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Jan 29, 2013


(SS: the amount of bullshit I filtered today is high, therefore the questions will be shorter)

- Q: "Do you fear the War Thunder competition?" A: "Most of all, we fear Farmville" (SS: SerB didn't say exactly Farmville, but its Russian equivalent, I changed it to make the joke more comprehensible)
- BT-5 might become a Chinese premium LT, but not in next few patches
- IS-3 confirmed NOT to become a premium tank
- SU-85(i) and Panzer IV Hydro are not going to be sold in the shops, they are promo/gift vehicles, not clear when they will be given
- It's planned to introduce the possibility to view replays straight from (within) the client (SS: so there will be no need to quit the game and doubleclick the replay itself)
- You recieve less XP by firing on targets that are lower tier than you
- the devs have no relationship with the WoT wiki
- Q: "Will there be British tier 8 heavy?" A: "When it's planned, I'll tell you. It's not possible to answer all of the questions related to various nation - tier tank combinations."
- Recon and Situational Awareness skills work the same way.
- there is no plan to add the Syria flag
- SerB actually misses the times when there were fewer players asking more intelligent questions
- SerB states that all the archives WG collaborated with caused some problems and almost all the problems were settled
- Q: "When dealing with Support, they sent me a program called "wot_check" for testing the client. Do you plan to put this program into the client to fight illegal mods?" A: "We won't comment on this."
- Q: "Did you consider adding ingame voice communication for random battles without the platoons?" A: "We did. It was terrible. Scrapped the idea."
- M47 Patton? "maybe, if we ever need a tier 8-10 vehicle" (SS: this was related to the whole Patton tank family question, whether we will see all the Pattons - M46, M47, M48)
- it's probably not possible to make the ingame platoon voice chat permanently on without the need to press the butten, "there are problems with that"
- different types of shells have different colored tracers, HE shells have orange tracers, so that the arty can recognize other arties. subcaliber (APCR, APDS) shells have light, short and transparent tracers (because it's basically just a small piece of tungsten flying), AP shells tracers look like subcaliber shells tracers but a lot more clear (they are longer, more visible and less transparent). HEAT tracers are yellow and very thin. Tracer colors are the same on all the servers.
- the devs are thinking about adding the Fog of War in random battles
- there will be no multiclassing (SS: a Hetzer with a 150mm short howitzer mentioned, that could work both as TD and as an arty at the same time), in the early development the devs thought about changing the class of the vehicle by adding different modules (for example SU-122 and SU-152 could work as an arty as well as a TD), but this idea was scrapped soon


  1. Q: "Will there be British tier 8 heavy?".....Premium ???

    1. That's right. I forgot to write "premium" - yes, T8 prem HT

  2. Just a random thought I had and didn't really see anywhere on the WorldofTanks forum to post this so I was wondering if you had seen any mention of pre-selecting the ammo for auto-loaders? Example, HE-AP-AP-APCR. Sort of how planes would load their machine-guns with AP-tracer-incendiary.

    1. I think I've seen such an idea on the forums months ago, it was said it wouldn't be implemented but I don't remember the specifics, sorry.

  3. about the tracers, any mention about not appearing tracers in arty mode? (own shots btw) it looks like they dont show up on hits

  4. Fog of war? Why would we need that for?
    (I understand it has something to do with minimap?)

    1. It means that you don't see the enemy team's composition until the tanks are "discovered" by seeing them for the first time.

  5. "SerB actually misses the times when there were fewer players asking more intelligent questions"

    Tell Serb to keep his head up, not all of us are dumb and do appreciate the time and effort thats put into the game!!! And if I could i'd be him a shot or two.

  6. Where does one ask these questions?

    1. Russian forums in Russian. SilentStalker/Frank Davis translates them.

    2. Is there any way I could have a question asked regarding the status of (paid) server transfers? I've had this account since the beta, but I didn't play the game during the time you were able to choose your portal. I only learned of the other servers when I already had tier 8 / premium account / premium tanks, and I'm incapable of doing competitive stuff since that's usually WAY out of my timezone.

    3. Well, Grarr, you can ask the local guys on the server you want to transfer to. Or you can ask Overlord at his blog here: , he sometimes answers the questions. You can also write a support ticket, see what they will tell you.


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