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Feb 8, 2013


Hardly any new answers today, I guess the devs are busy with the dev stuff... well, apart from the usual SerB trolling (a player asking a question in Ukrainian, SerB answers something like "speak proper Russian".... in Hungarian).

- Storm says Jagdpanzer E100 statistics are fine
- SU-100Y uses two types of AP shells (one with high pen and lower damage, the golden ones with higher damage and lower pen), this is intentional and will be kept so
- Kpz70 won't be introduced
- new re-worked maps shouldn't be as bumpy as the older re-worked stuff
- new maps should come "soon"
- according to SerB, EU server is better than RU cluster lag-wise, as the European data streams (? data ways? not sure what the proper IT term is - anyway, the paths thru which the data go) are better
- FV4005 was refused as a top TD "for a good reason"
- FV300 series vehicles? "no comment"


  1. "Storm says Jagdpanzer E100 statistics are fine"

    42,8% Win Rate....

    Well,no surprise here,it`s German after all....

    1. I see no problem with JPE100, I have it and I like it. Sure it is a little tougher to play as other TDs because of its size and clumsiness, but still, no buffs needed. It usually separates the pros from less skilled unlike 268 or Foch which are easy to play.

    2. My only problem with it is that the gun seems to always do sub-average damage. I dont know if its subjective or not but...

    3. I don`t have the vehicle so I can`t really say if it`s Up or not,but the stats prove it`s the worst TD,on WOT forum everyone complains about it and the paper stats are bad,so I just assumed it`s bad.

    4. Okay, anonymous number one, what are your stats on it, because the usuall "it's fine" sayer has like 50% victories, less kills than games and sub par xp in it.

      To the anonymous right above me, I have never seen a player with a good statistic in this one. I played it 50+ times on the testserver and was very disappointed and I wanted to love this tank.


    5. I will try it on the next test server and I really hope I`ll like it,despite all the complains.

      In fact I enjoy firing high Alpha guns but I am also a big fan of stealth accurate snipers (like StuG III);so I might like this TD due to it`s huge alpha or I might not like it due to the very low camo value.The accuracy is O.K.

    6. @Snortsch

      I have 66% winrate, about 800 avg xp, 2000+ avg dmg and more destroyed vehicles than battles with it and over 400 games so I think I know what I am talking about.

  2. Well, u have the round about 43% win, not the others.
    Stats over all drivers are 47-48%

    1. Sorry i meant to type 48,2 not 42,8 my bad.
      I don`t own the vehicle.

    2. and with a winrate of 48,2% it seems to be nearly balanced because some games end in a draw and thy count as lost games!

    3. Well,compared to AMX-50 Foch (155) which has a 54,2 Win Rate it`s not balanced.
      Many people consider the JagdPanzer E100 the worst tier 10 TD and the stats prove them right.The tank could really use a buff.

    4. It`s not balanced compared with AMX-50 Foch (155) which has a 54,2 % Win Rate.
      The majority of players consider the JagdPanzer E100 the worst tier 10 TD and,frankly,the tank could really use a buff.

      But,as I already said,it`s German,so I don`t expect to be buffed any time soon.

    5. Sorry but i can only laugh at u!

      the AMX-50 Foch is a unique TD with his 3 round auto-loader and shouldn't be taken as reference.

      let's take a look at the T110E3 which got a higher rof is faster and got a front armor which is nearly the same. But it's winrate isn't much a better!

      So play it with some friends or clanmates and tell them to keep ur side and rear save and allways try to move artysave!

      And don't come me with, that they hate german tanks! Because the E100 got buffed and the goldammo for credits was a huge buff too!

    6. I don`t know if they hate or not German tanks but I`m pretty sure they don`t love them.

      Now it looks like it`s my turn to laugh at you.
      From what you said this TD needs a hole platoon so that it can work properly,sorry,but for me this isn't balanced.

      Besides this is a TD,it should be a stealthy tank with an accurate gun.From my point of view,instead of creating a tank,they should've made JagTiger a tier 10 TD.

      About the German tanks,I know that Russian Bias isn't what it used to be (thanks god but I can`t help notice some things about the German vehicles:

      -German tanks are supposed to be snipers/long range fighting vehicles,so the devs decided to limit the Server Horizon at 500m.
      -Almost all German tanks had the gear box in front of the tank,so the devs decided to make the gear box inflammable,even if it doesn't make any sense.

      I don't know what`s you opinion about this subject but I really consider German tanks underpowered compared to their Russian/American counterparts.

    7. "and with a winrate of 48,2% it seems to be nearly balanced because some games end in a draw and thy count as lost games!"

      dude, draws dont count as lost. Back to bootcamp with you, starting 0430 tomorrow.

    8. Even if they would've counted as a draw that comment wouldn't have any sense since the draws from all vehicles would've counted as defeats....

    9. the JT at tier 10? what do u want to buff? because u can only buff the gun a little and give it more hp and maybe a bit the mobility!

      german guns inaccurate? the Panther, Jagdpanther I/II, E50, E50-M, Jagdtiger and some others have got a bad accuracy?

      and with, that u need some friends/clanmate i also meant, that u should look where ur team is and not run into the enemy because the JP E100 got a high hp pool and some armor!

      And with the fakt, that the german tank get set on fire by a frontal hit, thy arent alone! becaue the SU100M, that SU101 the Object263, SU152, ISU152, FV215b and even the IS can be set on fire with a hit into the front!

    10. 1)
      By buffing JagTiger's Hit Points and gun damage/penetration you can easily make it an OP tier 10 TD.

      I would suggest you to pay more attention to my comments or learn English.
      I said that German tanks have the best accuracy but they can`t use it due to Server Horizon limitation.

      German tanks can be set on fire by frontal hits far more easily than any other nation.

      It looks like we have different opinions on this subject and there`s no need to keep arguing since there is no "correct" answer.
      From my point of view JagdPaner E100 needs a buff,from yours it doesn't.
      From my point of view German tech tree is underpowered,from yours it isn't.

      So,different opinions neither one being the correct one.

  3. mh, the Kpz 70 was with a 120mm smoothbore gun or with a 152mm gun thrower as far as I remember + it was a replace for the leo 1 and the M60 ( correkt me if I'm wrong).
    I like the tank-idea (driver in the turret) and the shape( reminds me on the M1 Abrams)

  4. I suspect that the SU-100Y's gold ammo is APHE but why they won't lable it as such doesn't make any sense to me as the icon for APHE is in the files already-

  5. KPZ 70 looks like a neat be cool to have it in game but apparently they decided a no go..pity..oh well thanks for the update even if it has little less answers than usual

  6. The term you are looking for is "routing" i believe. About ping in RU vs EU.

  7. If you have time, could you copy SerB's "hungarian" answer here? I would love to see what he wrote. :D


      The last answer of Reply #192:

      "Elnézést, tudna írjon egy hagyományosabb nyelvjárás az orosz?"

      I sense Google Translate here :D

    2. Thx. Yes the Google translate is strong in this one :P

  8. WTF, Serb is speaking Hungarian? Are you sure SS? :)

    1. I guess that he is not speaking Hungarian, that sentence does not make any sense.

      Check the link above.

    2. No, he just know how to use google translate wrong :D

    3. Well, the "Grand Master of Trolling" has just been trolled by an even Greater Troll, by the Google. :)


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