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Feb 3, 2013


- the tracks form an external module and they have their own armor value, so does the gun external module
- the tracks form sometimes one big compact module with no "holes", but sometimes, if the gaps between wheels are large enough, these gaps act as holes, eg. not a part of the module
- if an AP shell hits the tracks and punches thru them into the side armor, the armor of the tracks is deduced from the AP value of the projectile
- shells cannot richochet from hitting the tracks (SS: acts as sort of "speced armor", even though it doesn't count as one)
- if a shell penetrates the tracks, damages them, penetrates the side hull behind them and damages the tank, the tank damage is not diminished by the fact the shell already damaged the tracks (SS: each shell can cause two types of damage - the usual one that is listed in the gun properties and the undocumented one especially for modules, it is usually equal to the caliber of the gun - so, in other words, when a shell hits the tracks as mentioned before, the damage to the tracks counts as (unlisted) module damage and if the shell manages to penetrate the hull behind the tracks, it deals full (listed) damage). The only difference between external and internal modules (apart from the special armor value) is that the external modules don't get the "saving throw".

The exact formula for tracks armor penetration is (as an example)

(150mm (average pen) +-25% (187,5mm to 112,5mm)) - 70mm (tracks armor) = 117,5mm to 52,5mm penetration

- KV-1S won't lose the D-25 gun (SS: the question was actually whether the devs will remove the 122mm gun, move KV-1S to tier 5 and make a new KV-122 at tier 6)
- the Mk.III and Mk.V 6-pounder guns on US, French and British tanks are considered historical
- changes to the 6-pounder guns on Soviet Churchill, UK, US (M7 and T21) and the UE57 TD are not planned (SS: related to the previous question, eg. to make them all fit)
- the option of players researching the same module for various nations (SS: f.x. the same radio for the US and Chinese M5 Stuart) was tested but rejected
- apparently, the devs consider the ingame Matilda Black Prince historical (SS: it's not clear what the question meant as the original question was already deleted, presumably it concerned some armor sleeve around the turret, several Russian players mentioned that before)
- Q: "Sturmpanther planned?" A: "That's not a Sturmpanther. We don't comment on our plans." (SS: this relates to a rumor running around about a vehicle on the basis of Jagdpanther, but with 150mm StuH 43 howitzer)
- Shell air resistance won't be implemented for World of Tanks, because it would be too big a gameplay change (SS: SerB mentions such a thing might be in World of Warships, which will be more complex)
- apparently, the TOG II* name asterisk might mean "an improved version", because there were other examples thereof (a player mentions Medium Mk.II and Medium Mk.II***). According to the player, the original TOG II had a mock turret with a 6pdr gun, the TOG II* had a production turret with a 76mm gun. SerB is however not sure, he accepts it only as a theory
- 25 percent random coefficient won't be changed
- apparently, the "Sturmtiger in 2013" is just a rumor, BUT there was no real denial (SS: the answer was: "Will you ask about all the rumors you hear, or only about a half of them?")
- apparently, the devs are working on the "assault TD" class of vehicles (indirectly hinted at, SerB states their firing trajectory will look like the one of the old KV-2)
- new RU record: 740k online
- the devs try to issue cca 2 premium vehicles per patch, there might be even more occasionally, but the devs want to focus on the regular branches more


  1. 740k players are quiet a lot.;)
    But how look the trajector of the 'ol KV? (that was long ago, I can't remember)

    1. Very steep as far as I can tell. Can't remember either (and I used to play the old KV a lot)

    2. Me too. But the early alzheimer striks again ;)

  2. "the devs try to issue cca 2 premium vehicles per patch, there might be even more occasionally, but the devs want to focus on the regular branches more"

    fuck, my plan to get them all now sounds a bit over my head (i dont have tog II* only from buyable tanks)

  3. - if an AP shell hits the tracks and punches thru them into the side armor, the armor of the tracks is deduced from the AP value of the projectile

    In other Answers was stated, that tracks have its own armor (Maus cca 70 I think) but it doesn't count as spaced armor if shell goes through tracks - so tracks doesn't lower penetration value of AP.

    Yours Feelgood

    1. Well, you might think it doesn't but the developer confirmed it does actually. So, I think that's settled I am afraid.

  4. Quote:
    "25 percent random coefficient won't be changed"

    Sry, but what does that mean, which coefficient??

    1. It means that when it comes to gun penetration and damage, what you see in the gun description is the average penetration, that can vary up to 25 percent either way, which means for example a 100 pen gun can really penetrate from 75mm to 125mm armor, this is the random coefficient (or factor), that sort of "simulates" the random things that can happen in real life (like shell hitting a crack in the armor and penetrating better, or hitting a thicker part and penetrating worse... such stuff)

  5. Nuthin' new in SerBville ;)

  6. Hey silent, do people from NA visit your blog/thread? Cause NA forum doesn't have an active Q&A thread anymore (damn devs). If not, you should advertise your blog there.. Let's face it you're the only source of information for english speaking people out there.

    Oh 1 more thing, since russian Q&A always gets answered, why don't you open an "ask a question to the Russian". Where you pick some questions from NA/EU players and translate it there

    1. Yes, this week, the US + Canada were like the 3rd largest source country.

      I can't do that because to ask a Russian dev a question is allowed only if you play 5000 battles on RU server. Now, this is my hobby, but that wouldn't even be masochism, that would be borderline SM.

    2. lol. Okay, thanks for replying..

  7. What do you mean by assault td?

    Are dev gonna put new branch assault td on all nation or for specific nation?

    Also nerfing kv-1s to tier 5 sounds interesting

    1. Assault gun = Sturmgesch├╝tz - in game terms it's something like a TD with a high caliber short howitzer. I very much doubt there will be such a vehicle for each nation IF it gets implemented.

  8. Matilda Black Prince is modelled correctly?
    Is he ******* kidding?


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