became available for credits. Maus can just be set to 4.2 like the E-100.

    Why is M48 so slow when speed is so important for it? Back when M46 was top dog for US, its 47-48 km/h were bad, but it could be lived through. Why not just buff top speed to 48 at least?

    Why use the M46 anyway? Will be a lot more distinguishable if it were a complete M47 Patton. Only difference is you can go to 50 km/h and make its armour not suck as much against lower tier enemies (and it would still not inbalance it against most tier 8 and up vehicles )

    -Lying(mostly just incomplete) stats: If you check what the horse power to weight ratio of the T-62A is, it will look abysmall. Actually, the tank is not THAT much slower than a T-54, of coarse thanks to cheap hidden stats. Why not just give it a more powerfull engine and reduce those soft stat buffs so its mostly the same as it is now, but a lot easier to know this just from looking at the tank's in-game menu stats.

    - Inability to make similar tanks distinguishable: Panther 1 and Panther 2 are EXCELLENT here. The new Chinese... are pathetic though. Simple things like side skirts, colours and equipment are what can make a huge difference, even at range actually. I can barely tell apart some of the Chinese tanks from one another. I deffinitely can tell which vehicle is a Panther 1 and which a Panther 2 even without seeing the turret.

    -Charcharo, EU

  68. 1.)Incompetence to make necessary balance changes.

    I think this is connected to the bias problem.
    Certain persons in the company with high decision power do whatever they like.
    I think the best for the game would be to replace these persons, or otherwise force them to stop their stupid behaviour.
    Personally i dont see this happening in the future, but it would be the best for the game.

    2.) Doing the right thing with the money gained from this game.

    As we all have seen, there are a lot of new projects WG has in the making. I think its a good thing to develop in other areas as well, but first and foremost, it should be clear TO MAKE SURE that you do ENOUGH for the people that make and made you BIG.
    Not milk them as long as you possibly can.

    I dont think that WG is doing enough. There are fields that have been seriously lacking in the past, and more people should have been hired to work on the things i mention in the following long ago. But dont get me wrong. The game is progressing at a steady rate, and new tanks, graphics and physics are introduced, which is very good for the game.

    2a.) What isnt, is the lack of new MAPS. There should already be many many more, than there are. Its just boring to play old maps all the time. This includes the current game modes, on the same maps. They should have come with their own maps from the beginning.

    2b.) It`s the lack of new GAME MODES (historical/hardcore, etc.) that bring real diversity to the game.
    They get abandoned by the decison makers cause maybe only a few tenthousand players would regularly play them. But guess what, many of those players are the ones that contributed hundreds or even thousands of €/$ to your game and are longtime fans of the game. You should do something good for the game, not only for your purse.

    2c.) The lack of ENDGAMECONTENT (which they try to solve now fortunately.). If they add regular tournaments i would be happy in this area. At least now it seems this gets fixed partly.
    What is needed is more investment to handle things like the tournament with enough emploeyed people (Which there were not till now. Tournaments were horrible handled.).

    3.) Incompetence to see massive problems with this game, and change them according to feedback.

    Seriously, how could the arty not be hardcapped till now?
    This is a complete joke. Play some hightier arty, and see yourself, if you dont believe me.

    To think that tier 10 artys change a thing is complete idiotic. There are tons of hightier artys already in the game. So spreading artys out over the lower tiers doesnt change a thing for the hightier tanks. It might change something positive for the lower tiers, but there has, due to the few artys in those tiers, never been a problem in the first place. So basically this artychange we get wont change anything in the problematic area.
    A simple hardcap would as stated often enough by players.

    4.) Information policy.

    Should be improved. Massively at least in the EU.

    There may be more things, but these seem the most important for me.

    Kennung - EU

  69. 1) I want WG to send out regular small fixes to things that's wrong in the game. Make us see you trying to fix something.

    2) Please fix the damn Centurion side skirts and Gun Manlet which is totally broken.

    3) Bring out more city maps like himmelsdorf(I like city maps, makes my Maus feel safer :P)

    4) Can you please learn to balance the teams properly?
    I've been in too many matches recently where I'm the only Green guy with 14 Red team mates and opposite team has 5 purples, 7 greens and rest Red. It's an absolute massacre most of the time.
    Just please for the love of god learn to balance kind of so each team kind of stands a chance to maybe win?


  70. 1. The voice-messages of the crew, even if I know that my shot didnt do any damage due to the black "flashing" of the enemy tank symbol, it drives me crazy everytime my dumbass commander yells "hurr, another one like that should finish 'em" (enemy tank still has 100%, how appealing)

    2. STATS: The fact that a large amount of a tanks stats isnt displayed (terrain passability, max. speed of backwards driving, pivot-turn yes/no, gun depression, yadda yadda yadda, woah, have you ever driven a T30 backwards? If there's a thing between movement an cessation, this tanks has it). Next to the fact that the stats that are displayed are not tied to equipment and crew skills (BiA, Recon)

    3. ARTY: Although I think arty is necessary in World of Tanks, the sheer amount of it, especially in hightier matches is a pain in the ass. These ten-arty-fapping-with-one-hand-while-playing-with-the-other-matches take all the fun out of the game right from the point where you see the loading screen. Everyone has to get cover directly, and dare you getting spotted, you're dead so fast it'll make your head spin. Once you got cover, same rules: get spotted and that 3-man platoon of t92's will vaporize you just by bombing in your rough direction within seconds (wouldn't it be awesome if big shells would create craters where light tanks could find cover?). I got called camper far too often by enemy arty-players (srsly?).

    4. BALANCE: The fact that some tanks exceed others in the same tier and class simply by being too easy to drive (KV1 - still, IS-3 with its magical lfp and turret made of fucking diamond, ISU-152 - having a 152mm gun on tier 8, i mean, come on. KV-1s - no comment). Now everyone who drives one of these has to admit that those tanks feel far too good compared to others.

    thx for readin' Tag: Zefixo [EU]

  71. The way WG treat their customers as an inconvenience. If it doesn't cost them they don't give a shit despite the negative impact it has on the game experience (Take your pick of the myriad of issues). At the moment they have a monopoly on this game and therefore have people over a barrel.

    I long for the day when a company with decent PR skills runs a competitor for WoT as I believe it will disappear as players will leave in droves.


    1. agree both hand rise..

      WG had 0% PR hahahaha

  72. as most and frank say the most fail will be the end game!!!! screw the CW!!! i want some thing better !!!

    i am starting to get bored after i get my 3 tier x.... because i dont really see a point in grinding so hard and get my tier 10 and i am not a CW fan....

    hum .... maybe it time to move on to other game hahaha

  73. Herman der German (not necessaraly german)

    My beef is that WG do not seem to have eliminated TKing, fuckwits and bot farmers who deliberately fuck up the game for other players. If they were actually trying you would not see this behavior above Tier 3 because such players accounts would be shut down before they got further. Is their some sort of cultural tolerance for bad behavior I wonder?

  74. The completely Bias and Totally Racist German Tier Ten Heavy Tanks.

    Complete Failure.


    The ISU 152, Tier 8, USSR, has a better gun then all The German Tier Ten Tanks.

    Thats using AP as well, just to rub it in and EU players dont have to spend gold or credits.

    Nice little perk Serb, I might add.

    So I take it this is going to tie into the Maus BUFF.

    All this BS about sketches of the E100, design stages, etc, etc. and we cant come up w/ a traditional turret design for the E100.

    But you can honestly put in The FAIL LOWE. A rejected Tank design.


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