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Feb 21, 2013

0.8.4 Test 2 patchnotes

0.8.4 Test 2 patchnotes (as they differ from Test 1)

Warning: according to WG, even 314.07 Nvidia driver series don't work properly

- 0.8.4 MM and vehicle MM weights have been finalized
- fixed (finalized) the armor of Brit TDs: AT8, Alecto, FV215b, Tortoise
- finalized the XP and credit prices of new Brit TDs and German light tanks
- fixed minor model bugs on 110, WZ-131, Pz38tNa, Hetzer
- fixed model bugs on IS-6, Churchill, M6A2E1 (incorrect proportions)
- fixed the firing effect of Valentine AT
- fixed the lower frontal plate thickness of Panther, Pz V/IV, Panther M10, Jagdpanther
- fixed the correct thickness of the weld between lower and upper frontal hull place on Conqueror and Caernarvon
- fixed the tech tree location of the British premium TD AT-15A
- fixed the E-100 frontal armor bug
- returned the old depression to E-50 and E-50M
- Churchill GC is now unlocked from Churchill I
- 183mm HESH for FV215b now costs 20g
- fixed the bug where multiple critical hit sounds are incorrectly used when the player switches between tanks in post-mortem mode
- fixed some tutorial texts
- fixed the bug where there are missing cases of reports of damage when the vehicle gets detracked
- fixed some tutorial bugs
- fixed some environmental model bugs
- fixed some menu issues with accounts that are not in clans
- fixed the bug where the trees don't load, if the client is minimized during the battle loading screen
- fixed FPS drops on some configuration when explosions and fires are rendered in sniper mode
- fixed the bug where the HE damage is not randomized when the shell lands near the tank and not on it
- fixed the client crash when alt-tabbing during the battle being loaded in some cases
- fixed the incorrect display of battle data in post-battle statistics
- fixed the bug where some accounts crash when loading the garage (desynchronisation of one part of the garage)
- fixed the appearance of mouse cursor when pressing right ctrl
- fixed some problems with screen refresh rate (frequency)

Additional changes, that were forgotten in Test 1 patchnotes:

- added the option where you can select the shell type during pre-battle countdown
- changed the tracers visually
- on some configurations that use higher graphics settings, performance improves by 5-10 percent

Additional info from the discussion:

- Tortoise won't get the nerf, not even in 8.5
- the new Nvidia drivers contain the same bug as the old ones
- AT7 research test cost (9647 XP) is a bug, will be fixed
- the E-100 fix concerned frontal plate, (SS: not sure how it looks on the schematics but from what I understand come parts of the armor were improperly aligned (angles), causing the parts to be easy to penetrate)
- Churchill I price confirmed to be cca 49000 (SS: 49050 stated earlier)


  1. I come from china

  2. The AT7 still has the insane amount of 1.250 HP, combined with great gun and great armour. Does WG consider this as balanced?

  3. our display is red ,how to made it?

  4. - fixed the correct thickness of the weld between lower and upper frontal hull place on Conqueror and Caernarvon

    Does that mean it's getting thicker or thinner?

    1. There was an invisible hole with 0mm armor before in the front of tank, now it's fixed.

  5. can u show us a 8.3 or a new 8.4 mm chart?

  6. So performance values of 183mm HESH for FV215b keeps at it is now?
    ridiculous... really. 20g just means they can earn more money, I think this gun annoys and frustrates the normal tankers a lot. Driving a few meters too far and bang, you are dead or 300 HP left. Great.
    This won't happy this often, but you will always remember WHEN it happened. And whine threads will grow...

  7. do FV215b 183 gonna get a nerf soon??

  8. Meh having more fun on WOWP now w the new patch then Wot. Giving the E50M back in patch whatever it was. Broke the camel's back for me. Every1 wanted the Leopard 1. The excuse was "oh it would be very similar to the french blah blah blah"
    And in 8.5 we'll get a gimped Leo1 prototype instead of the Leo1a3 with the welded turret. I say up yours Wot!

  9. It's my understanding that the E75 also had a minor gun depression nerf in 8.4T1, was that reverted when they reverted the E50/50M changes?

    1. I am curious about this as well. Can someone who has the E75 on the normal server compare the depression with the one on the test server please?

  10. - the new Nvidia drivers contain the same bug as the old ones

    No it doesn't , Its the crappy engine that is the problem.

  11. And now we will whine about having the treath of being 1 shotted by a TD who fires HESH with 1750 avg damage and gold ammo for creds just made this a lot worse.

  12. So, are there any more details about the tortoise armour fixes? is it just been a fix of the o armour gaps in the frontal and side armour? oh well i suppose this is good news :). Also...why are people whining about the AT7 having too much hp, armour, and gun?? Its slow and has blatent damage choke on its gun at longer ranges, but that is the same with all british tank, big slow turtles with lots of armour and hp, get over it like them, also tortoise doesn't need a where did this idea come from? stupid...

  13. *-- finalized the XP and credit prices of new Brit TDs and German light tanks*

    Ammount of XP needed for Churchill GC is still the same?(i heard it's around 49k in second test, but not really sure)


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