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Jan 29, 2013

Storm on the topic of 7x7 companies (7x42)


Basically, Storm confirms they are working hard on the 7x42 companies (ESL format). It seems to be planned that it'll work like WoW dungeon finder and arena (for those familiar with Warcraft): you'll be able to make your own company, or make just a part of the company and the rest will be assigned to you automatically, or you will be able to enter a queue, if you have a suitable tank and you will automatically join suitable battles.
This game mode will work with player ratings and teams will meet the teams of similiar ratings. This system will be built for massive use (SS: not as exclusive as for example current company mode) and it is expected many more people will play this mode, because it's easier to find 6 other members than 14.

Storm states that he wonders what will become of the current 15 vs 15 companies. He sees only two uses for them left: first as a training for clanwars and second - players can build an elite company and go decimate noobs. Currently the idea within WG is that the old companies will be removed and reworked, but it's not really decided all yet.

In the discussion to the article, Storm mentions that he's afraid that when this mode is introduced, old companies will have only few (bad) players left and they won't work anyway. He also states that the statistics of some company modes (4-6) are very bad and that not many play them. He also mentions that Clanwars will be globally reworked.
This mode will be totally separated from random battles, which will NOT have a skill MM.

Oh and WoT-ish game (unclear whether WoT or some other port) will be made for gaming consoles, if I understand this correctly.


  1. This sounds really good :]

  2. Finally something with a ranked MM, maybe in 2014, but at least they want to do it...

  3. Patch? :D


  4. so this would be kinda ranked MM, nice

    What did he say was wrong with current tier 4/6 companies? I like them because if you have a halfway decent team(as in either good players without much organisation or average players with some organisation) you can dominate quite nicely.

  5. To conclude what Storm wrote:

    Current TC system is bad, we`ll remake them and we expect the result to be bad as well.

    If I wish to play in Company with random people why shouldnt I play random battle?

  6. 7v7 is illsuited for current maps.

    Also, with 42 point limit each team has to have 2-3 low tiers which might end up bottlenecking the system. Or make arty/low tier teams.

    But let's hope they can make it work.


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