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Feb 14, 2013


Confirmed German new top LT: RU215 (more info here)

- it's not yet decided what will happen to equipment meant for medium tanks (rammers etc.) on a VK3601 tank, when it turns into a heavy. Storm will tell before the patch.
- VK2801 was nerfed because it has a different MM now, it won't drop into hightier battles (removed from MM tiers 11 and 12)
- FV215b HESH shell is not deemed overpowered, as it has its own flaws: it explodes on spaced armor and external modules and doesn't do full damage, it also doesn't have normalisation
- after cutting the VK2801 MM, Germans now don't have a top tier LT. "Keep an eye on following patches"


  1. I would suggest to unnerf the VK2801 (leave it as it is) until the germans would get their tier 7/8 light tank.

  2. " FV215b HESH shell is not deemed overpowered"

    And that is what happens when unexperience developers go into "we so good" mode and start doing crazy stuff.

  3. I tried the FV215b HESH shells on the test server and they are quite useless...

    They have their moments (I one-shoted a full HP E-75 at 500 meters),but I prefer the AP shells as the HESH usually do very low dmg compared to AP.

    1. I prefer regular HE shells, you don't have to worry about hitting weakspots (lol @ weakspots with 310 mm pen) and it does good damage.
      0.4 accuracy isn't good enough to reliably pen when you only have 12 shells.

  4. Well, then I hope VK will get normal credit income, and low repair cost.

  5. So from VK2801 there will be possibility to research tier 7 vehicle? Does it make sense to start farming experience now before VK is nerfed in 8.4?

    1. VK will get castrated with less speed and longer aim time. It will still meet tier 10 tanks and will be utterly helpless in these battles. It won't see any lower tiers than it has already, so it's going to be less effective in battles where it could really shine.

      I intend to do exactly what you said, grind the exp on the tank before it gets nerfed (by looking at t21 -> t71 I guess 80k exp should be enough).


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