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Jan 15, 2013

KTTC (ASAP) - 15.1.2013

New "KTTC" (ASAP) video is here, with the king of trolls, SerB


- arty nerf (nothing new there, same reasoning as before)
- tier 8 arty will (SS: generally?) go to tier 10 but its stats won't improve, it will stay as it is now
- SerB doesn't think there will be too many changes in the tier 8 arty gameplay when it gets transferred to tier 10
- not much more about the arty nerf, WG doesn't want the arty running around in TD mode
- SU-26 got nerfed because it became imbalanced
- the hardcap is 5 and not 3 in order to avoid problems with the MM
- no battles without arty planned
- light tanks plague won't be handled specially, because gameplay of light tanks isn't that specific from other vehicles
- Chinese tanks didn't come out with an arty branch because it's not yet formed, Chinese partners are looking into the arty and TD vehicles

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