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Feb 14, 2013

New British TD's - 8.4 test server

Tier 2 - Universal Carrier 2pdr

Tier 3 - Valentine AT


Tier 4 - Alecto

Tier 5 - AT-2

Tier 6 - AT-8


Tier 7 - AT-7


Tier 8 - AT-15

Tier 9 - Tortoise

Tier 10 - FV215b (183)

Alternative Tier 6 - Churchill Gun Carrier


  1. Well, 1250 hitpoints for the Tier 7 (AT-7) TD? Seems to be too much (400 HP more than the TD's of other nations). Strange....

  2. Lots of good screenshots there, but just one missing: the new British tech tree layout.

  3. First time I ever seen a tier 9 td having more hp than the tier 10 td from the same branch.Also first time I ever see a TD having more hp than the same tier HT from the same
    Like them all, except alecto and that tier 7'll be weird playing it with a gun mounted on it's right (m3 lee style).
    I'll definitly go for them.
    Ah, and also, the tier 8 became the best nonpremium td credit earner.The sheels wont cost 1000 credits each like on other tdes from the same tier.

  4. You look astonished by a few hitpoints, just like the TOG2* has 1400 HP at tier 6 but whatever, what is weird for me is that the FV215b 183mm gun is doing 1750 damage with gold ammo. FUN TIME

    1. With a +25% dmg roll it'll one-shot a tier 10 med/heavy...(except e-100/maus)

  5. 200 mm armour on tier 6? WTF!!

  6. so sad they change the way to CGC from T5 to T6...its only 15k xp by me but anyway...if they make my VKDB 95k useless i will quit the game right there :|

  7. AWESOME! Time to buy some space in the garage!

  8. Tier VI 200 mm front armor, yeah sure... Even tier 7 heavies and TD's will have huge problems to pen it. And the same TD has gun with 171 mm penetration. Hmmm lets compare this TD with Jagdpanzer IV...

    First thing which came to my mind after seeing some of those TD's is: "WG announced that British TD's need some more work and will be released in 0.8.5"

  9. I see many fckn OP tanks here T5 with 200mm front and 100mm side/rear, there are not many tanks which are able to pen them.
    Hope they nerf them all before they go live.
    Prey for them to remove the HESH-Shells from the T10 one.

    1. Holy shit, I didn't checked his armor cause thought that it will be similar to Valentine. Such armor in tier 5 is total nonsense. Who the hell was making those TD's? Guy who doesn't know that game? If in the end I stay alone against AT-2 in Crusader (110 mm pen), what are my chances to pen him? And to kill him Crusader have to penetrate around 6 times!

      It looks like UK TD's were designed by WG to increase sell of premium ammo.

  10. don't want to disappoint you all, the armor IS nice, but look at the speed.. those will be exp pinatas for arties

    1. Low tier artys will avoid them due to very low dmg caused by hits at such armor.

  11. WG could name the new patch "Revenge of the T95 wannabees"

    Seriously though, tier 8-10 were pretty nice on the test server, but tier 5-7 are going to be a complete pain.

    The TDs might have 200+ frontal armour, but they also have massive hatches and machine gun nests on top.

    Also, the tier 5 tank has an AT version of the 6 pounder on the crusader. Hooray for 75 avg dmg!

    Oh, did I mention that the tier 5-7 TDs have awful gun traverse angles and in some cases really bad depression & elevation?
    That's part of what makes the tier 8-9 turtles somewhat decent, they can actually move their guns about without having to move the entire tank by comparison.

  12. Everyone, if you want some useful feedback check out the post from MemoryKill on each of the tanks, it's a good write up of what to expect


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